Scope and Content Note
DDE Diaries

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Diaries series consists of an estimated 28,800 pages and is arranged chronologically by month and year. This is a rich and varied body of manuscripts which contains several categories of material. These are described as follows:

An estimated 5,200 pages consist of diary entries and dictated correspondence. This material is filed in folders entitled "DDE Diary," "Personal Diary," or "DDE Dictation." Found here are not only diary entries but also copies of letters from the President to government and political associates, and to personal friends. Periodically the President dictated notes for his diary and on other occasions his personal secretary, Mrs. Ann Whitman, recorded appointments and summarized events. The diary was not systematically maintained, however. The bulk of the actual diary entries falls into the years 1953-56. These so-called diary folders were also used as a convenient file for copies of letters dictated by the President. During the later years of the Administration this dictated correspondence was filed in folders labeled "DDE Dictation." Most issues of concern to President Eisenhower are covered in his diary and letters. These reveal much about the President's political philosophy in general, as well as his private views on more specific issues such as McCarthyism, the Bricker Amendment, or civil rights.

Another prominent category consists of approximately 3,000 pages of memos of telephone conversations. Most of the more detailed conversations are dated prior to 1959. Much, although not all, of the material after that date consists merely of telephone logs or brief entries regarding phone calls. A significant proportion of the conversations are between the President and his Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles. In addition, a considerable number of conversations between the President and Under Secretary of State Walter Bedell Smith (on Indochina), Herbert Brownell, and George Humphrey are included. Scattered discussions with Robert Anderson, William Rogers, Christian Herter, Ezra Taft Benson, various Congressional leaders, and the President's personal friends may also be found. Topics discussed in these phone conversations include the Bricker Amendment, McCarthyism, Indochina, the Middle East, Little Rock & Civil Rights, Congressional relations, politics, and speech planning.

The largest body of material in this series consists of official White House staff memoranda, reports, correspondence, summaries of Congressional correspondence, and duplicate copies of Cabinet minutes and Legislative Leaders Meeting notes. These types of documents are found in folders labeled variously as "Miscellaneous," "Goodpaster (to be distinguished from the intelligence briefings compiled by Andrew Goodpaster)," "Staff Memos," and after 1957 "Staff Notes." A major segment of this official memoranda category consists of the memoranda of President Eisenhower's conversations in the White House. These were prepared by such staff members as Andrew Goodpaster, John Eisenhower, Bryce Harlow, Jack Z. Anderson, Wilton Persons, Edward McCabe, Robert Merriam, and Arthur Minnich. Many of the "memcons" prepared by Goodpaster and Eisenhower cover defense and space programs, strategic planning, nuclear testing and disarmament, intelligence matters, foreign policy, budgetary problems, government organization, and administrative subjects. A number of the memoranda concerning disarmament and space programs have recently been declassified.

Also noteworthy are the numerous records of conversations between the President and individuals or small groups from the Senate or the House. These provide insights into Congressional attitudes on a multitude of issues ranging from the Bricker Amendment to mutual security. Other memoranda cover meetings between the President and veterans organizations, minority groups, state governors, and Republican party leaders.

An estimated 9,000 pages fall into this staff memoranda category. Approximately 40 to 50 percent is presently security-classified.

From 1956 until the end of the Administration the White House Staff Research Group, headed successively by Albert P. Toner and Christopher H. Russell, prepared two- to three- page summaries of activities and programs of various executive branch agencies. The compilation of these "Toner Notes" as they were called, was done on virtually a daily basis. Typical summaries contain entries from several different agencies. Frequently, at least one or more of the entries are classified. Thus, roughly three-fourths of the approximately 4,000 pages of Toner Notes remains classified.

Beginning in 1958 the President received, in addition to the Toner notes, intelligence briefings prepared by Andrew Goodpaster or John Eisenhower. The approximately 500 pages of briefings consist of synopses of Central Intelligence Agency and State Department intelligence information on international affairs. All of these briefings are at present security-classified.

Remaining types of material in this series include typed lists of individuals to whom the President sent signed letters and the Presidential appointment schedules. These schedules are, with the exception of scattered Secret Service reports, duplicated in the President's Appointment Books which are found elsewhere in the Library's holdings.

  Box#      Contents
   1      Appointments & Trips - DDE June 5-August 31, 1952 (1) (2)
          Appointments & Trips - DDE September 1-15, 1952 (1) (2) (3)
          Appointments & Trips - DDE September 16-30, 1952 (1) (2) (3)

   2      Appointments & Trips - DDE October 1-15, 1952 (1) (2) (3)
          Appointments & Trips - DDE October 16-November 22, 1952 (1) (2) (3)
          Schedules July 6, 1952 to January 19, 1953
          D.D.E. Diary Index 12/29/52-6/14/55 (1) (2)
          Appointments & Trips - DDE January 17-February 5, 1953

   3      DDE Diary Dec. 52 - July '53 (1) (2) (3) (4)  [includes information re
          assistance to Korea; DDE comments on newspaper editorials; DDE on
          McCarthy; American Assembly; McCarran & Immigration bills; Dirksen &
          "Middle of Road" philosophy; DDE ltr to Swede Hazlett re problems of
          president and comments on McCarthy; price supports; Solarium; Korea and
          Indochina; Treasury Dept. and finances; DDE philosophical comments on
          govt. and American system; individuals suspected of Communist leanings;
          gold standard; Sam Rayburn and SW Power Administration; foreign trade;
          Rosenbergs; miscellaneous items of personal correspondence; prominent
          individuals to whom ltrs addressed include Dulles, Humphrey, Wiley,
          Bullis, and Hazlett; Defense, Indochina; US economy; US information
          program; Bricker Amendment; soil conservation; Civil Service & "New
          Dealers"; Atomic energy controls; feeding of POWs & Korea; District of
          Columbia & discrimination; signing of ltrs; numerous appointments; ltrs
          to Alfred Gruenther, Baruch, Edgar Eisenhower, and many others]

          DDE Diary - Aug-Sept. 1953 (1) (2)  [includes information on aid to
          Korea; public opinion poll in California re DDE performance in office;
          Robert Taft & Taft-Hartley Act; Emmet Hughes; $100,000 MIG; religion and
          Al Smith dinners; FEPC; James Byrnes & desegregation; party organization
          in southern states; Attorney General's responsibility for providing
          brief to Supreme Court on segregation; President's Committee on
          Government Contracts; Harry Guggenheim on South America; miscellaneous
          appointment matters; correspondence re invitations, golf, other personal
          matters.  Correspondence addressed to Nixon, Arthur Eisenhower, James
          Byrnes, George Humphrey, and others]

          DDE Diary October 1953 (1) (2) (3) (4)  [contains information re Korea;
          the Presidency; Social Security; railroad labor situation; cattle
          prices; discussion of two murder cases; Norman Thomas meeting with DDE
          discussing socialists in government and especially State Dept.;
          Uruguay's problems with Argentina; proposed consultants to JCS;
          disarmament; C.D. Jackson speech; George Humphrey memo on various
          aspects of economy; US vs. Aluminum Co.; food for Germany; CAB case;
          farmers march on Washington; housing; minimum wage; DOD lobbying on
          Capitol Hill; W. Judd ltr re Communist China and UN; comments re Greek
          Ambassador & visit of Greek King and Queen to US; praise for Roscoe
          Drummond; lengthy report on meeting between DDE & President Ruiz
          Cortines at Falcon Dam dedication; visit with Churchill; beef prices;
          Republican politics & comment re Truman; notes for speech to FFA; Lloyd
          Mashburn resignation from Dept. of Labor; DDE ltr to Arthur Sulzberger
          re political amnesty to former communists disassociating with party by
          time of Berlin Airlift; Bermingham & DDE on Goldwater; Wool Tariff;
          praise for Earl Warren]

          DDE Diary - November 1953 (1) (2) (3)  [information re excessive number
          of General officers in military service; racial discrimination in
          District of Columbia; public relations position for Administration;
          speech drafts; Europeans & USA; Harry Dexter White case; medical
          services for military dependents & retention thereof; Alan Kline ltr re
          agriculture price policy; reply to criticism of businessmen in
          Administration; Cong. Becker & situation in Italy; DDE suggestions to
          Dulles on draft of talk to CIO; Murray Chotiner & political situation in
          California; Italy; Philippine elections; possibility of rapprochement
          between US and Peron Govt. in Argentina; policies & programs of various
          depts.; resumes of public opinion re DDE policies; DOD & beef prices;
          other material on farm prices; budget recommendation; DDE re former
          supporters of USSR & communists; DDE on Milton Eisenhower's visit to
          Latin America; DOD press relations & security requirements]

   4      DDE Diary Oct.-Dec. 1953  [National Security Training Commission; Howard
          Cullman on relationship of lung cancer to cigarette smoking, also some
          discussion of dock strike; conversation with Thomas Dewey re Niagara
          Power Development and Long Island Railway; conversation with Roy Roberts
          re Taft-Hartley Law; DDE detailed notes on Oppenheimer case;
          conversation with Charles Wilson re Spanish and Moroccan bases of U.S.,
          reports to congress, military aid to Yugoslavia; Ernest Wier on politics
          in Pennsylvania, and world situation]

          DDE Diary December 1953 (1) (2)  [DDE ltr to Swede Hazlett covers
          Bermuda Conference, roles of Britain & France in world; DDE's "Atoms for
          Peace" speech and idea of donations of nuclear material by US and USSR;
          DDE's plan not to run in 1956; praise for Milton E.; mention of other
          presidential possibilities in party; memo on national water resources;
          Bricker Amendment; ltrs to Halleck & Martin re Executive cooperation
          with Legislative Branch; Psychological Warfare Board in Korea; Taft
          -Hartley; use of agricultural surplus to pay portion of costs of Air
          Force base construction in Spain; DOD publicity re NIKE; DDE notes on
          State of Union message; conservation & development of national water
          resources; UN speech of Dec. 8; ltr to Emmet Hughes re public opinion
          and building of strong team, contains philosophic tone of DDE; interview
          with Bela Kornitzer re Eisenhower family; ltr DDE to James Byrnes re
          pending school desegregation cases; outline of suggested program for
          peace in Middle East, signed by A. V. Watkins]

          Staff Notes January-December 1953  [notes of legislative leadership
          meetings--material re Hawaii, St. Lawrence Seaway, labor legislation,
          taxes, controls, Civil Service, submerged lands, drought, Taft-Hartley,
          Niagara River power]

          Staff Meetings-1953 (1) (2)  [notes listing and summarizing topics
          discussed at W.H. staff meetings; mostly classified as of December 1975]

          Phone Calls - Feb.-June 1953 (1) (2)  [contains information re British &
          French; Korean peace; droughts; congressional relations; Rosenbergs;
          Bricker Amendment; Wisconsin politics & Sen. Wiley; Van Fleet & Korea;
          excess profits; farm programs; Bermuda Conference; Bohlen appointment;
          scattered personal items and appointments; Dulles and Brownell frequent
          recipients of these phone calls]
          DDE Personal Diary Jan.-Nov. 1954 (1) (2)  [ltr DDE to Swede Hazlett re
          Dinosaur National Park, foreign trade, Indochina & France, Congress, pay
          & benefits for military services, TVA & public vs. private power; other
          items include ltr to Brig. Gen. Bradford Chynoweth in which DDE expounds
          on "Middle of Road" philosophy, government, Rousseau, and
          intelligentsia. Information re British policy and Indochina; David
          McDonald and economic conditions; remarks by Arthur Burns before
          Cabinet; Dirksen discussion with DDE; notes on Bricker Amendment; school
          construction; wetbacks; Brazilian coffee; DDE diary notes on relations
          with Congress, Cabinet, press corps & White House staff; some mention of
          McCarthy; DDE conversation with Lucius Clay re rejuvenating Republican
          party, reactionaries, his own political future]

          Staff Notes January thru Dec. '54  [information re agricultural
          attaches; AEC-TVA; agriculture; Congress; budget; health insurance;
          patronage; Bricker Amendment; Employee Security; Army-McCarthy]

