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Community IDEA Net
Joining the power of imagination with the purposes of community.

A demonstration project of the UNC Leadership Information Archives, the Community IDEA-Net (CiNet) disseminates ideas about making governments more effective. It also attempts to develop systematic data on what works and why.

For more information about CiNet, send mail to CiNet@SunSITE.unc.edu.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About CiNet

  • Who can use CiNet and how much does it cost?
    CiNet is freely available to anyone with access to the worldwide Internet.

  • What equipment is required to get CiNet documents?
    Mostly, you need a modem to call into an Internet "node." And you need software that allows you to download documents, typically part of your modem package.

  • Who can participate in CiNet and its projects?
    As a public service, anyone and any organization can participate in CiNet. Currently, CiNet has on-going relationships with non-profits like the Americas Project and The Atlanta Project at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Center and other NGO's. CiNet is currently sponsored by SunSITE.unc.edu, a project of Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Inc, and UNC Chapel Hill. Contact CiNet (see back panel) for more information.

  • Why is UNC Chapel Hill coordinating CiNet?
    Carolina has a long-standing scholarly tradition studying public management. Through its corporate partners, UNC Chapel Hill stands on the cutting edge of Internet development. And among the major information centers on the Internet, UNC Chapel Hill has a uniquely broad-based experience dealing with different kinds of information resources.

    In addition, because our machine home, SunSITE Classic is one of the world's premiere information resources, UNC Chapel Hill has extraordinary visibility within the Internet community. Last year, for example, SunSITE served 45 times more requests for information than did the entire U.S. National Archives system. Also, Carolina's SunSITE project is the hub of the worldwide SunSITE distributional system, with servers in nine other countries, including those in Tokyo, Moscow, Oslo, London, Capetown, Sydney.

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