Stirling Observer 30.10.92

"A Jaundiced View of Stirling Station"

"Jonathan bought tickets for Glasgow, which cost him three shillings and three pence for a second class fare. The railway attendants were so unpleasant and in such short supply he found it very difficult to decide which was the right train."

Backwards to Britain is a diverting account of a Frenchman's view of our country last century. Written in 1859, it was only found and published three years ago.

Verne, the father of science fiction, visited Britain only for a few days, but it left a lasting memory and although the book was not published in his lifetime, Jules Verne used it as a quarry for all sorts of details in his novels.

Verne visited Scotland first, after arriving in Liverpool. Clearly he was entranced by the Romantic aspects of Scotland, and had read all of the works of Scott in translation.

He travelled to Stirling, Aberfoyle and the Trossachs. The opening quote was written while he was at Stirling Train Station.

Backwards to Britain, by Jules Verne, is published by Chambers and available from the district libraries service.

South Wales Argus 9.10.92

"Forerunner of a Masterpiece"

Backwards to Britain by Jules Verne (Chambers, 14.99)

This first novel by the French author of Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Around the World in Eighty Days is published in English for the first time.

Verne's impression of Victorian Liverpool, Edinburgh and London, his humorous tales of adventure and perceptive analyses have all the hallmarks of his later masterpieces.

Heather Bakewell

The Glaswegian 15.10.92

Jules Verne's romance with Scotland began on his first trip abroad in 1859.

While visiting Britain he discovered his passion for writing and the country that was to become his first love.

The story of this journey was at first rejected by Verne's publishers and didn't appear until 30 years later. Now in a modern edition it has been published as a newly discovered classic with Verne describing in vivid detail his first impressions of our country.

Backwards to Britain is published by Chambers priced 14.99.

Kilmarnock Standard 9.10.92

Ayrshire Post

Irvine Herald

Backwards to Britain by Jules Verne. Published by Chambers. Price 14.99.

In 1873, Jules Verne wrote his classic Around the World in Eighty Days. But 14 years previously the author had done his own Phileas Fogg trip with a journey through Scotland and England.

The forgotten book was first published in France only three years ago and is now also considered a classic.

Verne fell in love with all things Scottish -- its cities and towns, people and landscape and mountains.

His keen eye and enthusiasm gives us a wonderful insight of Scotland and England of those days.