Nondestructive Uploading Procedures

Most proposed mind uploading procedures destroy the brain in the process -- slice by slice, layer by layer, or neuron by neuron. Such procedures suffer from two drawbacks: you only get one chance at the process, so if it fails you will be lost forever; and you can't make a "backup" copy of your brain while still in biological form. Nondestructive techniques would avoid both of these problems; these procedures somehow manage to scan the brain in its active, biological form without destroying it. (Actually, some techniques would require an inactive brain, but still not damage it; these avoid the first problem but not the second.)

A variety of nondestructive techniques have been proposed:

[Editor's note: these techniques (except for the last one) were taken from an article called "Uploading", by Yvan Bozzonetti, cryonics mailing list message # 3241, reprinted from Cryomsg #3212. Some of the refutations come from Robert Reid at the University of Toronto. Correlation mapping was proposed by Keith Lynch in Cryomsg #3326. Many thanks to these contributors.]

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