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C. B.
Caddick, Bill
Cadenelli, Matthew
Cadenelli, Matthew; and Callahan, Maria
Cadiz, Stephen
Cadle, Tillman
Cadwallader, Lynn
Cadwell, Lea Ann Welch
Cadwell, Paul
Cady, Cassie
Cady, Lindall/Linn
Cady, Robin
Caesar, Shirley
Cage, Buddy
Cage, Butch (James)
Cage, James (Butch); & Willie Thomas
Cage, Jimmy
Cagle, A. Marcus
Cagle, Annie
Cagle, Clarence
Cagle, Lee
Cagney, Eileen
Cagney, James;, Jr
Cahall, Dick
Cahall, Perry J.
Cahan, Andy
Cahan, Andy;, Laura Fishleder and Lisa Ornstein
Cahill, Arthur
Cahill, Dennis
Cahill, Eddie
Cahill, Emmett
Cahill, Greg
Cahill, Jeff
Cahill, John
Cahill, John (Mr. Bones)
Cahill, Steve
Cahill, Susan
Cahn, David
Cahn, Nick
Cahn, Rolf
Cahn, Rolf; and Carl Granich
Cain, Dave
Cain, Jesse
Cain, Kenneth
Cain, Shedrick
Caines, Ed
Caire, Clay
Caisley, Colin
Caisley, Colin; and Forster Charlton
Cajun Band
Calabi, Carlo
Calabria, Ernie/Ernest
Calahan, Archie
Calcara, Jody
Calder, Dave
Calderon, Alberto
Calderwood, Lynda
Caldwell, Bill
Caldwell, E. N.
Caldwell, Gayle
Caldwell, H. H.
Caldwell, "Little Babe"
Caldwell, "Little Babe"; and Emmaline (Garnetta) Gullett
Caldwell, Luther
Caldwell, Mark
Caldwell, Nell
Caldwell, Vincent
Caldwell, Walter
Caldwell, Walter and Lola
Cale, John
Cale, John; and Suzanne Vega
Calhoun, Andrew
Calhoun, Durwood
Calhoun, Fred
Calhoun, Fred `Papa'
Calhoun, James
Calhoun, Jeff
Calhoun, Jim
Calhoun, Joy Lewis
Calhoun, Pappy
Calhoun, Walker
Cali, John
Calicanto Singers
Calicott, Joe
California Cajun Orchestra
Calkins, Enos
Call, Bob
Call, Cora Pinkley
Call, Harold
Callahan, Archie
Callahan, Bill
Callahan Brothers
Callahan, Clara
Callahan, Homer
Callahan, Marie
Callahan, Mark
Callahan, Walter
Callan, Brenda
Callander, Wilma L.
Callaway, Harrison
Callen, RuthAnne
Callender, Red
Callens, Henry
Callery, Phil
Callicott, Joe
Callier, Terry
Callinan, Tom
Calliope's Children Steel Band
Callison, Cal
Callow, Mrs.
Calloway, Dennis
Calt, Stephen
Calt, Stephen; and Kenneth McNichol
Calvert, Jim
Calvert, Jim;, Jr.
Calvert, Mary
Calvert, Mrs.
Calvert, Thomas
Calvin. Benny
Calypso Pete
Camacho, Steve
Camarata Chorus of Washington
Cambridge Symphonic Brass Ensemble
Cambrin, Tony
Camera, Skeeter
Camerate Chorus of Washington
Cameron, Angus
Cameron, Anitra
Cameron, Bill
Cameron, Colin
Cameron, Isla
Cameron, Isla; & Ewan MacColl
Cameron, John Allan
Cameron, Michelle
Cameron, Stewart
Camp, Bob
Camp Creek Boys
Camp, Hamilton
Camp, John
Camp (Meeting) Choir
Camp Meeting Singers
Camp No. 1 Convicts
Camp Woodland Ensemble
Campagna, Estelle
Campaign Atom Group
Campbell, Albert
Campbell, Alex
Campbell, Alex
Campbell, Alex; & Olabelle and the New River Boys
Campbell, Beth
Campbell, Blind James
Campbell, Blind James; and his Nashville Street...
Campbell, Bobby
Campbell, Booth
Campbell, Cailen
Campbell, Cecil "Curley"
Campbell, Charles; and His Red Peppers
Campbell, Charlie/Charley
Campbell, Chuck
Campbell, David
Campbell, Ella
Campbell, Elvin
Campbell Family
Campbell, Frank
Campbell, Frank "Wings"
Campbell, Freddie
Campbell, Gerard
Campbell, Glen
Campbell, Gregory
Campbell, Harley
Campbell, Herbert
Campbell, Ian
Campbell, Ian; Folk Group
Campbell, James
Campbell, Jimmy
Campbell, John
Campbell, Jon
Campbell, Kate
Campbell, Kate
Campbell, Ken
Campbell, Kenna
Campbell, Kenna and Mary
Campbell, Larry
Campbell, Larry; & the Country Playboys
Campbell, Lena
Campbell, Leroy
Campbell, Lisa
Campbell, Lorna
Campbell, Luther
Campbell, Manon
Campbell, Mary
Campbell, Mary Ann
Campbell, Maureen
Campbell, Maurice
Campbell, Mervin
Campbell, Muryel "Zeke"
Campbell, Olive Dame
Campbell, Peter
Campbell, Reverend Benny
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Rosamond
Campbell, Sally
Campbell, Scott
Campbell, Stephen
Campbell, Sterling
Campbell, Tom "Harley"
Campbell, William B.
Campeau, Fred
Campos, Phil
Canada, Floyd
Canada, Harmon
Canallers & Co.
Canario y su Grupo
Canebrake Rattlers
Canfield, Jeremey
Canfield, Josh and Jason
Cann, Amy
Cann, Bob
Cannaday, Lucy
Cannaday, Mrs. Charles B.
Cannady, Mrs. S. V
Cannady, Sarah Virginia
Cannery Row
Cannon, Camille Ensign
Cannon, Fonzo
Cannon, Frank (Uncle Frank)
Cannon, Gus
Cannon, Gus; and Blind Blake
Cannon, Hal
Cannon, Lenora
Cannon, Tom (Big Tom)
Cannon, Tony
Cannon's Jug Stompers
Canny, Paddy
Cano, Malena
Canote Brothers
Canote, Greg
Canote, Greg and Jere
Canote, Jere
Canova, Annie
Canova Family
Canova, Judy
Canova, Pete
Canova, Zeke
Canoy, Enos
Canoy, Lola
Canoy, Tim
Cansler, Loman D.
Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra
Canterbury Country Orchestra
Canterbury Country Orchestra and the F & W String Band
Cantieni, David
Cantor, Sarah
Cantrell, J. B.
Cantrell, Kenny
Cantrell, Laura
Cantrell, Mrs. Wesley
Cantu, Timoteo
Cantu, Timoteo; & Mays, Jesus
Cantwell, Mrs.
Cantwell, Raymond and Frederick
Cantwell, Raymond and John
Caouvette, Leo
Cap, Andy and Flip
Capella, Fern
Caplin, Robert
Caplinger, Dennis
Caplinger, Ida
Caplinger, Ida Harding
Caplinger, Kenny
Caplinger, Warren
Caplinger, Warren;'s Cumberl..
Caplinger's Cumberland Mountain Entertainers
Capouch, Brian
Cappacocia, Rufus
Capps, Jim
Captain Billy's Whiz Bang
Cara, Mancy
Carageorge, Greg
Carawan, Candie
Carawan, Evan
Carawan Family
Carawan, Guy
Carawan, Guy and Candie
Carawan, Heather
Carberry, Patrick
Cardascia, John
Carder, Linda
Cardinale, Tim
Cardon, Mrs. S. P.