  Box#      Contents
   5      Phone Calls July-Dec. 1953 (1) (2)  [Phone calls with Dulles, Brownell,
          Hobby, W. Robinson, and others; topics include Berlin Conference;
          Philippines; Bricker Amendment; Van Fleet & Rhee; segregation ruling;
          cutting military personnel; Oppenheimer; McCarthy; Atoms for Peace;
          Bermuda Conference; Harry Dexter White matter; Walter Judd re communist
          treatment of POWs; agriculture matters; Trieste; Sen. Watkins & Indian
          policy; Jordan River Project; Winston Churchill; Berlin food; Korea;
          military and political matters; immigration bill; mutual security & EDC]

          Phone Calls - Jan.-May 1954 (1) (2) (3)  [conversations with Dulles,
          Rogers, Wilson, Brownell, Smith, Benson; large amounts of material on
          Bricker Amendment; McCarthy & Army-McCarthy hearings; and Indochina. 
          Also Benson on agriculture policy; Dulles on book-burning; visit by
          Churchill; EDC; Republican politics; Radford; Oppenheimer; George
          Humphrey on economy; Echo Park Dam; tax matters; DOD; foreign trade
          policy; shooting in House of Representatives by Puerto Ricans; Rhee &
          Korea; Supreme Court and segregation]

          DDE Diary - January 1954 (1) (2)  [Baruch re international affairs; Dan
          Thornton re Bricker Amendment; Govt. Conference; stag dinner; to Wilson
          on Army reorganization; to Knowland on Bricker; promotion of Generals;
          Edgar Eisenhower on Bricker; to J. Earl Schaeffer on Bricker; to
          Brownell on Bricker; to John McCloy on Bricker; Joseph Dodge on service
          & resignation; George Humphrey; Congressional expense allowances; to
          Dean Erwin Griswold on Bricker; to John Davis on Bricker; Harry
          Guggenheim and Latin America; Sigurd Larmon as replacement for C.D.
          Jackson; appointment with Harley Staggers re communists; Benson on price
          supports; to Milton E. re economy and labor; memo by Minnich on history
          project; Lewis Douglas on Taft-Hartley Act]

          DDE Diary February 1954 (1) (2)  [re Kersten on military units of
          escapees from Iron Curtain; DDE to Manion re resignation from Commission
          on Intergovernment relations; economy; Colorado River Project; positions
          in Executive depts.; Executive information to Congress; Dillon Anderson
          on Bricker; Knowland on Bricker; ltr from Edgar E. on Bricker]

   6      DDE Diary March 1954 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)  [tax exemptions; ltr from Paul
          Hoffman on McCarthy; Hughes to BOB; Republican party; Taft-Hartley;
          McCarthy & reactionaries; Govt. policies & railroads; ltr, DDE to Swede
          Hazlett re McCarthy, agricultural price supports, Administrative tax
          program & Indochina; William Robinson to DDE re Sen. George, tax cuts,
          McCarthy & Foster Dulles; aid to Ryukyus & bases; Robert Montgomery
          comments on DDE talk and appearance; DDE to Robinson on McCarthy,
          Bricker Amendment & tax program; DDE to Edgar E. on Bricker; John Taber
          on mutual security appropriations; ltr to Paul Helms on McCarthy;
          treatment of govt. personnel; breakfast discussion between DDE & Sen.

          Bricker Amendment (1) (2) (3) (4)  [material from April 1953 - Feb. 1957
          covering amendment including memoranda & other communications to
          president from Dulles, Benson, John Davis, John McCloy, Erwin Griswold,
          Henry Wriston, J. Earl Schaeffer, W.B. Smith, Edgar Eisenhower, Franklin
          Murphy, Dillon Anderson, Roy Howard, Herbert Brownell, Arthur Dean, and
          John Bricker]

          DDE Diary April 1954 (1) (2) (3)  [Stanley High on Eric Johnston &
          Middle East; ltr, DDE to Swede Hazlett re information between US and
          world, McCarthy-Army hearings, French & Indochina, and British policies;
          also information on allegations of bungling in Govt.; Strauss ltr re
          Baruch comments on atomic weapons; Oppenheimer; foreign economic policy;
          ltr to C.D. Jackson re foreign economic policy; DDE to Robert Stevens re
          Robert McClure & psychwar]

   7      DDE Diary May 1954 (1) (2)  [DDE ltr to Marshall re aid to Holland;
          Bricker Amendment; air policy review; independent colleges & athletic
          conferences; ltr to William Donovan; agricultural foreign
          representatives; federal expenditures; Commandant of West Point; ltr to
          Percy re foreign economic policy; tung oil tariff; disclosure of defense
          information to Congress; comments on Edwin Clark memorandum on U.S.
          Pacific policy; ltr to Daniel Reed re reciprocal trade]

          Phone Calls - June-Dec. 1954 (1) (2) (3)  [significant conversations
          with Dulles, George Humphrey, Benson, & W. Bedell Smith; prominent
          topics:  France & EDC; Indochina; British policies; S.E. Asia; China &
          UN; Humphrey on foreign policy; Strauss on TVA; Benson on Republican
          party; Soviet shooting down of B-29; to Milton E. re Humphrey & foreign
          policy; health program bill; Knowland on Communist China; Humphrey on
          David McDonald; DOD appropriations; agricultural attaches; politics;
          appointments, some personal matters]

          DDE Diary June 1954 (1) (2)  [miscellaneous personal pleasantries,
          acknowledgements, appointments, etc; politics; Abilene Museum; Governor
          Johnston Murray, Oklahoma, re communists & Latin America; DDE meeting
          with Herbert Hoover and discussions of investigation of CIA & Colorado
          River Project; tariffs on groundfish; DDE to Whitney on banking; DDE to
          Strauss suggesting getting Oppenheimer interested in desalting sea
          water; tariff on watches]

          DDE Diary July 1954 (1) (2) (3)  [miscellaneous personal pleasantries,
          general references to policy matters; ltrs between DDE and conservative
          Brigadier General Chynoweth re "Middle of Road" philosophy; information
          on defense savings; Finn twins; Knowland language in mutual security
          bill; Knowland and foreign policy]

   8      DDE Diary - August 1954 (1)
          (2)  [politics, invitations, greetings, general comments on policy; DDE
          defense of Dulles diplomacy; DDE with Robert Montgomery discussing
          program; DDE to Brownell on TVA; DDE to C.D. Jackson on foreign economic
          policy; various foreign trade matters; ltr to William Robinson on
          information distribution, staffing problems, foreign trade]

          DDE Diary - September 1954 (1) (2)  [general policy statements, personal
          comments, appointments; railroad rates in drought areas; DDE to J. Earl
          Schaefer on Social Security; Republican politics; McCarthy; DDE to Hauge
          on right wing Republicans; DDE on program to stimulate industrial
          activity; DDE to Paul Hoffman on General Sir Francis de Guingand
          proposal for US-British exchanges; DDE on Bedell Smith; DDE on US
          reconnaissance missions; DDE ltr to Tito re Trieste; Case candidacy for
          Senate; Knowland; Post Office pay bill veto]

          DDE Diary - October 1954 (1) (2)  [DDE to Governor Clement re TVA; DDE
          to Cliff Roberts on Citizens for Eisenhower dinner; memo re 1956 Budget;
          DDE to Summerfield re mail rates; letter to Veterans Administration re
          Polish veterans in US & veterans benefits; DDE to Milton Eisenhower re
          George Humphrey & world politics; DDE to James G. Patton re alleged
          improper activities in REA; DDE to Thomas Dewey on President & politics]

          DDE Diary - November 1954 (1) (2)  [DDE to Gruenther re France & Mendes
          France; also Churchill on colonialism; DDE to Prince Bernhard on
          Committee-Bilderberg Meetings were unofficial private annual gatherings
          of prominent U.S. & European citizens to discuss international affairs;
          DDE to Milton Eisenhower on George Humphrey; conversation--DDE and
          Merriman Smith on politics, Budget, President's work, and Davis' book;
          DDE's comments on FDR & fourth term; DDE to J. Earl Schaefer on creation
          of jobs; DDE to David Bruce re "Ambassador at Large" duties; signing of
          legions of merit; Knowland on foreign policy; DDE to Benson on purchase
          of land; DDE to W. Sterling Cole re TVA; DDE to Edgar Eisenhower re
          Supreme Court, H.L. Hunt & reactionaries, policies of administration
          compared with those of previous administrations, foreign policy, alleged
          "bad political advice," and "controls"; extract from ltr, William H.
          Jackson, G-2, ETO, 1/21/44, to mother re DDE]

          DDE Diary December 1954 (1) (2)  [DDE to Oveta Hobby and BOB on aid to
          states for indigent; DDE to Amon Carter re CAB; DDE to Albert Putnam re
          Columbia; bipartisan cooperation with congress; DDE to Wilson re captive
          airmen; DDE to Swede Hazlett re CIO influence on Democratic party,
          Republican "progressive moderates," & "conservative rightists," Cabinet,
          Robert Anderson, the Presidency and great men; ltr to Cliff Roberts re
          McCarthy censure; DDE to H. Collord on education; Sherman Cooper to
          Middle East; DDE to Tex McCrary on Jacob Javits & McCarthyism; DDE to
          Milton Eisenhower re S.E. Asia and Latin America]

   9      DDE Diary January 1955 (1) (2)  [DDE to Benson re sugar agreements with
          foreign countries; DDE to Joseph Dodge re abolition of FOA; DDE to Henry
          Luce re Formosa crisis; DDE to BOB re Hartwell reservoir; DDE to Wilson
          re defense matters]

          Diary-Copies of DDE personal [1955-56] (1) (2)  [some of these items do
          not appear elsewhere; DDE diary entries re Suez, Panama Conference,
          Dixon-Yates, Packard-Studebaker; conversation with Humphrey, Mitchell,
          McDonald on union matters; conversation with Hobby on segregation and
          politics; successor to Gruenther at NATO; Nixon and politics, Middle
          East; considerable discussion of gas bill; disarmament; CAB; Board of
          Foreign Intelligence Activities; economy, raw materials reserve]

          Diary-Copies of DDE Personal 1953-54 (1) (2) (3)  [DDE diary notes on
          David McDonald & economy; DDE on Congress, Cabinet, Press; Taft; James
          Byrnes on segregation; Hoover Commission; Bricker Amendment; Korea;
          McCarran on immigration; leadership, capitalism, US dependence on raw
          materials; McCarthy; foreign trade; DDE meeting with Churchill in
          January 1953]

          DDE Personal Diary 1/1/55 - [11/10/55]  [iron & steel in India;
          miscellaneous appointments; Middle East; numerous foreign policy items
          mentioned; Russia; DDE & Benson re agriculture; Russian non-salvageable
          ships (asking Russians to sink some non-salvageable WWII ships); NATO
          foreign aid; JCS; inflation; floods in New England; Milton & farm
          problems; chronology of DDE heart attack]

          Phone Calls - Jan-July 1955 (1) (2) (3)  [numerous conversations between
          DDE and Dulles, Brownell, Radford, Humphrey; considerable information on
          Formosa crisis; also DDE conversations with Humphrey on economic
          matters; Milton on speech, economy and education; Knowland on foreign
          policy; Brownell on Bricker, Supreme Court; segregation; Milton on
          McCarthy; Rayburn on Formosa Resolution; gold decline; Dulles on ltr to
          Nehru; Formosa, Corsi, Middle East; Alaska; disarmament; Taylor on Army
          personnel; Rayburn call re cooperation with DDE while President on trip
          to Europe]

          DDE Diary - February, 1955 (1) (2)  [includes miscellaneous social &
          personal amenities invitations; ltr, DDE to Dean Rusk re Rockefeller
          Foundation & nuclear  energy; ltr to Bermingham re loan to Mexico; to
          George Allen re Democrats proposal for cutting taxes; mention of Sam
          Rayburn; DDE to Lodge re Taft-Hartley & union shop; Arthur Burns &
          housing; ltr, DDE to Strauss re Middle East & energy needs; Senator
          George & air lines route; Clark Hill Dam & Hartwell Dam; DDE to Benson
          re sugar program, some mention of Cuba]

