The -ISM (N.) Multimedia
Campus Diversity Summit

Addressing and Promoting Issues of Diversity on College Campuses Nation-Wide

Four weeks of Diversity Dialogue (October 13th-November 13th 1996) culminated in a LIVE SATELLITE VIDEOCONFERENCE moderated by CNN political analyst Farai Chideya (now with ABC), with special guests--critically acclaimed scholars Dr. Ronald Takaki and Dr. Michael Dyson.

The LIVE videoconference took place on November 13, 1996 with over 9,000 students at 86 colleges and universities participating nation-wide.

Click here for more information about the summit.

Although the videoconference is over, there are still ways that you can be involved:

  • To purchase a copy of the Videoconference, call 510-642-4124

  • Organize diversity educational events on your campus

  • Bring the -ISM (N.) curricula to your school (write us or e-mail us at

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