Gender: male
Race: grif-usually means mixed black and Indian
Birthplace: Jamaica
Age (when this record was documented): 29.0
Other comments: Seller is from La Costa de Cabahonose

Selling Information
Name of the Seller: Gil Leblanc
Name of the Buyer: Bernardo Laburthe y Barriere
Grouping: sold or inventoried as an individual
Selling Currency: f
Selling Value: 260
Selling Value: 455

Document: Information of the document that these records were retrieved.
Document Location: Orleans (including Chapitoulas).[Jefferson 1825]
Document Date: 1793-05-31
Document Number (from the document): 436
Notary Name: Pedesclaux
Coder (person that encoded this record: Mabel Macias
Date of Sale: 17910531
Type of document:
Any documents involving maroons, including reports of runaways, interrogation of caputred runaways, and testimony by slaves about runaways: yes
Language: Spanish
Is this document of linguistic interest?: no
Is this inventory or sale of an estate of a free person of African descent?: no

Skill and Trade Information

Character of slave (described by seller or appraiser): runaway "simarron," thief

Family Information
Was this slave inventoried with his/her mother?: no
Was this slave sold with his/her mother?: no

Importation Information
Was this slave being emancipated?: no
Slave listed as dead?: no