  Box#      Contents
  10      DDE Diary March, 1955
          (1) (2) (3)  [ltr, DDE to Lew Douglas re Formosa Straits; appointments
          to federal judgeships; Formosa; Churchill on Yalta; discussion with
          Governor McKeldin on mental retardation]

          DDE Diary April, 1955 (1) (2)  [DDE comments on partisanship & foreign
          policy; military training; ltr, William Bullitt to DDE re Formosa &
          Quemoy, Matsu; DDE to Benson re acreage controls; DDE to Humphrey re
          gold; DDE to Philip Reed re reciprocal trade & Chief Joseph Dam; DDE to
          Douglas re Formosa; DDE to Wilson re automotive & related procurement;
          DDE to Pawley re DDE's views on Russian intervention in Pacific War,
          1945; DDE to Wier re Formosa; dispersal of FOA]

          DDE Diary May 1955 (1) (2)  [DDE to Edgar Eisenhower re Pacific Northern
          Airlines; Salk poliomyelitis vaccine to Mexico; miscellaneous personal
          greetings, amenities, & routine correspondence]

          DDE Diary, June, 1955 (1) (2)  [personal invitations, routine
          correspondence; DDE comments on chaplains in Army; US & T-33 jet trainer
          aircraft to Germany; Burns on General Motors settlement; folder thin in

  11      DDE Diary, July 1955 (1) (2)  [DDE to Gruenther re USSR attitudes toward
          disarmament; DDE to Brownell re Bricker Amendment; some mention of
          Geneva; DDE to Leonard Finder re Dixon-Yates; DDE Diary entry re Dixon
         -Yates; Krishna Menon, politics; Oveta Hobby resignation]

          Phone Calls August 1955  [to Dec. 1955]  [DDE to Burns re legislation
          for credit & Federal Reserve Board; DDE to Dulles re British unilateral
          trade agreement with China; DDE to Hoover re recognition of Argentine
          Government; Dulles to DDE re Wilson Middle East trip, Cypress, Stassen,
          Adenauer; DDE to Herbert Hoover, Jr. re Adenauer, Stassen & Disarmament;
          DDE to Brownell re Blue River Project; to Mitchell re labor bill,
          minimum wage; Dulles on Tito visit, offshore procurement]

          DDE Diary - August 1955 (1) (2)  [DDE to Hall re RNC; DDE to Hazlett re
          running for President, Geneva, change of Chief of Naval Operations &
          Disagreement between Carney & Navy Secy. Thomas; DDE to Rockefeller re
          psychological warfare & coordination of govt. operations; to Stassen re
          disarmament; to Charles Halleck re Congress; to BOB re Sen. Eugene
          Millikin and Ft. Logan, Colorado; DDE to Edgar re Bricker Amendment]

          DDE Diary - September, 1955  [DDE to James Byrnes re Ft. Jackson
          hospital; DDE to Milton Eisenhower re running for President; DDE re
          Dirksen; DDE to Benjamin Javitts on inflation; routine correspondence]

          DDE Diary - October, 1955  [DDE conversation with Adams re promotion
          matter, Otto Suhr, meeting with Benson; DDE to Hazlett re successor,
          Milton Eisenhower, health; information re health; LBJ ltr re
          recommendation for FDR memorial commission; information on handling of
          Presidential mail, routine personal correspondence]

          DDE Diary - November, 1955 (1) (2)  [DDE re RNC; information on HEW &
          USIA budgets; DDE on Nehru visit to India; DDE views on Civil War &
          Robert E. Lee's strategy; Radio Free Europe; DDE to Edgar Eisenhower re
          musicians in propaganda abroad & Fred Waring; DDE on loan to Indian firm
          of Tata, CIA investigation; DDE & Hoover, DDE and S. Adams; Hagerty re
          Geneva; DDE schedules, NSC briefings; DDE to Maxwell Taylor re Army
          Nurse Corps; international peaceful uses of atomic energy]

          DDE Diary, December 1955 (1) (2)  [DDE to Edgar Eisenhower re philosophy
          of government; numerous Christmas greetings; game management & acreage
          retirement; DDE to Swede Hazlett re health; golf; DDE comments on
          British & Baghdad pact; letter from J. Cowles re foreign policy,
          colonialism; rates charged by government for services]

  12      Jan '56 Diary  [diary entries re school desegregation; President's Board
          for Intelligence Activities; presentation on possible damage from
          nuclear war; meetings with Chairman of RNC, Bob Woodruff, Ambassador
          Conant and Howard Cullman; meeting re foreign economic policy]

          Jan '56 Phone calls  [DDE conversation with Dulles re Brazil and
          president-elect; to Secretary Wilson re news report on missiles; DDE on
          Kubitschek; to Humphrey on economy; Dulles on Bill Jackson; to Dulles re
          defense policy; Burns on monetary policy; Russia & weather balloons;
          Joint Declaration--US & G. Britain; Burns & Humphrey on auto industry]

          Jan '56 Goodpaster  [memcons, DDE, Kestnbaum Young re implementation of
          civil service recommendations of Hoover Commission; DDE's meeting with
          Eden; China; Indochina; atomic power]

          Jan '56 Signatures  [lists of individuals to whom DDE sent signed
          letters, pictures, etc]

          Jan '56 Miscellaneous  (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)  [lists of Presidential
          appointments, personal items; notes on legislative conference re highway
          program, school construction bill, Upper Colorado project; natural gas
          bill; 1946 material on Philippine bases; Philippine Scouts; emergency
          ship program for China, MacArthur & Selective Service, & unification of
          services; DDE to Edgar Eisenhower re Bricker Amendment; Clare Booth Luce
          appointment with DDE; summaries of Congressional mail; notes on
          legislative conference re farm legislation; Senate calendar; DDE to
          Swede Hazlett re health & future; DDE to Tex McCrary re Republican
          dinners; DDE to Richberg on running for President; DDE to Lew Douglas re
          Middle East; DDE diary entry re raw material reserve; legislative leader
          meetings notes re agriculture legislation, International Corporation
          Administration legislation, judiciary nominations; information re public
          relations; Legislative Leaders notes re segregation; DDE meeting with
          Soviet Amb. Zaroubin]

          Feb '56 Diary  [items re natural gas bill; Mansure as director of GSA;
          farm program; home rule for District of Columbia; talks with Eden;
          disarmament matters]

          Feb '56 Goodpaster  [memcon DDE, Eric Johnston & Goodpaster re Jordan
          River Project; DDE-Streibert & Washburn-Goodpaster re enlistment of
          leaders in American life into world information program re US
          objectives-7 principles]

          Feb '56 Signatures

          Feb '56 Phone Calls  [visit of Gronchi to US; Republican politics &
          obstructionist senators; US-British relations]

  13      Feb '56          Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)  [Pre-Press
          conference briefings re Upper Colorado farm bill; road program;
          segregation; visits Canadian & Mexican heads of government to US; Nehru
          visit; missiles; gas bill; Vice Presidential candidacy; DDE on gas bill;
          notes on legislative leaders conference re Upper Colorado; foreign
          intelligence; highway program; DDE to Edgar Eisenhower on neutrality;
          natural gas bill; notes on legislative leaders conference re missiles,
          natural gas bill, Bricker Amendment; DDE comment on TV contest; health;
          synopsis of report by chairman FPC on Natural Gas Act; memorandum re
          cattle situation; DDE to William Donovan re Diem & Vietnam; DDE to
          Victor Emanuel re DDE's ability to handle presidency; armed services
          memorial museum; legislative meeting notes re sugar legislation, flood
          control; school construction; tax legislation; postal legislation;
          military housing; agriculture legislation; also memo re OTC]

          Mar '56 Diary  [includes conversation, DDE-Senator George on mutual
          security, race relations, Bricker Amendment, George's political future;
          conversation DDE, Humphrey, Mitchell, David McDonald on labor unions,
          racial problems, Hoffa, sound dollar, New York waterfront; Middle East]

          Mar '56 Goodpaster  [includes memoranda of conversations re civil
          defense and Operation Alert; DDE-Hoover, Strauss, W. Jackson, Goodpaster
          re press invitations to US atomic tests; Kestnbaum re Hoover Commission
          recommendations; JCS & U.S. military diplomatic posture; Middle East;
          disarmament; nuclear weapons]

          Phone Calls - March 1956  [retirement of Gruenther; Brazil & oil;
          Bricker Amendment; DDE to Humphrey re US credits abroad; Humphrey on gas
          bill, and on steel situation; DDE to Brownell on Bricker; France &

          Mar '56 Signatures

  14      Mar '56 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) [conversation, DDE-Senator
          Malone; conversation with Senator Bricker re Bricker Amendment; DDE to
          Billy Graham re race relations; Memo re civil rights statement; Arthur
          Dean on Bricker Amendment; Pyle on political speechmaking; Pyle's
          candidacy for governor of Arizona; E. Frederic Morrow memo to Hauge re
          Republicans and racial situation; notes on legislative conference re
          civil rights, farm legislation; electoral college; letter, William
          Donovan to DDE re France & Algeria; Greek Cyprus; memo re Donovan's
          book; notes on legislative conference re social security, information
          program, Dirksen Amendment, executive pay; conversation with Benson on
          farm bill, politics, cabinet, military housing;  DDE conversation with
          Dan Thornton on Middle East, gas bill, golfing, politics; pre-press
          conference notes re politics, Middle East; letter to Bulganin; notes on
          legislative leaders conference re East-West trade legislation; Civil
          Service retirements; DDE to Hazlett re politics, running for president,
          administration, health and future]

          Apr '56 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)  [DDE to Dulles on
          International Labor Organization & forced labor; student politics; DDE
          on disarmament problems; to Dulles re commission on foreign aid; Paul
          Hoffman on programs of economic aid to auto industry; legislative
          leaders notes re fiscal program, highway programs, soil bank, housing;
          re S3503 on agricultural research; conversation between DDE & American
          Legion commander; legislative conference notes re farm legislation,
          public housing, social security, atomic-powered ship, Texas tin smelter,
          OTC, civil rights legislation; functions of William Jackson in White
          House; legislative conference notes on Indian claims, Supreme Court
          decision of Federal and State Courts powers; letter, DDE to Joel Carlson
          re agriculture programs; DDE views on war & defense; DDE to Edgar re
          Bricker Amendment; DDE greetings to Advertising Council]

  Box#      Contents
  15      Apr. '56 Goodpaster  [memo of conference re budgeting and accounting
          recommendations of Hoover commission; estimate of Enrico Fermi Award;
          Carter Burgess presentation on White House staff organization &
          procedure; Robert Anderson on American Council on NATO; Omar Bradley on
          VA matters; military matters and defense policy; Middle East;
          interservice rivalry]

          Apr '56 Signatures

          Apr '56 Phone Calls  [DDE to Humphrey re credit, Humphrey on credit, tax
          reduction, Federal Reserve Board, foreign trade; DDE to Hoover re H-bomb
          tests & Middle East; DDE & Dulles re committee on foreign aid, foreign
          policies speech; wedding of Grace Kelly; DDE to Brownell re Bricker; to
          Hall re Republican conference; Quarles on release of information re
          plane; mentions of Senator George, Middle East; Benson on Soil bank]

          Apr '56 Diary  [1 page re Packard-Studebaker combine]

          May '56 Diary  [Diary entry re OTC & background memo on OTC]

          May '56 Goodpaster  [memcons re Freedoms Foundation; Dept. of Interior
          water resources & civil works programs; coordination of scientific
          research; atomic energy matters; USSR & military policy; JCS strategic
          planning; Indonesia, India and Asia]

          May '56 Phone Calls  [DDE to Taylor re army matters; to Acting Secretary
          Hoover re Panama meetings; to Dulles on Baylor speech, disarmament;
          differences of opinion on disarmament; LBJ on USIA cuts; Humphrey on
          budget, economy, taxes; OTC; Dulles re Bricker, Senator George; DDE to
          Brownell on Bricker Amendment; Benson on soil bank; Aiken on farm bill]