Cardon, Mrs. S. P.
Cardwell, Robert
Cardwell, Robert; and the Voices of Zion
Carey, Bob
Carey, Harry; Jr.
Carey, Tom
Cargill, Acie
Carib Singers
Caribbean Seranaders
Carignan, Jean
Carignon, Jean; and Friends
Carl and Don, The Skyline Pals
Carl and Harty
Carl, Fritz
Carl, Leon G. "Fritz"
Carlberg, Glenn
Carle, Frankie
Carle, Jane
Carleton, Laurie Cater
Carley, Jim
Carlin, Bob
Carlin, Bob; and Hank Sapoznik
Carlin, Bob; and James Bryan
Carlin, Charlotte
Carlin, Richard
Carling, Maryette; and Verna Black
Carlisle and Ball
Carlisle, Bill (Smiling Bill)
Carlisle Brothers
Carlisle, Cliff
Carlisle, Irene
Carlisle, Jumping Bill
Carlisle, Mrs. W. R.
Carlisle Quartet
Carlson, Brad
Carlson, Dick
Carlson, Ernie
Carlson, Norman
Carlton, Gaither
Carlton, Harry
Carlton, Peter
Carlton Showband
Carlyle, Kimberly
Carmack, Effie
Carmack, Harold
Carmadella, Dominique
Carman, Jenks "Tex"
Carmichael, Stuart
Carnahan, Danny
Carnase, Andrew
Carnase, Michael
Carney, B. F.
Carney, Joanne
Carney, Kate
Carney, Michael
Carney, Michael; and James Morrison
Carnival's Vagabonds
Carns, Barbara
Carol, Bonnie
Carol Singers
Carolan Consort
Carolan, Mary Ann
Carolan, Michael Joe
Carolina Buddies
Carolina Cardinals
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Carolina Country Boys
Carolina Foothil Ramblers
Carolina Foxfire Boys
Carolina Hillbillies
Carolina Night Hawks
Carolina Ramblers String Band
Carolina Springs Primative Baptist Church
Carolina Tar Heels
Carolina Twins
Carpenter, Bill
Carpenter, Bob
Carpenter, Chuck
Carpenter, Ernie
Carpenter, Fred
Carpenter, French
Carpenter, Glen
Carpenter, Lewis
Carpenter, Mary Chapin
Carpenter, Richard
Carpenter, Sue
Carpenter, Zoe
Carper, Janie
Carpis, Janis
Carr, Aileen
Carr, Clyde
Carr, David
Carr, Dora
Carr, Eamon
Carr, Ian
Carr, James
Carr, Jim
Carr, Joe
Carr, John
Carr, Kevin
Carr, Leroy
Carr, Leroy; and Scrapper Blackwell
Carr, Mike
Carr, Phil
Carr, Revell
Carr, Sam
Carr, Sister Frances
Carr, Steve
Carr, Tony
Carradine, William (Cat Iron)
Carree, Hilary
Carrethers, Harold
Carrethers, Rufus
Carrey, Bobbi
Carrey, John
Carrey, Johnny
Carricker, Don
Carricker, Joyce
Carrico, Stuart
Carriel, Ben
Carrier, James
Carrier, Robert
Carriere Brothers
Carriere, Eraste "Dolan"
Carriere, Joseph "Bebe"
Carrigan, Gerry
Carrigan, Jerry
Carrigan, Myrtle
Carrington, Jack
Carrol, Linn
Carroll, Adam
Carroll, Barry
Carroll, Bill
Carroll, Bob
Carroll County Ramblers
Carroll, Eddie
Carroll, Forrest
Carroll, Frank
Carroll, George P.
Carroll, Howard
Carroll, Jan
Carroll, Jon
Carroll, Keven
Carroll, Kevin; and Liz Carroll
Carroll, Liz
Carroll, Liz; and Armin Barnett
Carroll, Liz; and Billy McComiskey
Carroll, Liz; and John Doyle
Carroll, Liz; and John Doyle
Carroll, Liz; and Tommy Maguire
Carroll, Thomas (Tom)
Carroll, Tom
Carruthers, Gerry
Carse, Brian
Carson Boys
Carson, Drew
Carson, Fiddlin' John
Carson, Fiddlin' John;'s Virginia Reelers
Carson, Fiddlin' John;, Frank Hutchinson,
Carson, James
Carson, James and Martha
Carson, Ken
Carson, Liz
Carson, Martha
Carson, Mike
Carson, Rosa Lee
Carsten, Jace
Carter, A. P.
Carter, A. P.; Family
Carter and Young
Carter, Andrew
Carter, Anita
Carter, Bill
Carter, Bo
Carter Brothers & Son
Carter, Buster (Robert)
Carter, Carlene
Carter, Dorothy
Carter Family
Carter, Francis (Mrs.)
Carter, Fred
Carter, George
Carter, George
Carter, Gil
Carter, Helen
Carter, Helen, June and Anita
Carter, Ian
Carter, James
Carter, James; & Miss. Penitentiary Prisoners
Carter, Janette
Carter, Jason
Carter, Jeanette
Carter, Jimmie
Carter, Joe
Carter, Joe and Janette
Carter, Joe-L
Carter, John
Carter, June
Carter, Lonnie
Carter, Maybelle (Mother Maybelle)
Carter, Ora
Carter, Pearl
Carter, Peggy
Carter, Pete
Carter, Peter (Capt.); and Harry R. Burton
Carter, Reuben
Carter, Richard
Carter, Ron
Carter, Sara (Daugherty)
Carter, Sara & Maybelle
Carter, Sarah
Carter, Shirley
Carter, Sidney
Carter Sisters
Carter Sisters and Mother Maybelle
Carter, Steve
Carter, Susan
Carter, Sydney
Carter, Tim
Carter, Tom
Carter, Wilf (Montana Slim)
Carter, Willie
Carthy and the Sisco Kids
Carthy, Eliza
Carthy, Eliza; Band
Carthy, Martin
Carthy, Martin; and Dave Swarbrick
Carthy, Martin; and Pete Seeger
Carthy, Martin; Group
Carton, Mickey
Cartsonis, Matt
Cartwright Brothers
Cartwright, John
Cartwright, Kathleen
Cartwright, Thomas
Carty, John
Carty, Toya
Caruso, John
Carver, Bill
Carver Boys
Carver, Cynthia May
Carver, Noble ("Uncle Bozo")
Carver, Robert (V.)
Carver, Tom
Carver, Warren (Warner)
Carwile, Daniel
Carwile, Daniel & John
Carwile, John
Cary, Mrs. Afton; and Marguerite Milais
Casale, Ralph
Casares, Alfredo
Casavant, Danny
Cascade Country
Cascade Mountain Dreamers
Cascade Sweethearts
Cascadia Folk Quartet
Cascales, Guy
Case, Clyde
Case, Eva Warner
Case, Mose
Case, Russ
Casel, Nitanju Bolade
Casey, Al
Casey, Bobby
Casey, Jack
Casey, M.
Casey, Mary
Casey, Mary; and others
Casey, Mary; and the Revels Singers
Casey, Mary; and the Revels Quartet
Casey, Mike
Casey, Mike
Casey, Nollaig
Casey, Nollaig; and Arty McGlynn
Casey, Smith (Cason, Smith)
Cash, Johnny
Cash, June Carter
Cash, Laura
Cash, Morny
Cashdollar, Cindy
Cashin, Caesar
Cashin, Francis; and Tom Cawley
Cashin, Michael J.
