Jonathan Robie

Jonathan Robie

Activities and Publications

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Most of my work involves XML, XML Query Languages, and high speed relable messaging systems. I work at Red Hat on MRG Messaging, which implements AMQP Messaging using Apache Qpid.

I was the one of the designers of W3C XQuery 1.0, an XML query language, and I am an editor of the XQuery and XPath specifications.

Before coming to Red Hat I was the XQuery Technology Lead at DataDirect Technologies, makers of DataDirect XQuery™, an XQuery implementation that installs like a JDBC driver and can query XML, XML views of relational databases, Web service calls, and non-XML formats using XML converters.

I am an InfoWorld 2005 Innovator of the Year for my work on XML query languages.

In previous lives, I have been on the architectural team for XML databases or repositories at three different companies - Software AG, Texcel Research, and POET Software. Since 1996, I have been a regular speaker at SGML and XML conferences.

Here are some of my activities and publications:

Enterprise Messaging Systems

At Red Hat, I work on the MRG Messaging team. I am a committer on the Apache Qpid project. I designed and implemented the Apache Qpid XML Exchange.

XML Query Languages

I am a member of the W3C XML Query Language Working Group, a group formed by the W3C to design a query language for XML. I am an editor or author of each of the following documents.

Schema Languages and Extensibility

Member of the W3C XML Schema Language Working Group, a group formed by the W3C to design a schema language for XML. I am an author or editor of the following documents:

Document Object Model (DOM)

The Document Object Model is a programming API for XML and HTML. Time pressure forced me to leave the Document Object Model Working Group in 1999. I was an editor for DOM Level 1 and DOM Level 2, working on the following documents: