May The Road Rise to Meet You

Summertime - the sun would shine
We'd lay across the field
Sheltered in the shadow of a tree
We'd write our poems to take along
to sing out on the road
And you would always sing this song to me.

  May the road rise to meet you
  May the wind be at your back
  May the sun shine warm upon your land
  May the rain fall soft upon your face until we meet again
  May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Autumn leaves would change our trees
to colors on the ground
Swirling patterns beautiful to see
I'd lay my head down on your lap
I wouldn't make a sound
And you would always sing this song to me.


Through the winter days our tree
would shiver in the wind
Waiting for the warning touch of Spring
I'd hold you in the firelight-
we'd stare into the flame
And this is what you always used to sing.


By Roger McGuinn / Camilla McGuinn
© 1992 McGuinn Music (BMI) / April First Music (ASCAP)