Southbound 95

Well I'm rolling down the Interstate on southbound 95

Dodging little four wheelers and trying to stay alive

They be running in the hammer lane and driving real slow

And they always cut in front of you no matter where you go

They hit their breaks and slow you down and make you go around

And when you try to pass them, they stomp the peddle down

They never use their blinkers when they change into your lane

It's enough to make an over-the-road driver go insane


Drive 'em high drive 'em low

In the rain and in the snow (X2)


I drive a 1990 Peterbuilt just turned 1,000,000 miles

The engine's all mechanical a pre-computer style

I like that cause I can do all the work myself

And knowing that it's running right is better for your health

Smoky's taking pictures at the 22 yard line

But we heard it on the radio and slowed her down in time

Navigating through all the gators on the road

I'm getting 40 cents a mile for driving down this load


Drive 'em high drive 'em low

In the rain and in the snow (X2)


Well the chicken coop is open at the Georgia 55

They'll be checking weights and log books by the time that we arrive

I know this truck's loaded down with more than they allow

But I got to get her down this southbound highway anyhow

Got a Thermos full of coffee gonna make it all the way

Got to get this truck to Florida before the break of day

Someday I'm gonna go there just with my little girl

We're gonna see the sights and ride the rides at Walt Disney World


Drive 'em high drive 'em low

In the rain and in the snow (X2)


R. McGuinn / C. McGuinn

(c) 1996 McGuinn Music (BMI) / April First Music (ASCAP)