IBM Public Domain Software Collection

This site contains copies of distribution tapes, other source and object code libraries, and pregenerated, runnable distributions of IBM public domain software written for the System/360 and System/370 mainframe computers.

All of the software on this site is in the public domain. IBM, by corporate policy, does not assert copyright ownership of any software which it distributed without copyright notices. US copyright law, until 1978, placed such materials in the public domain.

If you have IBM public domain software you'd like to see made publicly available, please contact the maintainer, Jay Maynard, at

Materials in the collection


Kevin Leonard's Turnkey MVT with ASP and HASP

This is a complete, ready-to-run OS/360 MVT 21.8F system. Kevin has integrated both ASP 3.2 and the SVS HASP retrofit, and you can run either one as you wish. The doc directory has enough documentation to get you going.

DOS/360 and TOS/360

Andy Norrie's 4 pack VM/370 system

This is a complete, pregenerated, ready-to-run VM/370 system, with many utilities included, such as language processors, DOS/VSAM, and directory entries for other OSes. This is version 2.1 of Andy's system.

This system is available as the original RAR archives, or as slightly larger ZIP archives for those who have trouble extracting from RAR.

Volker Bandke's Turnkey MVS

This is a complete, ready-to-run MVS 3.8j system with many additions, including Rob Prins' RPF screen editor and programmer's utility, the compilers from OS/360, the complete CBT collection preloaded to disk, and much more. This is version 3 of the system.


This is version 3.0 of IBM's Time Sharing System/370, the timesharing system that they wanted customers to run instead of VM/370. It was reportedly quite a dog, and didn't get adopted in very many places, although those that did were quite loyal to it. The included COBOL and FORTRAN compilers are copyrighted by IBM and have hence been removed from this distribution; the TSS system itself is not copyrighted.

The object distribution here is rudimentary. It IPLs, but there are problems with logging on with 3270 terminals, and printer issues. Because of this, it is not known how well, or if, it runs for regular use. It's posted here so that folks with TSS experience can get their hands on it and figure out how to make it run. The one copyrighted object module, CESC0999, the COBOL options module, has been obliterated in the restore tape to remove any copyright infringement possibilities.

Jay Maynard,
Last modified 28 February 2004