Cashin, Michael J.; and Tom Doyle
Casimir, Bill
Casley, John
Casman, Marcus
Casperson, Mark
Cass, Mike
Cassagnettes, Yves
Cassel, Cathy
Cassel, Hanneke
Cassell, Don
Cassidy, Aongus
Cassidy, Ciaran
Cassidy, Feargus
Cassidy, Fionntan
Cassidy, Odhran
Cassidy, Seathrun
Cassley, Denis
Casstevens, Mark
Casstevens, Mike
Castaneda, Enrique
Caster, Cyril
Castillo, Refugio
Castle, Gerry
Castle, Henry A.
Castle, Henry L.
Castle, Paul
Castleberry, Glen
Castleman, Homer (`Big Foot')
Castleton, Charlie
Casto, Mike
Caston, Leonard "Baby Doo"
Caston, Leonard "Baby Doo"
Caswell Carnahan
Caswell, Chris
Caswell, Lee Anne
Caswell, Theresa
Cat Iron
Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys
Catala, A.
Catala, Angel Luis
Catala, Angel Luis; and Ernestina Reyes
Cataloochee Trio
Catchings, John
Cate, Dana
Cate, Earl
Cate, Ernie
Cates, Charles (Captain)
Cates Sisters
Catfish Keith
Catholic Children
Caton, John
Catren, Robert
Cats and the Fiddle
Catt, Christi
Catt, Jeff
Catt, Ron
Cattern, Walter
Caudill, Charlie
Caudill, Clell
Caudill, David
Caudill, Dorothy
Caudill Family
Caudill, Glauda
Caudill, Huston
Caudill, Ike
Caudill, Joe
Caudill, Joe;, Bert Dickens, and Dan Williams
Caudill, Lyda (Messer)
Caudill, Merle; & the Old Reg. Baptist Indian Bottom Assoc
Caudill, Roy
Caudill, Roy; and Henry Vanoy
Caudillo, Harry
Caudle, Dean
Caudle, Leake
Caufield, Tommy
Caughey, Miss A. M.
Cauley, Ben
Cauley Family
Cauley Family
Cauley, Roland
Cauley, Ruth
Caulfield, John
Cauly, Arthur
Causey, Clyde
Causey, Della
Causley, Jim
Cauthen, Joyce
Cavallaro, Carmen
Cavallaro, Carmen; and his Orchestra
Cavanaugh, Jessie
Cavanaugh, Jessie; and Albert Stanton
Cave, Nick
Cawley, Howard
Cawley, J.
Cawley, Jack
Cawley, Jack; 's Oklahoma Ridge Runners
Cawley, Jakes (John)
Cawley, Padraic & Breeda
Cawthorn, Mabel
Cawthorn, Maybel
Cazden, Joanna
Ceaser, Donald Ray
Ceci, Gabe
Cecil, Cora
Cecil, Daniel
Cedar Creek Sheik
Cedar Point String Band
Cedros Village Council Folksong Choir
Ceilhi Band
Celtic Folk
Celtic Spirit
Celtic Thunder
Celtic Thunder
Centers, Roy Lee
Central Park Sheiks
Ceoltoiri Chualann
Ceoltoiri Laighean
Cephas, John
Cephas, John; and Phil Wiggins
Cerf Blanc
Ceroli, Nick
Ceron, Renato
Cerone, Tom
Cerrigione, Heidi
Cerrone, Tome
Cervantes, Rosendo
Cesserly, Robbie
Chabot School Chorus
Chadwick, Charlie
Chadwick, Maggie
Chadwick, Russ
Chafey, Paula
Chaffin, Cleve
Chaffin, Doug
Chaisson, Hilda
Chaisson, J. J.
Chaisson, Kevin
Chaisson, Peter; Jr.
Chaisson, Peter; Sr.
Chaleff, Bill
Chalford, Elan Lu
Chalmers, Mrs. Jimmie
Chalmers, Norman
Chalupsky, Dave
Chalvin, Godar
Chalvin, Godar
Chamberlain, A. F.
Chamberlain, Charlie
Chamberlain, H. H
Chamberlain, Kermit
Chamberlain, Margot
Chamberlain, Patrick
Chamberland, Charla
Chambers, Bill
Chambers Brothers
CHambers, Elmer
Chambers, George
Chambers, Howard
Chambers, Joe
Chambers, Lester
Chambers, Lester
Chambers, Maggie and Sarah
Chambers, Sidney
Chambers, Willie
Chambliss, Emma B. (Baird)
Champe, Raleigh
Champe, Rollie
Champion, Debi
Champion, Harry
Champion String Band
Chan, Tholow
Chance, Lightning
Chancellor, Jim "Texas Shorty"
Chancey Family
Chancey, Joe
Chancey, Tina
Chancy, Chesley
Chandler, Anelize
Chandler, Bill
Chandler, Chris
Chandler, Chris; and Anne Feeney
Chandler, Dillard
Chandler, Jennie
Chandler, Keith
Chandler, Len
Chandler, Lloyd
Chandler, Mrs. Floyd
Chapel, Jean
Chapero, Javier
Chapin, Hank
Chapin, Tom
Chapman, Ben
Chapman, Beth Nielsen
Chapman, Don
Chapman Family
Chapman, Fannie Bell
Chapman, George
Chapman, James
Chapman, Jane
Chapman, Jim
Chapman, Jimmy
Chapman, Lottie
Chapman, Margaret Lillie
Chapman, Mary
Chapman, Mike "Chop"
Chapman, Mrs. B.
Chapman, Mrs. Noah
Chapman, Owen "Snake"
Chapman, Steve
Chapman, Velma
Chapman, Willie
Chappelear, Leon
Chappell, Wavie
Charbonniers de l'Enfer
Charlebois, Jeanne d'Arc
Charles, Frank
Charles, Hubert Raphael
Charles, Lee
Charles River Valley Boys
Charles, Roosevelt
Charlton, Buddy
Charters, Sam
Chartrand, Kim
Chase, Chezz
Chase, Gene
Chase, Jane
Chase, Kris
Chase, Lee
Chase, Mrs. W. A.
Chase, Peter
Chase, Richard
Chase, Susan
Chasman, Paul
Chastain, Ed
Chastain, Laurie
Chatfield, Ray
Chatman, John Len
Chatman, Peter
Chatmon, Bo
Chatmon, Lonnie
Chatmon, Sam
Chatterjee, Samir
Chatterley, David
Chatwell, J. R.
Chavez, Albert
Chavez, Augustine
Chavez, Juan
Chavis, Joseph "Cookie"
Chaya, Helen
Cheatum, Kitty; and Vess L. Ossman
Cheatwood, Billy
Check, Ada
Chedgy, Florence (Mrs.)
Cheechoo, James
Cheek, Earl
Cheek, Jerry
Cheek, Tom
Cheeseman, Bob
Cheetham, William
Chelf, J. E.
Chenault, Belle
Cheney, Mr.
Cheng, Fiona
Chenier, Cleveland
Chenier, Clifton
Chennault, Jessie Ann
Chenoweth, W. B.
Chenoweth's Cornfield Symphony Orchestra
Cheremosh Musicians
Cherish the Ladies
Chernesky, Ed
Cherniss, Jeff
Cherny, Al
Cherokee Ramblers
Cherpes, Andrew
Cherry, Jim
Cheseborough, Steve
Chesney, Bill
Chesney Brothers
Chesney, Ed
Chester, Gary
Chestnut Grove
Chestnut, Ted
Chevalier, Albert
Cheyne, Andy
Cheyne, Reba
Chhadeh, Abdullah
Chiasson, Joel
Chiasson-Cormier, Hilda
Chiavola, Kathy
Chicago Cajun Aces
Chicago Movement
Chicago String Band
Chicken Chokers
Chickering, Berthold A.
Chickering, Clarence
Chickering, Geraldine
Chickering, Mrs Sylvester
Child, Marilyn
Child, Marilyn; & Glenn Yarborough
Childers, Alma
Childers, George
Childers, Henry J.
Childers, Rick
Childers, Virgil
Childree, Mike
Children at Lezayre
Children in Rutherglen
Children of the Diamond Rural School
Children Playing
Children Playing in the Street
Children's Waits
Childress, Curry
Childress, Jim
Childress, Ray
Childs, Bob
Childs, Lewis
Childs, Peter
Childs, William
Chiles, Charles
Chillingworth, Sonny
Chimes, Michael
Chingford Morris Men
Chiora, Lora
Chippewa Nation
Chirgwin, G. H.
Chisholm, Angus
Chisholm, Emma
Chisholm, James H.
Chisholm, Jim
Chisholm, Louisa
Chisholm, Maybelle (Doyle)
Chisholm, Mrs. Ef.
Chisholm, N. B.
Chism Brothers
Chism, John
Chism, Walter
Chitwood, Bill
Choates, Harry
Choby, Mike
Choir of the Church of the Master
Chorley, William
Chowaniec, Franciszek
Christ Churst Choir
Christe, Retta
Christensen, Carol
Christensen, Juli
Christensen, Mrs. Joseph
Christensen, Ralph
Christensen, Robin
Christenson, Brian "Smokey"
Christenson, Elizabeth
Christeson, R. P.
Christi, Martin
Christian, Arthur
Christian, Buddy
Christian, Eldred "Edgie";, Jr.
Christian, Frank
Christian, Gene
Christian Harmony Singers
Christian, Herbert
Christian, John
Christian, Margaret
Christian Tabernacle Church
Christians, Al
Christiansen, Jan
Christianson, Arnold
Christianson, Elva A.
Christie, Bob
Christie, E.
Christie, Rupert
Christl, Margaret
Christl, Margaret; & Ian Robb
Christman, Charles
Christmas Revels Childrens Chorus
Christmas Revels Chorus
Christofferson, Alfred
Christofferson, Chris
Christopher, Ardell
Christopher, Bob
Christopher, Grace
Christopher, James
Christopher, Linus
Christophersen, Bill
Christy Minstrels
Chrobak, Andrezej
Chroibin, Moira Ni
Chruickshank, Johnny
Chu-Shen, T'ao
Chuck and Ray
Chudacoff, George
Chumara, George
Chumber (Chumbler), Coker and Rice
Chumbler, Archer Lee
Chumbler, Elmo (George Elmo)
Chung, Victor
Church, Ben
Church, Bill
Church Brothers
Church, Cindy
Church, Edwin
Church, F. A.
Church, Mack
Church, Mrs. Edith
Church, Porter
Church, Ralph
Church Ringers of Empingham, Rutlandshire, England
Church, Walter "Paddy"
Churchhill, Don
Churchhill, Savannah; and Her All Star Seven
Churchill, Don; & his Texas Mavericks
Churchill, Rick
Churchill, Savannah
Ciano, Janet
Ciano, John
Cibelli, Eugene
Cicalo, Rick
Cicchetti, Stephen
Cicerone, Albert
Ciego Melquiades (The Blind Melquiades)
Cierly-Sterling, Randy
Cincinnati Jug Band
Cinnamond, Robert
CIO Singers
Cion, Murray
Cipolla, Rudy
Cituk, Pedro Ek
City Cantabile Choir
City Limits Bluegrass Band
City of Washington Pipe Band
City Waites
Ciul, Mike
Claeson, Bud (Louis)
Claftin, Brian
Clam Chowder
Clampitt, Eric
Clan Erdverkle
Clancy, Aoife
Clancy, Bobby
Clancy, Bobby & Paddy
Clancy Brothers
Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
Clancy, Donal
Clancy, Eugene
Clancy Family
Clancy, Joan
Clancy, Liam
Clancy, Mrs. John
Clancy, Patrick (Pat/Paddy)
Clancy, Peg and Bobby
Clancy, Peg (Peg Clancy Power)
Clancy, Robert
Clancy, Tom
Clancy, Willie
Clanton, Mrs. J. C.
Clapp, June
Clare, Alan
Clare, Emil
Clark, Aaron
Clark, Adam
Clark, Alan
Clark, Anne Andre
Clark, Ashley
Clark, Austin
Clark, Bob
Clark, Brian
Clark Brothers
Clark, Carroll C.
Clark, Chris
Clark, Elizabeth
Clark, Ethel
Clark Family (Ministry)
Clark, Fred (Rev.)
Clark, G. L.
Clark, Gene
Clark, Gerald
Clark, Gerald; & his Caribean Serenaders
Clark, Guy
Clark, Henry
Clark, Jack
Clark, James (Beale Street)
Clark, Johnny
Clark, Ken
Clark, Kenneth
Clark, LaRena
Clark, Leslie
Clark, Lonnie
Clark, Manuel
Clark, Mickey
Clark, Miss
Clark, Mrs.
Clark, Nancy Bick
Clark, Octa
Clark, Octa; and Hector Duhon
Clark, Patricia
Clark, Pete
Clark, Roger
Clark, Roy
Clark, Roy; and Buck Trent
Clark, Sam
Clark, Scott
Clark, Vicki
Clark, Yodelin' Slim
Clarke, Alfred
Clarke, Angie
Clarke, Anselmo
Clarke, Boomer
Clarke, Eddie
Clarke, Eddie; and Maeve Donnelly
Clarke, George
Clarke, Greg
Clarke, Greg; and Doug Sammons
Clarke, J. R.
Clarke, Jim
Clarke, Luther B.
Clarke, Marion
Clarke, Martin
Clarke, Peter
Clarke, Ron
Clarke, Selwart
Clarke, Stevie
Clarke, Susie
Clasper-Torch, Cathy
Clauden, John
Claunch, W. E.
Claus, Jeff
Claus, Jim
Clauson, William
Clauss, Jeff D.
Clawson, Dave
Clawson, Dean
Clawson, Flossie
Clawson, Patricia
Clay, Albert
Clay, Beauford
Clay, Shirley
Clay, Vic
Clayborn, Reverend Edward
Clayborne, Virginia
Clayfoot Strutters
Clayre, Alasdair
Clayton, Adam
Clayton, Bob
Clayton, Bob
Clayton, Buck
Clayton, David
Clayton, Doctor
Clayton, Janette
Clayton, Jennie
Clayton, Jimmy; and his Orchestra
Clayton, Jimmy "Kid"
Clayton, Joe L.
Clayton, Lynn
Clayton, Patti
Clayton, Paul
Clayton, Peter
Clayton, R. H.
Clayton, Rev. Edward
Cleanliness & Godliness Skiffle Band
Clear, Lindy
Clear Rock
Cleary, Jimmy
Cleary, Mrs. Charles
Cleary, Nora
Cleaveland, Perry
Cleaver, Bert
Cleighton, Peter
Cleland, Becky
Cleland, Becky;, Ben and Wayne Seymour
Cleland, Eleanor
Cleland, Jenny
Cleland, Lori J.
Clem, Harmon
Clemens, Alice
Clemens, Ginni
Clemens, Nancy
Clement, Jack
Clement, Lillian
Clements, Dick
Clements, John
Clements, Rod
Clements, Vassar
Clements, Williams
Clemets, Maidell
Clemmons, Bill
Clendenning, Elizabeth
Clergy, Grace (Mr.)
