Current and Former -ISM (N.) Staff

Malkia K. Lydia
Curricula Project Manager
Tony Deifell
Director, -ISM (N.) and Institute for Public Media Arts
Alison Byrne Fields
Producer, My So-Called Community TV Documentary
  Candace Bertotti
Not Pictured

Director, -ISM(N.) Multimedia Campus Diversity Summit

Denise Beal
National Education Director
Jennifer Phang
Assistant Producer
student from Pomona College

Contractors and Partners

Simmons, Boyle, & Associates, 1996 Independent Evaluators
Dr. Lisa Petrides, Columbus University Teachers College, 1997-98 Independent Evaluator
Michael Miller, Management and Fundraising Consultant
Linda Holtzman, Webster University Curricula Consultant
Dr. Maurianne Adams, University of Massachusetts Amherst Curricula Consultant

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