          May '56 Signatures

          May '56 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) [Miscellaneous appointments,
          congratulations, greetings, condolences, personal amenities; DDE letters
          to Hitchcock & McKay re Oregon senatorial campaign; legislative
          conference notes re highway program, civil service retirement, water
          resources; memo for record on acceleration planning on public works;
          legislative conference notes re minimum wages, second supplemental,
          water pollution; farm legislation; DDE conversation with John Vorys re
          Mutual Security; DDE statement re Bricker Amendment notes on legislative
          conference re legislative program, OTC, executive pay; flood insurance;
          statement by advisors to U.S. delegation negotiating tariff agreements
          in Geneva; reports on McKay-Hitchcock primary; DDE to Edgar re "drift
          into socialism"-public power, TVA; DDE appointment with Cola Parker re
          trip to Europe; legislative conference notes re Mutual Security, farm
          legislation jurisdiction over federal areas]

          June '56 Goodpaster  [memcons--DDE & commander-in-chief & other officers
          of VFW; on Bradley Commission report, pension]
  16      June '56 Signatures

          June '56 Phone Calls

          June '56 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4)  [miscellaneous appointments,
          etc; legislative notes re calendar, postal rates, civil rights
          legislation, housing, school construction; Memo re memos of conferences;
          legislative conference notes re mutual security, highway legislation,
          Senate report, immigration, Niagara River power development, automobile
          legislation; information re McKay candidacy; DDE to Hazlett re health &
          politics, Middle East, foreign trade, Mutual Security]

          July '56 Diary Staff Memos  [memo on conversation, DDE-Senator Watkins
          re partnership policy on power, reclamation; Suez; reconnaissance
          projects; Philippine bases]

          July '56 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3)  [Philip Young on fundraising;
          legislative conference re Mutual Security, Soviet disarmament proposal,
          civil rights, housing; memo on US-Panama problems in Zone; meeting, DDE
         -Leonard Hall re campaign & Republican problems; DDE to Eugene Holman on
          Radio Free Europe; DDE to Chester Bowles re book; notes on legislative
          meeting re Mutual Security, school construction, Frying Pan & Hells
          Canyon, customs simplification, code names of White House personnel]

          July '56 Signatures

          July '56 Diary  [DDE comments on Panama meeting of Latin American

          July '56 Phone Calls  [DDE to Dulles re note for Eden; to Humphrey re
          remarks on small business; to acting secretary Hoover re American
          contact with Nasser; DDE & Cliff Roberts on Plans, vacation, politics;
          DDE to Nixon on Mediterranean; Middle East; to Joe Martin, Les Arends,
          Charles Halleck re Frying Pan & Hells Canyon; Dulles on Harold Caccia]

          Aug. '56 Signatures

          Aug. '56 Phone Calls  [DDE to Dulles re Suez; Dulles on British
          criticism of Charles Wilson's reference to Suez Crisis as "relatively
          small incident"; Dulles on East-West exchanges; Middle East; DDE to
          Brownell on states' 3-mile boundaries; William Robinson on politics &
          GOP convention; Pyle on convention; Larson re acceptance speech; to
          McCloy re foreign aid committee]

  17      Aug '56 Miscellaneous (1) (2)
          (3) (4)  [DDE re campaign; Whitman memo to Milton E. analyzing how
          President's time is spent; DDE to Swede Hazlett re coordination & role
          of military services; American strength; DDE advice on conduct of
          nominating convention; some mentions of Suez; DDE to Norman Cousins re

          Aug. '56 Diary - Staff Memos  [memcons--DDE, Streibert, Washburn, Conger
          Reed re People-to-People conference; conference on Commission on
          Increased Industrial use of Agricultural Products; Senator Bush re
          platform discussing civil rights and liberation of people behind Iron
          Curtain; Kuchel appointment with DDE re political situation in
          California; nuclear weapons; Burma; intelligence; Philippines; military
          programs; European defense; Suez]

          Aug. '56 Diary  [DDE summary of background to Suez Crisis; brief note on
          Strauss & fissionable material]

          Sept. '56 Diary Staff Memos  [memo by Jack Martin blasting what Martin
          termed influence of socialists on Democratic party; also memcon national
          commander American Legion & DDE; Congressman Samuel K. McConnell re
          school construction bill; Civil Service commission on politics; DDE,
          Robert Wood, Arthur Flemming on oil imports; discussion of general
          problems of world; Turkey; USSR; disarmament]

          Sept. '56 Miscellaneous  (1) (2) (3) (4)  [DDE to Lew Douglas re Federal
          Reserve System; to Larson re Lexington speech; miscellaneous topics--hog
          market, VFW, appointments, etc; comments on unions, economy, Suez,
          Republican Convention; drought in Great Plains]

  18      Sept. '56 Signatures

          Sept. '56 Phone Calls  [to Milton re Stevenson's attacks; to Humphrey re
          hunting trip, tight money; Dulles on Cyprus, Milton trip to Argentina;
          Dulles on Suez; material on '56 campaign]

          Oct. '56 Signatures (1) (2)

          Oct. '56 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) [appointments; summaries of
          Congressional correspondence; mention of International Atomic Energy
          Agency; foreign policy; politics; DDE's expression of sympathy to Don
          Newcombe on hard luck in World Series and congratulations to Don Larsen
          on perfect game; comments on Tom Dewey; pre-press conference briefing re
          Tito, kidnapped Russian girl, drought, school construction, numerous
          other items; comment on front-page editorial in Sunday Sun]
          Oct. '56 Phone Calls  [report on world reaction to DDE policies; DDE to
          Knowland re British in Middle East; Brownell on Tidelands; material on
          Eastern Europe; draft of H-bomb statement; atomic bomb as campaign
          issue; Dulles on Suez; '56 campaign]

          Oct. '56 Diary

  19      Oct. '56 Diary--Staff Memos  [memcons re DDE-Ambassador Wailes making
          general statements re Hungary & Middle East; DDE conversations with
          several veterans groups including Catholic War Veterans, Veterans For
          Ike, Amvets, Jewish War Veterans; staff note re Benson campaigning; DDE
          conversation with Adam Clayton Powell; meeting with Howard Cullman; DDE
          conversation with Jacob Javits re New York politics; Herman Welker re
          Western politics; oil and Suez; Middle East; Hungary; Army organization;
          Philippine bases; Europe]

          Nov. '56 Diary  [DDE conversation with Tunisian Prime Minister Bourguiba
          re French-Algerian problems; briefing memorandum from Hoover to DDE re
          appointment with Bourguiba; memorandum re Middle East]

          Nov. '56 Diary - Staff Memos  [memcons--DDE with Cardinals Mooney,
          Spellman, McIntyre re Hungary & Cardinal Mindszenty, Mid East, tax
          exemption of private schools; memo conference--DDE & Brundage, Arnold
          Jones re Bureau of Budget considerations on non-military departmental
          programs and on military & mutual assistance; extract from letter re
          Republicans in Georgia; DDE & Bragdon on public works planning; DDE
          appointment with Indian Ambassador Mehta discussing Nehru's visit to US;
          DDE & Senator Green re Green's visit with Emperor Haile Selassi of
          Ethiopia; DDE, Wilson, Radford re defense budget; disarmament; Middle
          East; nuclear weapons; Hungary]

          Nov. '56 Phone Calls  [DDE to Dulles re Western Europe; Secretary
          Humphrey on Middle East; to Aldrich & Hoover re Britain & Middle East;
          to Dirksen re Illinois politics; Fairless committee on foreign aid;
          Charles Wilson on public relations; mention of aid to Ethiopia by DDE;
          Humphrey on defense budget]

          [Nov. '56] Signatures (1) (2) (3)

 Box#      Contents
  20      Nov. '56 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4)  [Correspondence re Allies;
          summary of Congressional mail; DDE to C.D. Jackson re Hungary; undated &
          unsigned notes re disarmament; DDE to William Paley re "Modern
          Republicanism"; comments on politics; memo re Senator Green & Emperor of
          Ethiopia; lengthy and interesting letter from DDE to Swede Hazlett in
          which DDE expresses views on Middle East situation and on politics]

          Dec. '56 Signatures

          Dec. '56 Phone Calls  [to Dulles re leak on Middle East; message to
          Congress on Middle East; Brownell on Bricker; Hoover on tripartite
          meetings with Britain & France; DDE to Humphrey on military budget; DDE
          to Pyle re P. R. director in State Department--possible job; Dulles re
          foreign aid, foreign policy]

        Dec. '56 Diary

          Dec. '56 - Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4)  [information re agriculture;
          Middle East; Cabinet minutes re economy, budget; miscellaneous personal

          Dec. '56 Diary--Staff Memos  [memcons re pay structures in armed forces;
          Bricker conversation with DDE re Bricker Amendment; government nickel
          plants; tax amortization on defense materials; budgetary matters]

  21      Jan. '57 Diary

          Jan. '57 Diary Staff Memos  [DDE meeting with Senate Republican Policy
          Committee re Middle East Resolution, Dulles; visits of heads of state to
          US; DDE meeting with Thad Hutcheson re political situation in Texas;
          DDE, Wilson, Humphrey & others re defense budget; DDE, Rockefeller, M.
          Eisenhower re bureau of personnel management; remarks of DDE at
          bipartisan meeting]

          Jan. '57 Phone Calls  [Humphrey re economy & interest rates; Brownell re
          Presidential disability; new chairman of JCS; DDE to Dulles re Tito;
          Dulles re India & Kashmir; Rayburn on Mid East Doctrine; Humphrey on
          State of Union Message; Congressional matters & bipartisan meetings]

          Jan. '57 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4)  [DDE on proposed armed forces
          institute; legislative conference notes re Middle East, foreign
          officials; school construction; civil rights; agricultural legislation;
          budgets; Memorandum re Bragdon's proposal on public works; Miscellaneous
          personal material; legislative conference notes--State of Union Message,
          Middle East Resolution, Cordiner Report, postal rates, cost sharing;
          legislative leaders meeting re leaks at Bipartisan meetings, federal
         -state relations]

          Jan. '57 Signatures

          Feb. '57 Phone calls  [DDE to Secretary Mitchell re minimum wages &
          inflation; Dulles on Middle East; Benson on price supports]

          Feb. '57 Diary  [1 page re Herbert Brownell and possible appointment to
          Supreme Court]

          Feb. '57 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3)  [federal fundraising; legislative
          leaders meeting notes re agriculture, Hoover Commission, Middle East
          Resolution; letter to Chester Bowles re India; letter to Bricker;
          miscellaneous personal correspondence, summaries of congressional
          correspondence, appointments; Cabinet minutes re presidential
          disability, government wage systems, Republican party; DDE on foreign
          aid, budget]

  22      Feb. '57 Diary - Staff Memos  [memos re drought; meeting of Water
          Pollution Control Advisory Board Conference; re Euratom; DDE meetings re
          National Guard]

          Feb. '57 Signatures

          Mar. '57 Signatures

          Mar. '57 Diary

        Mar. '57 Phone Calls  [DDE-Dulles re troops in Germany; Herter re Israel &
          UN, Egypt & Gaza Strip; Hauge on credit; Brownell on presidential
          disability; Dulles on Mutual Security, bipartisanship & foreign policy;
          LBJ on Tidelands]

          Mar. '57 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4)  [DDE to Krock re Mutual
          Security; bipartisan legislative meeting re president disability; DDE to
          George Humphrey re nationalism, Mutual Security & Communism; notes on
          legislative conference re FY 58 Budget, civil rights and miscellaneous
          matters; notes on legislative conference re veterans loans, OTC, tax
          extensions, advertising on highways; DDE to Dulles re US & Communist
          China; to Mitchell re development of human resources in underdeveloped
          nations; DDE re Holland and Trade deficit; to Paul Hoffman re foreign