Cleveland, Big Boy
Cleveland, J. P.
Cleveland, Mrs. James
Cleveland, Ruth
Cleveland, Sara
Cleveland, Vivian C.
Cleven, Lyle
Cleven, Mable
Clevenger, Alban
Clevenger, Allen
Clevenger, Louanne
Clevenger, Sarah
Clever, George
Cliff, Stony
Clifford, Bob
Clifford, Debra
Clifford, H.
Clifford, Julia
Clifford, Vera
Clifford's Louisville Jug Band
Clifton, Bill
Clifton, Bill; and the Dixie Mountain Boys
Clifton, Bill; & Red Rector
Clifton, Camie
Clifton, Chandler
Clifton, Daphne
Clifton, Elbert (Ebo)
Clifton, Elder Bennie and Edrie
Clifton, Fred
Clifton, Harry
Clifton, LeeLee
Clifton, Michael
Clifton, N. Roy
Clifton, Sarah Lee
Clifton, Verlen
Clinch Mountain Boys
Cline, Charlie
Cline, Charlie; and the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers
Cline, Curly Ray
Cline, Dallas
Cline, Ezra
Cline, Laurelle
Cline, Lee
Cline, Mrs. Will
Cline, Patsy
Clineff, Jody
Clive, Lena
Close, Mr.
Closter, Harold
Cloud, Pat
Clough, Tom
Cloughton, Clay
Cloughton, Gary
Cloutier, Frank; & Victoria Cafe Orchestra
Clubb, Selma
Clumpf, Jan
Clumsy Lovers
Clutesi, George; and His Port Alberni Group
CND March
Coakley, John
Coane, Danny
Coastal Indians
Coates, Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel
Coates, Mrs.
Coates, Mrs. Gabriel
Coates, Mrs. J. (Gabriel)
Coates, Mrs. T. G
Coates, Mrs. Walter (Nettie Allen Coates)
Cobb and Underwood
Cobb, Barbara
Cobb, Brad
Cobb, Buell
Cobb, Clarence
Cobb, Junie (Junius)
Cobb, Mrs. Josepha/Joseph
Cobb, Preston and Mattie
Cobb, Randy
Cobb, Roy
Cobb, Roy; and the Coachmen
Cobb, Sam
Cobb, Walter
Cobert, Jon
Coc, Crisanto
Cochran, Chuck
Cochran, Curley
Cochran, George
Cochran, Jim
Cochran, N. D.
Cochran, Stefani
Cochrane, Percy
Cock and Bull Band
Cocker, Jarvis
Cockerham, Daniel
Cockerham, Fred
Cockerham, Fred; and Kyle Creed
Cockerham, Fred; and Oscar Jenkins
Cockerham, Fred; and Tommy Jarrell
Cockerham, Jarrell and Jenkins
Cockerham, Wendell
Cockhern, Sam
Cockram, Darrell
Cockram, Grover
Cockram, Helen
Cockram, Martin
Cockram, Marvin
Cocoa-Lute Duo
Cocoyeaville Youth Arts Club
Codelia's Dad
Cody, Curtis
Coe, Chris
Coe, Collin
Coe, Gene Anna Bell
Coe, Pete
Coe, Rod
Coen, Charlie
Coen, Jack
Coen, Jack and Charlie
Cofer Brothers
Cofer, Leon
Cofer, Paul
Coffee, Ed
Coffee, Jon
Coffee, Lester A.
Coffee, Simeon B.
Coffey, Alex
Coffey, Alex S.
Coffey, Fanny
Coffey, James
Coffey, John
Coffey, Mrs. Fanny; and Alex Coffey
Coffey, Oscar L.
Coffin, David
Coffin, David; and the Revels Children
Coffin, David; and the Revels Singers
Coffin, David; with the Revels Chorus
Coffin, Don
Coffin, Laurie
Coffin, O. T.
Coffin, Stew
Coffman, Mose
Coffman, Wanna
Cogan, Mike
Cogar, N. E.
Coggin, A. D.
Cohea, Larry
Cohen, Alex
Cohen, Andy
Cohen, Andy; and Jack Radcliffe
Cohen, Andy; and Joe LaRose
Cohen, Beth
Cohen, Bob
Cohen, Cherokee
Cohen, Chip
Cohen, Danny
Cohen, David
Cohen, Dianna
Cohen, John
Cohen, John and Penny
Cohen, Larkin Bryant
Cohen, Leonard
Cohen, Margery
Cohen, Mike
Cohen, Noam
Cohen, Penny
Cohen, Ron
Cohen, Sara
Cohen, Sonya
Cohen, Steve
Cohle, Ed
Cohn, Ellen
Coins, Harold
Coker, Howard
Coker, Mrs.
Colaianni, Rod
Colas, Victor
Colburn, Arthur
Colburn, Charles
Colburn, Howard
Colby, Pete (Peter)
Colby Street Musicians
Colclough, E.
Colclough, Phil and June
Colcord, Lincoln Alden
Colcord, M. J.
Cold Goose Gang
Cold Thunder
Coldiron, Blanche
Cole, Ab
Cole, Barry
Cole, Bill
Cole, Calvin
Cole, Dorothy Ellen
Cole, Edson (H.)
Cole, Edward H. (Capt.)
Cole, Emmett
Cole, Fay
Cole, Grady and Hazel
Cole, J.
Cole, J. C.
Cole, James
Cole, John
Cole, Johnny
Cole, Josh
Cole, Kyle
Cole, Lori
Cole, Mary
Cole, Paul
Cole, Peter
Cole, Ron
Cole, Rupert
Cole, Stan
Cole, Toby
Cole, Viola
Cole, Virgil
Coleman, Austin
Coleman, Austin; Joe Washington Brown & Group
Coleman, Bee Baby
Coleman, Bernice
Coleman, Bernice "Si"
Coleman, Bernice ("Si"); & the West Virginia Ramblers
Coleman, Bob
Coleman, Brother Dutch
Coleman Brothers
Coleman, Charles
Coleman, Charmaine
Coleman, Dutch (Brother Dutch)
Coleman, Dutch; & Red Whitehead
Coleman, Gary
Coleman, Guy and Ethel
Coleman, Jaybird
Coleman, Keith
Coleman, Michael
Coleman, Mike
Coleman, Stephanie
Coleman, Stephanie;, Chirps Smith, and Paul Tyler
Coleman, T. Michael
Coles, Grace (Mrs.)
Coley, David
Colicchio, Tony
Collamer, Shannon
Collazo, Julio
Colledge, Martin
Colleran, Willian D. (Bill)
Collett, Mahala
Collette, Buddy
Collie, Nan
Collier, Corlu
Collier, Diane
Collier, Evelyn
Collier, James
Collier, Jim
Collier, Jim; and Joe Newberry
Collier, Jimmy
Collier, Jimmy; and Rev. Fred D. Kirkpatrick
Collier, Louie
Collier, Pat
Collins, Arthur
Collins, Arthur; and Company
Collins, Bill
Collins Brothers
Collins, Charlie
Collins, Chasey "Kokomo"
Collins, Clive
Collins, Cotton
Collins, Craig
Collins, Dennis
Collins, Diana
Collins, Dolly
Collins, Earl
Collins Family
Collins, Fred
Collins, Gus
Collins, Howie
Collins, Jeanne
Collins, Joe
Collins, John
Collins, Judy
Collins, Kathleen
Collins, Linda
Collins, Louise
Collins, Lucretia
Collins, Lui
Collins, Mae
Collins, Max
Collins, Mitzie
Collins, Mr. Tandy
Collins, Mrs. Leander
Collins, Pete
Collins, Randall
Collins, Randall;, Curtis Blackwell & the Dixie Bluegrass Boys
Collins, Richard
Collins, Ronald
Collins, Sam
Collins, Sherman
Collins, Shirley
Collins, Shirley and Dolly
Collins, Shirley; and the Albion Country Band
Collins, Siki
Collins, Slim
Collins, W. S.
