The Official Dave Rabbit Sweatshirt

        Shortly after Dave Rabbit came forward in February 2006 to claim the glory that is his, he produced the graphical representation below of the design on the Official Dave Rabbit Sweatshirt.  In his autobiography, Dave explained that he and his partners had about 250 of the sweatshirts made by local merchants and sold in the streets of Saigon to promote their underground radio station.  The designs on the shirts were all hand-drawn, so each shirt was a unique piece of art.  Unfortunately, no one has yet to produce an original Official Dave Rabbit Sweatshirt, so it seems likely that the original ones produced in 1971 have been lost to the sands of time.  The address to which you were to "send a postcard along with $2.98" to get your very own Official Dave Rabbit Sweatshirt that Dave gave in the advertisement for the shirts was completely fabricated, so the only way you could have bought one of these beauties was on the streets of Saigon while they lasted.

        According to one Vietnam Veteran and fan of Radio First Termer who visited the Radio First Termer Home Page many years ago,
In regard to the Dave Rabbit Sweat-shirts, the running story I had was 
it was a green skivy with a peace symbol on the back and a playboy bunny
vest pocket emblem - all hand drawn. I think it was supposed to be used
also. Which means of course it would have been rather ripe.
        Anyway, here is Dave's graphical representation of the design on the Official Dave Rabbit Sweatshirt:

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