        Mar. '57 Diary Staff Memos (1) (2)  [staff note re Operation Alert;
          Cabinet record of action re budget; memcons--DDE-Randall and others on
          Fairless Report; DDE conference with National Manpower Council re "Woman
          Power" and on interest on government loans; congress investigations,
          timber sales policy, guided missile investigations; DDE conversation
          with Charles E. Wilson re People-to-People; DDE on military pay scale;
          Solicitor General Rankin re tidelands]

  23      Apr. '57 Miscellaneous  (1) (2) (3) (4)  [DDE to Humphrey re budget &
          Mutual Security; to C.D. Jackson re Mutual Security; Konrad Adenauer re
          vested German assets; peaceful international cooperation on atomic
          energy; pre-press conference briefings re Polish loans, budget, civil
          rights, and Middle East; legislative conference notes re agricultural
          policy, flood insurance; DDE to president of League of Women Voters re
          economic aid and foreign policy; legislative notes re air control anti
         -pollution appropriations; DDE to Milton Katz re President disability;
          DDE to Hazlett containing comments on Middle East, Macmillan; Cabinet
          minutes re budget, airways modernization, govt. salaries, convict labor]

          Apr. '57  Signatures

          Apr. '57  Phone Calls  [DDE & Dulles re situation in Jordan; DDE to Jere
          Cooper & Joe Martin re OTC]

          Apr. '57  Diary-Staff Memos  (1) (2)  [staff note re Beck case, project
          Vanguard, Hudson & Manhattan railroad strike, and other matters; DDE
          conference with Senator Gordon Allott re appointment of circuit judge
          for 10th District, highway--Denver-Salt Lake City, Frying Pan, Air Force
          Academy construction; DDE conversation with Senator Malone re
          stockpiling of metals, foreign trade, Hoffman's criticism of Malone,
          Malone's criticism of Dulles, DDE disagreements with Malone; Jack
          Anderson memo on Post Office; DDE anger at speech by Goldwater; pre
         -press conference briefing re Canadian Ambassador Norman's suicide,
          Hungarian relief, Middle East, Panama Canal, Dutch KLM, civil rights;
          memos re Norman's suicide, Moss committee hearings re oil cartel
          negotiations; DDE meeting Hawaiian Statehood Commission; pre-press
          conference notes re OTC, Middle East, Dulles, Korean defense, missiles,
          Mutual Security; Denver Post nerve gas story]

          May '57 Phone Calls  [DDE to Dulles re meeting with Adenauer; to
          Humphrey re resignation; to Dulles re shooting incident in Taiwan; to
          Dulles re DDE, Congress, and foreign aid; to Twining re four-star
          generals and European Hqs]

  24      May '57 Miscellaneous (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)  [DDE on Post Office and
          working in general; George Humphrey's retirement; legislative conference
          notes re small business, DOD appropriations, Hells Canyon; DDE to
          Sterling Cole re nuclear testing; Meade Alcorn memo re telephone calls
          to selected congressmen & senators for support; DDE on gas bill; pre
         -press conference notes re Middle East, disarmament, defense matters; DDE
          on Congress; memo on conversation between DDE & Styles Bridges re
          politics, foreign aid & mutual security, discussions of India, Tito and
          Yugoslavia, national defense, DDE on William Jenner & McCarthyism; memo
          re Richard Mellon & DDE discussion on Alcoa, Gulf, Pittsburgh Plate
          Glass; press conference briefings re newsmen & Red China, Formosa,
          Montgomery & Lee, natural gas bill, Yugoslavia, Suez, Billy Mitchell,
          school construction, civil rights, budget, "Modern Republicanism";
          legislative meeting notes on budget, Macleod appointment; DDE to
          Humphrey re mutual security]

          May '57 Signatures

          May '57 Diary - Staff Memos  [includes notes re agricultural
          legislation; memcon--DDE, Brundage, Jones, Persons re FY 59 budget; DDE
          meeting with Congressman McConnell re school construction; DDE, Seaton,
          Wormser re minerals program; DDE-Bricker meeting re Republican party,
          Bricker Amendment, & Potter Stewart; Staff Notes on Klamath Project,
          Navajo Indian lands; aviation facilities planning; inspection of
          poultry; DDE conversation with Wilson re Budget-Cordiner proposals; DDE,
          Strauss, Herter & others re Senate & International Atomic Energy Agency

          Schedules - Official - June 1957  [mainly duplicates of DDE appointment
          books; occasional Secret Service reports on DDE's activities]

          June '57 Signatures

          June '57 Miscellaneous (1) (2)  [DDE to Dulles re King Saud & Gulf of
          Aquaba; to Edgar E. re federal education aid; notes re TVA financing;
          certification of Alaska Airlines; veterans benefits; pre-press
          conference briefings--Gromyko, NATO, Supreme Court cases, US exports;
          DDE to Dulles re theory of diplomatic recognition; to Arthur Burns re
          inflation; to Swede Hazlett re states' responsibilities, budget & fiscal
          matters; legislative leadership meetings--Federal-State relations,
          praise for Dulles; Summerfield re Cabinet, national chairman &
          patronage; to Mrs. Girard re her son; DDE on Republican party; DDE to
          Brownell re anti-Trust Division; to Baruch re disarmament; telephone
          calls to congressmen; DDE conversation--Carlson, Dirksen, O'Mahoney re
          oil imports; DDE to Dulles re VOA]

 Box#      Contents
  25      June '57 Phone Calls  [appointments to TVA; DDE & Dulles re disarmament;
          calls re LBJ and civil rights bill; to Wilson re DOD & Hoover
          Commission; Dulles re China trade policy; Rayburn on Japan issue, and
          Kishi visit; Girard case]

          June '57 Diary - Staff Memos  [DDE conversation re compensation &
          pension payments; DDE & Tom Murray; Ed Rees re postal pay increases;
          exchange of officers between US & Israel; agriculture & PL 480; pre
         -press conference briefings re newsmen & Red China; shooting down of
          plane, civil rights, Hells Canyon, oil imports, Supreme Court decisions;
          MacArthur as General of Armies]

          July 1957 Staff Memos (1) (2)  [memo of conference, DDE and Bragdon re
          water resources policy; civil works; Indians & Kinzua Dam; congressional
          survey--FOA, trade policy; farm situation]

          July 1957 - Correspondence

          July 1957 - Phone Calls  [DDE to Knowland re civil rights bill; to
          Vinson re Bow Amendment; to Humphrey re government contracts & aluminum
          plants; to Russell re Neil McElroy, civil rights; Dulles on mutual
          security, Middle East; Dulles on disarmament speech; DDE to Rayburn re
          mutual defense funds; Wilson on defense spending; DDE to Brownell re
          civil rights]

          July 1957 - DDE Dictation  [comments by DDE on Kissinger's Nuclear
          Weapons & Foreign Policy; DDE to Dillon Anderson re oil imports & use of
          force in Middle East; LBJ & UN delegation; DDE to James Byrnes re civil
          rights & Supreme Court decision; DDE to Hazlett re Congress, status of
          forces treaties & Girard case; isolationism, mutual security, Supreme
          Court Decision of 1954 & integration, and inflation; DDE to Mrs. Ogden
          Reid re Dulles & Middle East]

          July 1957 Miscellaneous  [pre-press conference notes re civil rights,
          General MacArthur speech, disarmament conference, Guatemala, Germany,
          Kilday Bill, school bill, Gluck appointment; crude oil report;
          legislative conference summary notes re civil rights, German assets;
          pre-press conference briefing re Russia, disarmament, NATO, Mid East,
          Girard case, civil rights, Canada; notes re Bow Amendment, military
          public works; legislative leaders meeting re housing, civil rights, Bow
          Amendment & Girard case; pre-press re Japan, disarmament, civil rights,
          Jenks case; George Humphrey on recession]

          DDE Diary - 7/1/57-8/31/57  [DDE letter to Meade Alcorn expressing DDE
          political philosophy and views of Republican party; memo for record re
          DDE conversation on new airport in Fairfax County; DDE letter to Swede
          Hazlett re Congress & foreign policy, DDE's views on mutual security,
          also his views on civil rights & school segregation case of 1954, and on

          Schedules - Official July 1957

  26      August -[1957]-Signatures

          August - 1957 - Toner Notes  [information re debt limitation, DOD sale
          of real property, agriculture crop report, feed wheat bill (S.959), HR
          4560--frozen milk, shipbuilding]

          August - 1957 - Schedules

          August 1957 - Telephone calls  [conversations between DDE & LBJ re civil
          rights bill, gas bill, mutual security; Dulles re letter to Macmillan on
          Middle East; Senator Hayden re mutual security & use of other nations'
          manpower in war; Senator Knowland re pay raise measure; Stassen re
          disarmament; Dulles re Turkey & Syria; LBJ re civil rights bill, mutual
          security; Wilson re Navy reduction program & Syria; George Humphrey re
          foreign aid, military assistance support for Korea, loans; Dulles re
          foreign aid; mentions breakfast between DDE & Sam Rayburn; Milton
          Eisenhower re CAB; Dulles on mutual security; re aerial inspection,
          Gluck, Earl Smith in Cuba, mutual aid; Maxwell Taylor re missiles;
          General White re Air Force being better prepared than other services;
          Dulles re visits of heads of state to White House, mutual security]

          August 1957 - DDE Dictation  [includes miscellaneous personal,
          congratulatory and routine items; also DDE letter to Captain Seifert re
          Administration support for Army benefits; list of possible individuals
          for Civil Rights Commission; memo re People-to-People; DDE letter to
          Billy Graham declining invitation; DDE to Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baker re
          Citizens for Eisenhower; DDE to Dulles re weapons for Jordan; to Robert
          Woodruff re civil rights, mutual security; to Knowland re civil rights

          August - 1957 - Memo on Appts.  (1) (2)  [memo re DDE interview with
          Richard Russell on foreign aid, military budget; DDE breakfast with LBJ
          re legislation, Russell, civil rights bill, & mutual security; memo of
          conference, DDE with Lewis K. Gough of Veterans Committee of People-to
         -People Program; DDE meeting with Mrs. Mary Downey re son held prisoner
          by Chinese; compromise Justice Dept. civil rights proposal; list of
          offenses which can be prosecuted without jury in Washington, D.C.; DDE
          meeting with Congressman Erratt Scrivner re collection of tax for aid to
          education; DDE meeting with congressional leaders (bipartisan) re mutual
          security; legislative leaders supplementary notes re civil rights bill,
          mutual security; memo of conference, DDE, Secretary Gates, Admiral
          Mumma, Brundage, Major Eisenhower re atomic carrier; reaction to DDE
          Islamic Center address; DDE meeting with John Hollister re foreign aid,
          military assistance program; DDE meeting with Senator Morton (Ky) and
          Congressman Ayres (Ohio) re school construction legislation; pre-press
          notes on disarmament, Gluck, Russia, McElroy, civil rights, drought; DDE
          greeting of Girls Nation; report by Charles E. Wilson re People-to
         -People Program; report on peaceful uses of atomic energy; other
          information re civil rights bill, post office measures, Pacific Great
          Circle Route cases]

          September 1957 - Signatures

          Goodpaster, A.J. General Sep '57  [procedures for handling congressional

          September - 1957 - DDE Dictation (1) (2)  [letter to Baruch re Soviet
          economic aid, Middle East; to Harold Engstrom re Little Rock plus other
          material on Little Rock, including interview DDE & Faubus; education
          benefits to peacetime servicemen; cost of government programs, social
          security; inflation; DDE to Rayburn re expenditure of counterpart funds
          for mutual security; ltr to Bion East re Republicans, Stassen, Girard
          case, Dulles, foreign aid, McCarthy, Paul Hoffman & Marshall Plan; DDE
          to Nixon re role in foreign affairs]

  27      September - 1957 - Memo on Appts.  [draft letter, DDE to Nixon, re
          Nixon's assistance in planning State Dept. legislative presentations]

          September 1957 Schedules

          September 1957 Telephone Calls  [Knowland on Little Rock; to Max Taylor
          re federalization of National Guard; several conversations with
          Brownell, Adams, re Little Rock, Faubus, etc; memorandum for Hagerty re
          Little Rock; Robert Anderson re floating bond issue; to Dulles re
          statement on Syria]