Collins, W. S. and Louise
Collins, Walt
Collins, William
Collins, William L.
Collins, Willie
Collinson, J.
Collock, J. R.
Collom, Mrs. David
Colmer, Georgiana
Colombo, Richard
Colon, George
Colot, Hildur
Colow, Josh
Colquhoun, Barbara
Colquhoun, Neil
Colquhoun, Neil and Barbara
Colquitt, Trixie
Colson, C. C.
Colstad, Adolph
Coltman, Bob
Coltman, Bob; and William Briggs
Columbus Georgia Symphony Orchestra
Colvard, Jim
Colvin, George
Colvin, Hiter
Colvin, Shawn
Colwell Brothers
Colwell, Paul
Colwell, Ralph
Colwell, Steve
Colyer, Pat
Combelle, Alex
Combo Amazo
Combs, Alfred "Badeye"
Combs, Bertha
Combs, Elsie
Combs, Jenny L.
Combs, Larry
Combs, (Miss) Alpha
Combs, Mrs.
Combs, Willard
Comeaux, Daemus
Comess, Aaron
Commerford, Ignatius
Commo, Don
Common, Bob
Common Ground
Commonwealth Ceilidh Band
Como, Amos
Compton, Carrie
Compton, Dan
Compton, Dan; and Mick Doherty
Compton, Gordon
Compton, Mike
Compton, Paula
Conant, Robin
Concas, Marian
Conder, Alvin
Condict, Winthrop
Condon, Allison
Condon, Eddie
Conescu, Nancy
Conescu, Nancy; and Friends
Confrey, Zez; and his Orchestra
Confurius, Marty
Conger, Danny
Conger, Larry
Conger, Larry R.
Conger, Tom
Congleton, Leslie
Congo, Jim
Congueros del Almo
Conjunto de Maxie Granados
Conjunto Jarocho Hueyapan
Conlan, Barney
Conlan, Festy
Conlan, Festy; and Tim Lyons
Conlan, T.
Conlee, Jenny
Conley, Bill
Conley, George
Conley, Nina
Conlon, Jud; 's Rhythmaires
Conlon, Peter "P. J."
Conlon, Peter "P.J"; and James Morrison
Conn, Eva
Conn, Steve
Connaughton, Alan
Connaway, Kit
Connecticut Folk Singers
Conneff, Kevin
Connell, Dudley
Connell, Dudley; and Don Rigsby
Connelly, Billy
Connelly, Bob
Connelly, Peggy
Connely, Steve
Connely, Walt
Conner, Myrtle
Connie & Babe
Connie & Babe and the Backwoods Boys
Connolly, Dierdre
Connolly, Johnny B.
Connolly, Mattie
Connolly, Mattie; and Dierdre Connolly
Connolly, Maura
Connolly, Mike
Connolly, Peter
Connolly, Rita
Connolly, Seamus
Connolly, Stephen
Connor, Brian
Connor, H.
Connor, Harriet
Connor, Iva
Connor, Sam
Connors, Claire
Connors, Mary
Connors, Mary; and Paddy Doran
Connors, Micky
Conolly, John
Conolly, John; and Bill Meek
Conover, Lynn
Conover, Skip
Conrad, Beverley
Conrad, Bo
Conrad, Bo; Spit Band
Conrad, Roger (Capt.)
Conroy, Bob
Conroy, Mike
Conroy, Tari
Constable, Billy
Constable, Liz
Constable, Liza; and John Miller
Constant, Joyce
Constitutional Wiretappers
Contay, Major; and the Canebrake Rattlers
Conte, Pat
Continental Singers
Contuzzi, Peter
Converse, Neal
Convicts at the Ramsey and Retrieve State Farm
Conway, Billy
Conway, Brian
Conway, Brian
Conway, Brian; & Tony De Marco
Conway, Francie
Conway, Gary
Conway, Gerry
Conway, Margaret Ann
Conway, Pat
Conway, Patricia
Conway, Zoe
Cooder, Ry
Coogan, Jackie
Coogan, Mary
Cook, Albert 'Diddy'
Cook, Ann
Cook, Brother
Cook, Charles F.
Cook, Dale
Cook, Deedee
Cook, Dennis
Cook, Harriet
Cook, Harry 'Crutter'
Cook, Irvin
Cook, J. Lawrence
Cook, Jack
Cook, James
Cook, Jim
Cook, Judy
Cook, Kathy
Cook, Lily
Cook, Mary
Cook, Oscar "Red"
Cook, Red
Cook, Roosevelt
Cook, Russell
Cook, Shelley
Cooke, Bernice
Cooke, Curley
Cooke, Dave
Cooke, Dixie
Cooke, Jack
Cooke, John
Cooke, Sam
Cool, Blackie
Cool Cats
Coole, Chris
Cooledge, Viola Marsh
Coolen, Al
Cooley, Darrell
Cooley, Jack
Cooley, Joe
Cooley, Seamus
Cooley, Steve
Coolidge, Caroline
Coolidge, Nat
Coolik, David
Coolin, Andy
Coolin, Jim
Coomber, Mr.
Coombs, Elsie
Coombs, Paul
Coon Creek Girls
Coon, Fred
Cooney, Dale
Cooney, Michael
Cooney, Michael
Cooney, Steve (Shephen)
Coons, Fred
Coope, Barry
Cooper, Al
Cooper, Andrea
Cooper, Babs
Cooper, Barbara
Cooper, Billy
Cooper, Bob
Cooper, Carol Lee
Cooper, Carson
Cooper, Clarence "Coop"
Cooper, Cotton
Cooper, Dana
Cooper, Dewey
Cooper, Frank G.
Cooper, Graham
Cooper, Jan
Cooper, Jimmy
Cooper, Margaret
Cooper, Mike
Cooper, Myrtle
Cooper, Pearl Kraus
Cooper, Phil
Cooper, Phil; & Margaret Nelson
Cooper, Priscilla
Cooper, Roger
Cooper, Ron
Cooper, Steve
Cooper, Stoney
Cooper, Tami
Cooper, Tom
Cooper, Warren
Cooper, Wilma Lee
Cooper, Wilma Lee and Stoney
Cooper, Wilma Lee; and the Clinch Mountain Clan
Coopman, Yvonne
Copas, Cathy
Copas, Cowboy
Cope, Jim
Cope, Jim; and Dave Millard
Copeland, Betty
Copeland, Dale
Copeland Family
Copeland, Ida
Copeland Kids
Copeland, Leonard
Copeland, Louise
Copeland, Martha
Copeland, Norman
Copeland, Percy
Copeland, Wilma
Copeman, Dmetri J.
Copley, Anna (Luther)
Coplowe, Nick
Copper, Bob
Copper, Bob and Ron
Copper Family
Copper, Frank
Copper, Jill
Copper, Jim
Copper, Jim and Bob
Copper, John
Copper, Ron
Coppola, Janis
Corb, Marty
Corbett, E. A.
Corbett, Harry H.
Corbett, J. B.
