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Jules Verne

Joyous Miseries of Three Travellers in Scandinavia


Translated with an introduction, notes and appendices

William Butcher

The Acadian Press, 2011




The humorous and high-spirited Joyeuses Misères de trois voyageurs en Scandinavie was published in 2003, in the form of the sole surviving chapter.

This publication, the first English translation and the first substantive study of the work, is fully illustrated.



  • ‘Dr William Butcher is the world's foremost authority on the French writer Jules Verne, and is a superb, ground-breaking translator into English of some of Verne's classic works; apart from his definitive, authoritative retranslations of some of Jules Verne's best-known, and some lesser-known, works, William Butcher has simultaneously contributed superb, original scholarship on Verne's life and writings to the Verne scholarly community worldwide' (Kieran O'Driscoll)
  • '[one of] the very best Verne specialists' Marie-Hélène Huet
  • 'Excellent' George Pelka
  • 'Many thanks' Peter Harold
  • 'an expert/brilliant translator' Peter Schulman
  • 'Congratulations' Frederick Paul Walter
  • 'Excellent news!!'  Juan Gonzalez
  • 'Excellent work' Per Johan Moe