          September 1957 Toner Notes  [information re investigation of regulatory
          agencies; research contracts; employment; military reserve; Missouri
          River Basin Project; American, British, Canadian army standardization
          program; Standard Oil antitrust suit; aluminum negotiations; Canadian
          foreign economic policies; world reaction to US racial integration
          incidents; Assistant Secretary Sprague address on defense matters]

          DDE Diary Oct. 1957  [letter, DDE to Frank Altschull, & Althschull of
          National Planning Association letter re Soviet Union, expansion of
          communism in world, American free society, alerting it to threat; Baruch
          memo re missiles, economy, public attitudes, atomic agreement]

          Toner Notes - October [1957]  [notes re congressional committee trip to
          S.E. Asia; Cabinet Record of Action re FY 1959 Budget; Narragansett
          Refinery tax write-off; Asian influenza]

          October '57 Phone Calls  [to Bragdon re trip to West Point; Charles
          Wilson re Board of GM & his government service; DDE to Dulles re meeting
          with Spaak; DDE to Macmillan re personal schedule; to Anderson re
          financial problems; to Dulles re statement on anniversary of Hungarian
          revolt; Hobby to DDE re Little Rock; Dulles on meeting with Macmillan;
          Brownell re Little Rock; Herter re Macmillan & bilateral cooperation;
          Quarles re satellite]

          October '57 Schedules

          October '57 Staff Notes (1) (2)  [pre-press notes re NATO, Israeli
          Parliament bombing, Marshall Zhukov, missiles, radar in Turkey &
          published story, Business Advisory Committee; Little Rock, US-Canada,
          Nehru, Stassen, Saudi Arabia, disarmament, Japan, Gromkyo, Tunisia;
          airport for Washington, D.C.; DDE conversation with Faubus; memoranda of
          conversations, DDE & American Legion Commander; DDE conversation with
          Ambassador Kemper re Queen Elizabeth visit, McElroy appointment &
          economy; DDE conversation with scientists re science, scientific
          position of US-USSR, scientific relations with allies; memo on Inter
         -American Press Association; memo re Aviation Weekly story and national
          security; DDE conversation, Anderson, Martin, Saulnier re economy; memo
          re visit, Luis Munoz Marin, Governor of Puerto Rico, to US; DDE memo of
          conference Brownell, Brucker and others re reduction of National Guard
          on active duty; DDE memo of conversation, Herter, A. Dulles, Larson,
          Goodpaster re People-to-People; memo re tariff case on dried figs; DDE,
          McElroy and others re satellite situation; DDE conference, Bronk, Adams,
          Hagerty re Russian satellite; DDE conference, H. Alexander Smith, re

  28      October '57 D.D.E. Dictation  [letters re Little Rock, Foreign Policy
          Association, federal aid to education, General Motors price hike,
          Brussels Fair; unification of armed forces; science]

          October '57 - Correspondence (1) (2)

          November '57 Correspondence

          November '57 D.D.E. Diary  [memorandum by David Lawrence re Sputniks &
          communications with USSR; DDE memorandum to Arthur Larson re work on
          speech--mentions defense measures]

          November '57 Toner Notes  [re United Kingdom control of thermonuclear
          reaction for power; defense manpower; agricultural outlook for 1958;
          legislative program--agriculture]

          November '57 D.D.E. Dictation  [DDE to Dillon Anderson re Tidelands; to
          Dulles re talk on waging the peace; to & from Humphrey re budget; to
          Dawson re bonds & taxes; to Senator Francis Case re defense
          organization; to Ralph McGill re cracker barrel discussion; to Preston
          Hotchkiss re inviting businessmen for briefing on national defense; to
          Attorney General re oil companies, pipelines & antitrust; to McGill re
          Southern situation (civil rights)]

          November '57 Staff Notes  [memo re meeting of DDE & Dulles re NATO;
          memorandum re Bertha Adkins visit with DDE on Republican party; DDE
          conversation with Folsom, Perkins, Elliot Richardson & others re school
          construction legislation; defense organization questions]

          November '57 Schedules

  29      November '57 Phone Calls  [to Strauss re scientists' comments on
          Sputnik; to Dulles re NATO meeting; to Rogers re Tidelands; to McElroy
          re 1959 Budget & missiles; Dulles & speech in Paris; to Dulles re draft
          of speech; to Dulles re shipment of arms to Tunisia; Kevin McCann re
          Little Rock student project; Dulles to DDE re message to Macmillan; DDE
          to Dulles re invitation from Queen]

          D.D.E. Dictation Dec. 1957  [to Mitchell re economy; to C.D. Jackson on

          Staff Notes Dec. 1957  [memconf, DDE re budgets & defense; Small
          Business Administration legislative program; current agricultural
          situation, agricultural legislation; agenda for White House
          Congressional meeting]

          Schedules Dec. 1957

        D.D.E. Diary Dec. 1957  [letter, DDE to Macmillan, re attendance at NATO

          Telephone Calls Dec. 1957  [DDE to Saulnier, Humphrey, re economy; DDE
          to Adams re James Mitchell memorandum; Senator Wiley re invitation to
          Stevenson to NATO meeting; to Dulles re cable to Bulganin; to C.D.
          Jackson re statement for arrival in Orly; to McElroy re defense
          presentation in bipartisan meeting re missiles; Dulles to DDE re 

          Signatures Dec. 1957

          Toner Notes Dec. 1957  [information re warm water & Southern fish-ocean
          fishing; conservation reserve contracts experiment; message to Congress
          re Agriculture]

        Schedules Jan 1958

          DDE Diary Jan 1958  [DDE's comments on Dulles approach to Soviets]

          Toner Notes Jan 1958  [meat packers; Ellis Island; amendment to Atomic
          Energy Act to permit cooperation with NATO; Secretary Anderson on
          foreign trade; food stockpiling policy; discount rate; foreign reactions
          to State of Union message; United Kingdom trends in opinion fostered by
          speeches & diplomatic notes; Secretary Anderson on taxation; shipping
          requirements; Moscow Trade Fair; debt limit increase; reaction to
          President's State of Union Address; Defense real and personal property;
          ICA director to visit Europe, Africa, Near East]

 Box#      Contents
  30      DDE Dictation Jan. 1958  [DDE to C.D. Jackson re position as Under
          Secretary of State; to Herter re cultural exchanges with USSR; DDE to
          Ismay re Alanbrooke's book; to Bernard Shanley re political campaign;
          Schuyler re NATO; to Sinclair Weeks re collective bargaining and secret
          ballot; to Hoffman re UN; to McCann re exchange of students; memo re
          First Secretary of Government; copy of Sulzberger article re Dulles
          foreign policy; DDE to Dulles re French President Coty trip to

          Staff Notes Jan 1958  [memo of conversation, DDE, Jack Z. Anderson,
          Senator Thye re milk price supports; DDE, McElroy and others re National
          Guard; conversation, DDE, Eric Johnston, Nixon, Randall re mutual
          security, Soviet economic penetration, Sputnik, Burma; DDE to
          Rockefeller re Defense reorganization; Anderson to Whitman re Civil
          Service pay increase; DDE, Secretary of Treasury; Secretary of Commerce,
          Deputy Secretary of Defense, and others re St. Lawrence Seaway
          Development Corporation; DDE meeting with Senator Smathers re German
          property seized during WWII; DDE, Rockefeller, & others re Defense
          reorganization; other information re government organization; DDE
          meeting with Flemming re career executive committee]

          Telephone Calls Jan 1958  [DDE to Mitchell re labor control negotiations
          in auto industry; to Sinclair Weeks re Great Circle case; Anderson re
          discount rate; to Rockefeller re defense reorganization; to Vinson re
          defense; DDE to Dulles re letter to Bulganin, & C.D. Jackson as
          Assistant Secretary of State; Dulles re Laos, Stassen letter on
          liberation of Austria, Atoms for Peace, Iron Curtain movements; to
          Secretary Anderson re State of Union; to Dulles re Bulganin letter,
          exercise on British territory; Dulles on British government resignation;
          Milton Eisenhower re education programs]

          Signatures January 1958

          DDE Dictation February 1958  [to Swede Hazlett re health, Russian
          Ambassador Menshikov, recession, politics, McElroy, interservice
          rivalries, aircraft carrier obsolescence; comments on columnist,
          Cordiner report, French & Tunisia, Summit Conference; to Fairless,
          Darby, Docking re Eisenhower Library; Stassen on resignation; to Weeks
          re Transpacific; to Saulnier re economy; to Nixon re Presidential 

          Telephone Calls - February 1958  [DDE to George Allen re bridge; to
          Dulles re US delegation to Israel inauguration; Dulles re NATO
          preparations for summit; Anderson re Federal Reserve; DDE to Dulles re
          Ambassador Menshikov & comments on Dulles; Dulles re NATO disengagement,
          banning of tests, Bulganin letter; George Humphrey re trip to Georgia]

          D.D.E. Diary February 1958  [DDE memo re industry-wide bargaining
          between auto industries & UAW]

          Staff Notes February 1958  [DDE meeting, Mark Clark & American Legion
          Commander re military installations & boys summer camps; DDE
          conversation with A. L. Millar & Phil Weaver of Nebraska re Benson as
          political liability; DDE meeting with Senator Barrett, Senator Watkins
          re reclamation projects; pre-press conference notes re Russian
          ambassador, Benson, economy, Burns, space matters, mutual security; memo
          for record re meeting of legislative leaders chaired by Persons-
          -contains extensive discussion of economic situation; pre-press re
          Bulganin letter; Union--Egypt & Syria, Cyprus, Spanish bases, Reuther,
          Vanguard; speaking trip by Representatives Carnahan & Merrow;
          conference, DDE, Killian, Kistiakowsky, York, Goodpaster re missiles
          programs & evaluation of relative position re Soviets (memo recently
          declassified); DDE, Jack Z. Anderson, Benson re price supports]

          Schedules February 1958

          Toner Notes February 1958  [re watch imports; population growth &
          foreign aid; consumer price index; acreage reserve programs; bonds;
          school bond elections; school assistance in federally-affected areas;
          faculty salaries; cotton price supports; Pennsylvania Milk Marketing
          Commission; survival items list; reaction to US earth satellite]

          Signatures February 1958

  31      Schedules March 1958

          Toner Notes March 1958  [military housing; PL 480 & domestic economy;
          labor & economy; Explorer III; economy a major topic; labor surplus
          areas; National Agricultural Advisory Commission; commercial ship;
          insured unemployment; FY 1959 MAP; school assistance to federally
          affected areas--Indians; agriculture; US private foreign investment]

          Telephone Calls March 1958  [to Herter re bomb testings; to Dulles re
          Soviet note & Summit; Dulles re Soviet note; Anderson on Federal
          Reserve; Dulles re statement on Soviets & outer space; satellites; Navy
          launch of Vanguard; Anderson re taxes and railroad situation; Saulnier
          on recession; Fairless as governor of Pennsylvania; Dulles re Japanese
          reply to Soviet note, C.D. Jackson & preliminary work on Summit; J.
          Edgar Hoover & students from Russia; letter from Macmillan]

          DDE Diary March 1958  [DDE to Benson re farm programs & politics; DDE
          conversation with Roger Kyes re foreign trade, domestic economy, taxes,
          transportation industry; to Burns re tax cuts & economy; Supreme Court
          Memphis case & steel companies]

          DDE Dictation March 1958  [to Cliff Roberts re Republican party; to C.D.
          Jackson re Life editorial on education; to Dulles re security, Soviet
          notes, etc.; Dulles re US-USSR exchange; speech re reduction of
          armaments; to Burns re economy; Jake Hamon re oil quotes; to Dulles re
          Bulganin correspondence; Meade Alcorn re Young Republicans]