Corbett, Tom
Corbin, Eadie; and Ed Frison
Corbin, Lillian
Corbin, Walker;'s Ramblers
Corcoran, Eddie
Corcoran, Mary
Corcoran, Sean
Corcoran, Tony
Cordero, Maria
Cordle, Larry
Cordova, Mike
Cords, Nicholas
Corella, Carlotta Manuela
Corey, Carl
Corey, Carl W.
Corey, Dave
Corey, Sarah
Corgeron, Jean-Michel
Cork Lickers
Corket, Alan
Corman, Bob
Cormier, Ed
Cormier, Fred
Cormier, J. P.
Cormier, John Paul
Cormier, Joseph
Cormier, Lonnie (Larry)
Cormier, Paul
Cormier, Ray
Cormier, Terry
Corn Bred
Corn Dodgers
Cornelison, Ernie
Cornelius, Helene
Cornett, Bill (Banjo Bill)
Cornett, Elwood; & the Old Reg. Baptist Indian Bottom Assoc
Cornett, Greg
Cornett, Homer
Cornett, Ida
Cornett, J. D.
Cornett, James B.
Cornett, Tillie
Cornucopia Concert Band
Corr, Andrea
Correct Tone String Band
Corrie Folk Trio
Corrie Folk Trio with Paddie Bell
Corrigan, Betty
Corrigan, Elizabeth
Corrigan, Eric
Corrigan, Kate
Corrigione, Heidi
Corrigione, Johne
Cort, Sharon
Corter, Ephram
Cortes, Jose
Cortese, Sominic
Cortez, Alfred Estaban
Cortez, Jody
Cortez, Ramon
Cortez, S.; y sus Hawaiianos
Corum, Pete
Corwin, Mortimer
Cory-Bottoms, Alicia May
Coryell, Lea
Cosgrave, Mrs. A.
Cosman, Joan
Cosnor, Mae
Cossu, Scott
Costa, Jim
Costello, Cecilia
Costello, Elvis
Costello, Elvis; with the Fairfield Four
Costello, Laverne
Coster, John
Costic, Michele
Cotrell, Stewart Hal
Cott, Michael James
Cotten, Elizabeth
Cotten, Libba
Cotter, Debbie
Cotter, Sean
Cottle, Vickie
Cottler, Doug
Cotton, Beverly
Cotton, Donny
Cotton, Ernest
Cotton, James
Cotton, Richard
Cotton, Stella
Cottrell, Allin
Cottrell, Granny; and Cisslie Graves
Cottrell, Jenes
Couch, Benson
Couch, Bonson
Couch, Janie Bernard
Couch, Kelly
Couch, Mrs. Hallie Barnes
Couch, Sarah
Couch, Walter
Couch, Walter; and the Wilkes Ramblers
Coughlin, Mrs. John
Coul, Jamie
Coulson, Lena B.
Coulson, Leonard
Coulter, Bill
Coulter, Dave
Coulter, Phil
Coulter, William
Country Boys
Country Capers
Country Cooking
Country Cooking with the Fiction Brothers
Country Dance Band
Country Gazette
Country Gentlemen
Country Golds
Country Grass
Country Ham
Country Music Boys
Country Pardners
Country Playboys
County Down
Coupel, Herman
Couper, Margaret
Cour des Miracles
Court, John
Courtney, Freddy
Courtney, Miss
Courtney, Ralph (Mandolin Ralph)
Courville, S. D.; and Dennis McGee
Courville, S. D.; Dennis McGee, and Marc Savoy
Courville, S. D. (Sady)
Cousa, Jim
Cousin Emmy (Cynthia May Carver)
Cousin Jake
Cousin Jody
Cousin Minnie Pearl
Cousin Ned
Cousineau, Jean
Cousins, John
Cousins, Mary
Coutts, Jack
Couture, Michael
Couture, Raymond
Couveau, Chris
Couza, Jim
Covey, Mrs. Grant
Covill, Harold
Covington, Bogus Ben
Covington, Ike
Cowan, Bob
Cowan, Debra
Cowan, Debra; and Acie Cargill
Cowan, John
Cowan, Roy Lee
Coward, Buster
Cowart, Bill
Cowboy Drifters
Cowden, Noble
Cowdery, Jim
Cowdery, Lauren
Cowdray, T.
Cowger, Blanche
Cowgill, A. C.
Cowie, Charlie
Cowin, Ellis
Cowsill, Susan
Cox, Ainslee
Cox, Al
Cox, Alphonse
Cox, Bill
Cox, Bill; and Cliff Hobbs
Cox, Bill; and Cliff Hobbs
Cox, Billy
Cox, Brenda Bowen
Cox, Caroline
Cox, Dana
Cox, David
Cox, Dennis
Cox, Dennis & Lori
Cox, Edwin; and Harry Stephens
Cox, Eugene (Gene)
Cox, Evelyn
Cox Family
Cox, Floyd Brooks
Cox, Gene (Eugene)
Cox, Gene; & Melva Ridgeway
Cox, Harry
Cox, Ida
Cox, Jim
Cox, Jim
Cox, John Harrington
Cox, Judi
Cox, Katherine
Cox, L. V.
Cox, Lori
Cox, Lynn
Cox, Mary Z.
Cox, Rosa
Cox, Shelby
Cox, Sidney
Cox, Suzanne
Cox, Terry
Cox, Veronica Stoneman
Cox, Viola
Cox, Willard
Coxe, Bob
Coxhill, Lol
Coxwell, Dave
Coy, L.
Coyman, Dennis
Coyne, Eamonn
Coyne, Eamonn; and Kris Drever
Coyne, Ethna
Coyne, Frank
Cozy, Mark
Cozzens, Ellsworth T.
Crabtree, David
Crabtree, David; and Dick Weissman
Crabtree, Emmaline
Craft, Lonnie
Crafton, Bob
Craig, Bill
Craig, Darrin
Craig, Emma
Craig, Emma; and Donald Mead
Craig, Gray
Craig, Gray; & The New North Carolina Ramblers
Craig, Ida
Craig, Jim
Craig, Mike
Craig, Pearl
Craig, Peter
Craig, Ronnie
Craik, Maureen
Crain, Edward L.
Craine, Andrew B.
Cramer, Floyd
Cramer, Hank
Cramer, Tim
Cramp, Bill
Crampton, Emeline Jenks
Cranberry Lake (Jug Band)
Crandall, David
Crandall. Myron
Crane, Addy
Crane, Andrew B.
Crane, Joe
Crane, Mrs.
Crane, Ross
Crane, Wayne
Crane, William
Cranfill, J. B. (Dr.)
Cranford, Bob
Cranford, Bob; and A. P. Thompson
Cranford, Paul Stewart
Cranford, Wilbern
Cranitch, Matt
Crannell, Barry
Cranor, Randall
Cranshaw, Bob
Crary, Dan
Crase, James
Crase, Noah
Craven, Callie
Craven, Jennie
Craven, Joe
Craven, Tim
Cravens, Red
Cravens, Red; and the Bray Brothers
Craver, Al
Craver, Mike
Craviotto, John
Cravis, Wayne
Crawford, Big
Crawford, Chuck
Crawford, Doctor
Crawford, Frank; II
Crawford, Geff
Crawford, Griff
Crawford, Jennifer
Crawford, Jimmy
Crawford, John
Crawford, John W.
Crawford, Kevin
Crawford, Roy
Crawford, Steve
Crawford, Togo
Crawford, Togo and Burns
Crawford, Vince
Crawley, Bernie
Crawley, Luke and Brent
Crawley, Norma-Jean Waters
Craxton, Arthur
Cray, Robert
Crazy Elmer (Smiley Sutter)
Creash, Bob
Creasman, Helen
Creasy, Jo May
Creber, Michael
Credeur, Jesse
Credeur, Johnny
Cree, Andy
Cree, Francis "Eagle Heart"
Creech, Betty
Creech, John Buckingham ('Old Buck')
Creech, Mrs. Berry
Creech, Mrs. Tilford
Creech, Sallie
Creech, Wilma
Creed, Ernest
Creed, Kyle
Creed, Kyle; and Fred Cockerham
Creegan, Tom
Creekmore, Mary
Creel, Slomie
Crehan, Junior
Creighton, Mildred
Cremo, Lee
Cremo, Lee; Trio
Crenshaw, Marshall
Crenshaw, Ollie
Crenshaw, R. C. (Rev)
Crenshaw, Reverend
Cresci, John
Crew of the SS Standard
Crewes, Freddie
Crews, Felton
Crichton, Scott
Crick, Mrs. C. N.
Crider, Dale
Criger, Fannie
Crisara, Ray
Crisler, Marietta
Crisp, Buddy
Crisp, Hardy
Crisp, Palmer
Crisp, Ray
Crisp, Rufus
Cristie, Bill
Cristie, Eileen
Cristlieb, Don
Critchlow, Slim
Critchlow, Slim; and the Utah Buckaroos
Critics Group
Critton Hollow (String Band)
Croal, John
Crock, Bill
Crocker, Kokomo
Crocker, Leslie
Crocker, Wanda
Crockett, Albert
Crockett, Allan/Alan
Crockett, Cheryl
Crockett, Dad
Crockett, David
Crockett Family Mountaineers
Crockett, George
Crockett, John;, Sr.
Crockett, Johnny
Crockett, Johnny & Albert
Crockett, Lincoln
Croft, Bryant H.
Croft, Clary
Crofts, Linda
Crofut, Bill
Crofut, Carol
Crofut, Susie
Croker, Brendan
Crombie, Tony
Crompton, Carrie
Crompton, Ray
Cronin, Edward
Cronin, Elizabeth
Cronin, Gubnait
Cronin, Jim
Cronin, John
Cronin, Mickey/Michael
Cronin, Paddy
Cronkhite, Glenn
Cronshaw, Andrew
Crook Brothers String Band
Crook, Herman
Crook, Kole
Crook, Matthew
Crooke, O. C.
Crooked Jades
Crooked Road
Crooked Still
Crooks, Erin
Crooks, Gertrude Ladnier
Crooks, Michael
Crooks, Richard
Crosbie, Malcom
Crosbie, Stuart
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, Brook
Crosby, Cindy
Crosby, David
Crosby, Gary; and Matty Matlock's All Stars
Crosby, Tim (Slim)
Crosier, Trevor
Cross, Al
Cross, Hugh
Cross, Hugh; and Riley Puckett
Cross, Michael/Mike
Cross, Rosie
Cross, Vince
Cross-Eyed Rosie
Crossley, Jeff
Crossman, Frederick
Croteau, Paul "Truck"
Crouch, Barbara
Crouch, Dennis
Crouch, Dub
Crouch, Dub;, Norman Ford & the Bluegrass Rounders
Crouch, Tim
Crow, Doris
Crow, Nancy
Crow, Robert
Crowden, Leslie (Mrs.)
Crowder, Artie P.
Crowder, Artie P.
Crowder, Artie P.; and the Tennessee Railsplitters
Crowder Brothers
Crowder, Dave
Crowder, Monte Sano
Crowe, Edward
Crowe, J. D.
Crowe, J. D.; and the New South
Crowe, J. D.; & the Kentucky Mountain Boys
Crowe, Keith
Crowe, Wallace "Josh"
Crowe, Wayne
Crowell, Rodney
Crowley, H. E.
Crowley, John
Crowley, Michael
Crowley, P.
Crowter, Jeff
Croy, Jack
Croy, Paul
Crozier, Stence
Crozier, Trevor
Crudup, Art/Arthur (Big Boy)
Cruise, Carl
Cruise, Carl
Cruise, Counsel
Cruise, Michael
Crum, Bob
Crum, Brian
Crum, Dean
Crumb, R.
Crumb, R.; and his Cheap Suit Seranaders
Crumm, Chad
Crummitt, Frank
Crummy, Red
Crutchley, Ronnie
Cruthers, David
Cruz, Jose Augustin; and Jose Martin Cruz
Cry, Cry, Cry
Cryderman, Walter
Crymes, Kenneth
Ctpyhha Opkectpa
Cu Chulain Folk
Cuddihey, Michael
Cudek, Mark
Cuenca, Sam
Cuff, Mark
Cuffe, Tony
Cuffee, "Old Man"
Cuillerier, Yvon
Culbert, Jane
Culbertson, Bruce
Culbertson, Tom
Cullen, Gary
Cullen, Gerry
Cullinan, James; and P. J. Crotty
Cullipher, Ruth Clark; and Angie Clark
Cullis, Ed "Doc"
Cullivoe Band
Cullivoe Traditional Fiddle Band/Players
Culpepper, Alwilda
Culpepper, Eddie
Culpo, John
Culture Ceilidh Band
Culver, Bob
Culver, Ken
Culver, Mrs.
Culver, Ted
Cumberland Four
Cumberland Mountain Entertainers
Cumberland Mountain Folk
Cumberland Ridge Runners
Cumberland Three
Cumming, Bryan
Cumming, Doug
Cummings, Galen
Cummings, Harold
Cummings, Larry
Cunha, Rick
Cunliffe, Paul
Cunnick, John
Cunnick, John and Kim
Cunning, William
Cunningham, Bill
Cunningham, Bill
Cunningham, George W.
Cunningham, Howard
Cunningham, John
Cunningham, John/Johnny
Cunningham, Josh
Cunningham, LaRaye
Cunningham, Phil
Cunningham, Sue
Cunningham, Van
Curbow, Ray
Curby, Rule
Curdts, Heath
Curley, Clyde
Curley, Clyde; and George Penk
Curley, Clyde; and Sue Songer
Curly Creek String Band
Curly & Kate
Curran, Ciaran
Curran, Eamon
Curran, Richard
Currence, Jimmy (Jimmie)
Currence, Loren
Currie Brothers
Currie, Gerald
Curry, David
Curry, Donna
Curry, Elder
Curry, Eugene
Curry, George
Curry, Pam
Curry, Tom
Curtin, Con
Curtin, Nancy
Curtin, Nancy; and Randal Bays
Curtin, Nancy; and the Strayaways
Curtis, Blind Thomas
Curtis, Blind Thomas;, Blind Joe Death and John Fahey
Curtis, C. F.
Curtis, Cate
Curtis, Charles M.
Curtis, John
Curtis, June
Curtis, Ken
Curtis, Laura
Curtis, Luke
Curtis, Perley
Curtis, Sonny
Cushman, Charlie
Cushman, Dave
Custer, George
Custy, Mary
Cut Cane Ramblers Fiddle Band
Cut & Dry Band
Cutean, Brian
Cutler, Bill
Cutler, Lewis
Cutler, Marty
Cutler, Miriam
Cutler, Sally
Cutlip, B. C.
Cutrell, Dave
Cutter, Jack
Cutting, Andy
Cutting, Charles & Clarence
Cutting, Clarence
Cutting, Edith
Cutting Family
Cutting, John
Cuviello, Johnny
Cymbala, Bill
Cypher, Josephine
Cyr, Albert
Czarnek, Harry
Czarnek, Harry; and the Texas Dutchmen
Czech Harvesters
Czerniawski, Wally
Czerny Eddie
Czibi, Joe; Jr.

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