          Staff Notes March 1958 (1) (2)  [Jack Z. Anderson memo re newsreel on
          farm bill veto; DDE meeting with Aiken, Allott, Carlson, Mundt, Young se
          S.J. Res. 162--farm bill; military pay bill; call of Argentine
          Ambassador on DDE; pre-press re Summit, recession, McClellan report on
          labor, representative to Israel; Defense reorganization; atomic energy
          matters; legislative leaders meeting--supplementary notes re highway
          program, oil, imports, agriculture; DDE meeting--VFW commander-in-chief;
          memo of conference, DDE, Killian, Goodpaster re DOD budgetary matters,
          missile program, anti-submarine warfare, radar, ARPA; DDE meeting with
          national commander, AMVETS; DDE, Joseph Martin, Bill Hill on milk price
          supports; DDE meeting Disabled American Veterans; legislative leadership
          meeting notes re economy, unemployment compensation, space research,
          agriculture; notes on legislative leadership meeting 3/11/58 re housing,
          highways, public works, President's economic program, German Assets
          Legislation, offshore procurement; memo of conference, DDE, Killian,
          Kistiakowsky, Goodpaster re research on solid propellants, missiles; DDE
          meeting with Killian, York, Goodpaster re nuclear explosions at great
          heights--Hardtack, missile programs; pre-press re summit conference,
          Tunisia, Vice President & disability; Defense reorganization; economy;
          gubernatorial race in Pennsylvania; legislative meeting supplementary
          notes--housing, highway program, Hawaiian-Alaskan statehood, DDE meeting
          with Bertha Adkins re politics; DDE meeting with Governor Shivers,
          Moncrief, Weeks, re oil imports]

          Signatures March 1958

          Telephone Calls April 1958  [DDE to General White re SAC & US
          correspondents on tour of bases; DDE to Diefenbaker re visit; Styles
          Bridges re veto of rivers & harbors bill; to Dulles re Seaton & tariff;
          DDE re former President Hoover & Brussels Fair; Dulles re Macmillan
          visit; veto of highway bill; Adams on Pan American case; DDE to Dulles
          re C.D. Jackson and psychological warfare; Humphrey re Reuther & CIO &
          economy; Dulles to DDE re Okinawa; Dulles to DDE re message to
          Khrushchev; McElroy on defense appropriations; DDE to Dulles re Lippman
          on Germany; USSR & atom test halt]

  32      Toner Notes April 1958 (1) (2)  [defense contracts; Golden Rule (ship);
          labor & economy; federal expenditures; army manpower; personal income;
          unemployment; USAF maintenance; dock programs; Defense obligations;
          farmers & recession; Washington area programming (defense), foreign
          implications of US recession; installment credit; Congress & foreign
          aid; weapons]

          Staff Notes April 1958 (1) (2)  [DDE meeting with Senator Malone re
          Malone's books on international affairs, critical materials, South
          America, & Russia; pre-press re Khrushchev, Nehru, disarmament, Senator
          Anderson on dirty bombs, economy; bombing of synagog & negro school; DDE
          meeting with McElroy re DOD reorganization; DDE & Summerfield re postal
          pay raise; meeting with Knowland re public works bill; pre-press re
          atomic tests, Russia, economy; DDE--Dr. Rabi re NATO scientific
          committee; DDE & General A.J.D. Biddle re Gettysburg Centennial; DDE
          meeting with Rayburn re reciprocal trade, mutual security, DDE to Texas
          for dedication of Eisenhower Park; memo re nuclear testing; consumer
          price index; appointment of federal judges; DDE memo of conference with
          Killian re guided missiles, nuclear testing; pre-press re New Jersey
          elections, Gaillard, French government, US note to Moscow, Killian &
          inspection, economy; DDE, Quarles, Stans and others re military pay
          bill; DDE & Weeks re Great Circle case; meeting, DDE and John S. Cooper
          re defense reorganization]

        Schedules April 1958

          DDE Dic April 1958  [Burns re economy, miscellaneous other items of
          correspondence of personal, administrative, routine nature]

          Signatures April 1958

          May 1958 - Staff Notes (1) (2)  [Robert Anderson message re interest
          rates; conversation--DDE with national commander, Jewish War Veterans;
          DDE meeting with Representative Taber re Strauss, Defense
          reorganization; meeting with John McCormack re Defense reorganization,
          and space program; notes of legislative meeting re taxes, social
          security, TVA financing, housing, Danish ships; DDE conference with
          General Joyce on American Armed Forces Museum; meeting re Airways
          Modernization Board & air safety; Seaton & DDE on Alaska statehood;
          legislative conference summary re mutual security, defense
          reorganization, postal rates & pay, military personnel, unemployment,
          Public works; DDE meeting with Catholic War Veterans; DDE meeting with
          Congressman Becker re mutual security, Franco of Spain, Defense
          reorganization, South America; DDE conference with Wayne Grover and
          others re Public Papers of the Presidents; DDE meeting with Secretary
          Anderson, William McC. Martin, Raymond Saulnier, G. Hauge re economy;
          legislative notes on mutual security, minerals program, reciprocal
          trade, oil imports, civil service retirement, defense organization,
          civilian space agency; memo re defense reorganization; Abbott Washburn
          on Spyros Skouras & Russian film exchange; memo re postal rates & pay
          increase; tree planting ceremony; legislative conference notes--postal
          pay rates, unemployment compensation, miscellaneous matters; memo re AEC
          supplemental appropriations; Senator Knowland's program for labor]

  33      May 1958 Schedules

          May 1958 - Signatures

          Toner Notes - May 1958 (1) (2)  [labor & economy; debt changes; federal
         -state relations; impact of economic development on HEW programs;
          helicopter instrument flight; Trinity River Project; Soviet Bloc
          propaganda on Vice President's trip; national income & corporation
          profits; western water rights; unemployment claims; Texas-to
         -Pennsylvania pipeline; defense contracts; prices; personal income; farm
          legislation; Hoegh testimony on national civil defense plan; Strauss
          testimony re outer space committee; unemployment & state welfare
          programs; PL 480 & acreage allotments]

          May 1958 DDE Dic  [DDE to Herter re speech in Ottawa; to Arthur Krock re
          military organization; memo re Strauss appointment & Atoms for Peace;
          DDE to Baughman re work of Secret Service; to Allan Shivers re tidelands
          oil; to W.A. Moncrief re crude oil imports; to Truman re invite to White
          House before ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery; memo to Rogers
          re antitrust law & manufacturers of Salk vaccine; to Benson re domestic
          minerals stabilization plan; to Carl Vinson re Defense reorganization;
          to Sherman Adams re mineral program; to Arthur Burns re economy; to Sam
          Rayburn re talk with Norwegian Prime Minister; to Charles Percy re world
          trade; to Churchill re college; to Treasury Secretary Anderson re tax
          reduction; to Dillon Anderson re defense organization; to William Rogers
          re Supreme Court; to Summerfield re economy & American attitude; to
          Saulnier re speech; to Dulles re Latin American nations; to McCloy re
          defense modernization]

          Telephone Calls--May 1958  [DDE to Persons re defense modernization; to
          Herter re discussions of atomic energy with British; to Nixon re funeral
          of Cardinal Stritch; to Robert Anderson re Wall Street Journal
          statement; P.M. Kishi of Japan re U.S. currency in Ryukyu Islands; to
          Quarles re military pay bill; Anderson to DDE--speech suggestions; DDE
          to Nixon re Venezuela; to Dulles re anti-American feeling in world; to
          Frank Carlson re postal policy; Brucker to DDE re Defense
          reorganization; to J. Edgar Hoover re newspapermen and Russians; to
          Meade Alcorn re Republican programs & relations with Democrats; to
          Dulles re disarmament]

          Schedules - June  [1958]

          June 1958 - Staff Notes (1) (2) (3)  [list of accomplishments in field
          of civil rights & civil liberties; Jack Anderson memos re meeting--DDE,
          Rayburn, Martin, and Republicans re mutual security; George V. Allen
          summary of views on Brussels exhibit; information re Alaska; memo of
          conversation--DDE, George V. Allen re Brussels Fair exhibits;
          information re Alaska; memo of conversation--DDE, George V. Allen re
          Brussels Fair exhibits; legislative conference notes--small business,
          DOD appropriations, Defense reorganization, oil imports, mineral
          programs, Alaska-Hawaii, Keating bill--sports antitrust; memo on
          conference, DDE, McElroy, Quarles and others re Defense budget; State
          Dept. memo of conversation re Argentine Ambassador call on DDE;
          memoranda re DDE meeting with Negro leaders; DDE meeting with
          Congressman Tom Curtis re lead & zinc programs; memoranda of conference,
          DDE & PSAC re atomic testing, missiles, scientific activity, department
          of science; memo re Admiral Stump CINCPAC; legislative conference notes
         --agriculture & other matters; legislative leaders meeting supplementary
          notes--anti-inflation, Brussels Fair, Congressional relations, Sherman
          Adams; State Dept. memo of conversation--DDE & Director General Foreign
          Agricultural Organization; to James Conant re community action; letter,
          Lou Little to DDE; William Rogers to DDE re federal youth guidance
          center in Abilene, Kansas; memo, Seaton & DDE re copper purchase;
          legislative conference notes--social security, labor legislation,
          housing, defense reorganization, anti-inflation, economy; legislative
          leaders supplementary notes--social security, labor legislation; memo
          for files re U.S. helicopter down in East Germany; memo re Post Office
          program & budget; DDE meeting with Folsom, Adams, Killian and others re
          science legislation; legislative meeting notes--USIA, mutual security,
          transportation legislation; Rogers to DDE re Supreme Court decisions-
         -UAW vs. Russell, & International Association of Machinists vs. Gonzales]

  34      June 1958 - Toner Notes  [farm prices; business situation; minerals 
          stabilization plan; military flying safety; labor; stockpile policy; 
          military personnel strength; unemployment; fair trade]

        June 1958 Signatures

          June 1958--DDE Dictation  [to Dr. Bacher & Lawrence re disarmament; to
          Dulles re draft reply to Khrushchev; to Baruch re economy; to Anderson
          re Fanny May purchases; to Conant re program of community action; to
          John Budinger re labor-management; to Arthur Burns re tax reform; to
          C.D. Jackson re DeGaulle; to Dulles re reply to President Kubitschek of

          Goodpaster Briefings June '58 T.S.

          June 1958 - Telephone Calls  [to McElroy re Defense reorganization; to
          Dulles re Dick Walters going to SHAPE; to Rayburn & Martin re mutual
          security cuts; to Bob Anderson re credit & recession; to Dulles re draft
          of letter to Khrushchev; to Humphrey re steel wages & prices; Herter to
          DDE re Cyprus; to Dulles re helicopter down in East Germany; to McElroy
          re delivery of F-86s to Middle East; to Dulles re DeGaulle, Congress,
          summit, message to president of Brazil]

          Telephone calls - July 1958  [DDE to Quarles re laxity in defense
          forces, incidents; Dulles re Baghdad Pact; Anderson to DDE re bonds;
          Dulles re reply to Khrushchev & re C.D. Jackson's services; Preston
          Robinson of Salt Lake City re Middle East; Dulles to DDE re British,
          Khrushchev & Middle East; DDE breakfast with Clarence Cannon re mutual
          security; Knowland re Lebanon; Russell re defense reorganization; Dulles
          re mutual security, Middle East; to Rogers re railroad bill; Dulles re
          mutual security, comments on Rayburn & Democrats; DDE to Dulles re
          Lebanon; to Dulles re Mexican cotton]

          Schedules - July 1958

          DDE Dictation - July 1958  [to Reverend Elson re Middle East; to L.
          Strauss re Arabian water project; to George Humphrey re housing, defense
          budget, debt & finances; Middle East & Russia; to Rayburn re mutual
          security; to H. Luce re world & international law; to W. Alton Jones re
          Bohemian Grove; unidentified letter, re fraud in ICA]

          Goodpaster Briefings - July 1958

          Toner Notes - July 1958  [re civil defense legislation; budget deficit;
          labor & economy; USIA coverage of Middle East events; revision of
          Uniform Code of Military Justice; employment & unemployment;
          manufacturers orders]

          Signatures - July 1958

 Box#      Contents
  35      Staff Memos - July 1958 (1) (2)  [memo re outer space; legislative
          conference notes re social security, defense appropriations, mutual
          security, USIA, civil service retirement; Lewis Strauss memo re water
          for Middle East; DDE conference with Killian re administrator of NASA;
          letter, Reverend Elson to DDE re Middle East; DDE meeting with George V.
          Allen re radio operations in Middle East; meeting, DDE & John Hannah of
          Commission on Civil Rights; Bryce Harlow conference with Rayburn re
          mutual security & restoration of mutual security cuts; Saulnier memo re
          housing; DDE conference with Killian; memo on senators & representatives
          to praise for supporting space bill; legislative notes re railroad
          retirement, labor legislation, Hawaiian statehood, Renegotiation Act;
          economy, reciprocal trade, VOA; DDE conference with Quarles, Finucane
          and others re reserve officers; DDE conference with Hoegh re Operation
          Alert; memo of conference, DDE & Killian re surprise attack; DDE
          meeting--Harry Byrd re reciprocal trade & school integration; DDE
          meeting with LBJ re space agency, defense reorganization; memo on space
          agency; paper on expansion of Ft. Sill; memo--DDE discussion of science
          education legislation; legislative conference notes re government pay
          study, educational TV, economic situation; memo re travel of Americans
          to Communist China]

          DDE Diary - July-Sept. 1958

          August 1958 - Goodpaster Briefings

          August 1958 - Toner Notes  [one note re consumer price index]

          August 1958 Telephone Calls  [to Quarles re Atlas Missile & Symington;
          Attorney General Rogers re Little Rock & integration; Dulles re Middle
          East; DDE to C.D. Jackson re Middle East speech drafts; Benson to DDE re
          legislative leaders meeting; DDE to Prime Minister Diefenbaker re
          ceremony, Khrushchev & Mao meeting; DDE to Congressman Merrow & to
          Secretary Mitchell re bill re pay of workers at Portsmouth shipyards]

          August 1958 - Schedules

          August 1958 DDE Dic  [to Knowland re gubernatorial campaign; to Cliff
          Roberts re Knowland's campaign; to Charles Jones re Knowland; to E.H.
          Heckett re Foreign Service Academy; to C.D. Jackson re Middle East and
          need for continued collaboration; to Leslie Arends re veto of DOD
          procurement measure; to Monsignor Frank Harold Nott re National Day of
          Prayer; to Charles Wilson re unnamed columnist; to James Mitchell re
          Cabinet committee on prices; to LBJ re mutual security cuts; DDE to
          William Robinson re newspapers and columnists; to Barry Leithead re
          defense reorganization; to Wilbur Mills re reciprocal trade,

          Signatures - August 1958

          August 1958 - Staff Notes (1) (2) (3)  [memo re Senator Watkins call on
          DDE re mineral legislation; staff notes re integration; memo re
          legislative leaders meeting--contact with Rayburn; memorandum of meeting
          on mutual security legislation with bipartisan leaders; DDE meeting with
          Nixon, Persons, Dillon, Harlow, Jack Z. Anderson re mutual security;
          Flemming memos re integration & on government work in health field; DDE
          meeting Secretary Defense re military contracts; notes on legislative
          conference re nuclear attack studies, social security legislation, USIA
          broadcast facilities; DDE, Mitchell, Weeks, Saulnier, et al re study of
          wage-price spiral; Anderson memo re Russian technicians & tour of
          Midwest; legislative notes re science education legislation, Euratom,
          omnibus judgeship, tax legislation, farm legislation; memo of
          conference--DDE, Killian re Geneva negotiations on atomic test
          inspections; George Kennan views of Poland and comments by Allen Dulles;
          Twining re Formosa Straits; SAC dispersal; troop withdrawal from

  36      DDE Dic Sept. 1958  [to Nixon re right-to-work issue in California; to
          Dulles re bipartisan conference on Formosa situation; to Burns re
          economy; to Ben Fairless re Republican apathy; to G. Hauge re departure;
          to Seaton re appropriations for memorialization; to Cliff Roberts re
          Republican hopelessness; to Ralph McGill re equality (racial)]

          Telephone calls - Sept. 1958  [to C.D. Jackson re speeches in campaign;
          to Attorney General Rogers re Supreme Court decision on schemes to
          prevent integration; to Dulles re Quemoy-Matsu situation; to Nixon re
          Adams & political campaign; to Attorney General Rogers re integration &
          attempts to exclude Negroes from voting; Dulles re Off Shore Islands 

          Toner Notes-Sept. 1958  [comparison of congressional bills; agricultural
          outlook for late 1958; continuation of draft]

          Staff Notes - Sept. 1958  [memo of conference, DDE & Killian re ABMA &
          NASA, missiles, Atoms For Peace meeting in Geneva, surprise attack
          project; memo from Meade Alcorn re Republican defeatism; Attorney
          General Rogers to DDE re United Givers Fund; DDE to Knowland re right
         -to-work laws; briefing material for Space Council; DDE to Rogers re
          possible appointees to Supreme Court; memo of conference, DDE, McElroy,
          Undersecretary Navy Franke & others re proposed shipbuilding program;
          memoranda re racial discrimination in voting in Georgia; DDE & Twining
          re Quemoy-Matsu]

          Goodpaster Briefings Sept. 1958

          Schedules - Sept. 1958

          Signatures - Sept. 1958

          Schedules - October 1958 (1) (2)

          Signatures - October 1958

          DDE Dictation - October 1958  [to Thomas Dewey re politics; to Edgar
          Eisenhower re politics; to Nixon re politics; edited draft letter, re
          school desegregation, addressed to a Mr. Miller; to Neil McElroy re
          politics & Defense Department; to George Humphrey re personal plans; to
          Brigadier General Richard Mellon re politics; to Senator Green re Quemoy
          & Matsu]

        Telephone Calls - October 1958  [to Allen Dulles re Chicoms removing
          troops from North Korea; to Nixon re politics; DDE to Nixon re Knowland,
          Knight & California; to Dr. Moos re Bryce Harlow & President's speeches]

          Toner Notes - October 1958  [information re National Agricultural
          Advisory Commission]

          Staff Notes - October 1958  [National Aeronautics & Space Council paper; 

          Toner notes re saline water, oil imports, agricultural outlook, PL 480,
          economic development, India, Moscow Fair; memorandum re retired officers
          military pay situation; memo--Jack Z. Anderson meeting with Senator
          Malone; note re Salk Vaccine to individuals entering army]

  37      Goodpaster Briefings October 1958

          Schedules - Nov. 1958 (1) (2)

          Goodpaster Briefings - Nov. 1958

          Toner Notes - Nov. 1958

          DDE Dictation - Nov. 1958  [to Mr. Lampe & Mrs. Fort, Citizens for
          Eisenhower-Nixon of Southern California, re 1958 election; to Professor
          Harry Ludmer re Montgomery memoirs; comments on report by Milton
          Eisenhower on US-Latin American relations; to William Draper re
          Committee on Military Assistance; to John Cowles re Asia & foreign
          policy; to Emmet Hughes re spiritual values in work; to Barry Goldwater
          re politics; to Arthur Appleton re economy; to Meade Alcorn re politics;
          to Benson re farm output; to Arthur Flemming re economy & social
          programs; to Baruch re friendship; to Dulles re C.D. Jackson letter on
          Hungary; to John Morrill Olin re income tax laws and government

          Staff Notes Nov. 1958  [memo re budget--FY 1960; meeting, DDE, William
          Draper, et al, re military assistance program; meeting, DDE & Goldwater
          re labor legislation & abuse of interest in TV & radio by senators &
          congressmen; DDE meeting--Joseph Martin re Republican party organization
          plans; DDE memo of conference, Secretaries McElroy, Anderson, et al re
          design of flag; memo of conference, DDE, LBJ & Robert Anderson re
          economy, military programs; memo of conversation, DDE & ambassador of
          Jordan presenting credentials to DDE; DDE meeting with Senator Gore re
          nuclear test cessation; DDE meeting with Rear Admiral H.A. Houser re
          retired officers pay; memo for record re OCB & U.S. fair in Moscow;
          Flemming on HEW budget for 1960; memo, DDE & Whittier of Veterans
          Administration re VA matters; meeting, DDE & U.S. delegation to surprise
          attack technical military discussions in Geneva re open skies and
          related matters with Soviet Union; memo on economic program, 1958; notes
          on pre-press briefing re 1958 elections, China, test suspension,

          Telephone - Nov. 1958  [to McElroy re DOD Budget; to Dulles re Berlin]

          Toner Notes - Dec. 1958  [Senate Preparedness Subcommittee Hearings; ICA
          Director Smith's observations on Africa; Oklahoma Governor Raymond Gary
          & integration; orbiting Atlas, Jupiter firing]

          DDE Dictation - Dec. 1958  [letter to Rockefeller re Government
          Organization; to Cliff Roberts re Meade Alcorn & Republican Finance
          Committee; to Lucius Clay re Cabinet selections; to Styles Bridges re
          railroad bonds; George V. Allen re VOA; to Brigadier General T.J. Davis
          re military pay raise; to Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Browning re
          British & Allied organization in WWII; memo re budgetary matters; to
          C.D. Jackson re Kadar regime; to Lamar Fleming re Latin American
          reciprocal trade; to Neil Jacoby re inflation; to Cliff Roberts re tax
         -free municipal & commercial bonds]

          Telephone Calls - Dec. 1958  [DDE to Dulles--some comment on Canadian
          criticism of US-Canadian policies; DDE to Attorney General Rogers re
          Justice Department suits against American companies operating
          subsidiaries in Canada]

          Goodpaster Briefings - Dec. 1958

          Signatures - Dec. 1958

          Schedules - Dec. 1958

  38      DDE Diary - Dec. 1958  [DDE message transmitted via satellite;
          miscellaneous diary notes including comment expressing desire to be
          restored to status of General (retired) when leaving office; breakfast
          with Lodge discusses Kadar regime & C.D. Jackson's views; NSC meeting re
          defense budget; meeting on government organization; Dulles' health]

        Staff Notes - Dec. 1958 (1) (2)  [memo re DDE call to Saulnier re weakness
          of automobile market; questions re JCS organization; breakfast meeting,
          DDE & National Agricultural Advisory Committee re price supports,
          inflation, etc; memo re 1960 budget; DDE meeting with Senator Potter re
          1958 elections, politics, labor opposition to Potter, future plans;
          conference, DDE, Dr. Glennan, Killian re Space Council; conversation,
          DDE & Persons, re Republican party; comments on State of Union draft-
         -includes defense, budget, international police force, school
          integration, national security; DDE meeting with David Williams,
          Disabled American Veterans; DDE on State of Union message & security;
          report of Cabinet Committee on Wage-Price Spiral; memorandum re tariff
          negotiations with Brazil; Congressman Albert Moran of Connecticut
          meeting with DDE; Jacob Javits memo to DDE re midterm Republican
          conference; DDE meeting with Senator Clifford Case re civil rights,
          immigration, urban renewal, unemployment insurance; Congressman Charles
          Brownson of Indiana meeting with DDE re politics; Benson on agricultural
          legislation; meeting with H. Alexander Smith re civil rights & school
          integration, school construction; DDE conversation with Queen Fredricka
          on spiritual values]

          DDE Dictation--Jan. 1959  [C.L. Sulzberger re Pope John & Ecumenical
          plus comment by DDE on editorial re Soviet challenge; to Meade Alcorn re
          Republican party; to Dulles re basis of U.S. policy; to Benson re
          educational system & federal government, to Earl Blaik re West Point &
          football; to Charles Shuman re Farm Bureau & re Supreme Court; to
          General Bragdon re luncheon for West Point classmates; to General
          Persons re State of Union message for 1960; to Gabe Hauge re American &
          Soviet systems]

          Staff Notes - Jan. 1959 (1) (2)  [memo re Roumanian Jews & immigration;
          memo re Democrats' spending proposals; information paper on transistors;
          briefing paper on hazards of atomic reactors; DDE meeting with Jewish
          War Veterans' national commander; C.D. Jackson call re Willie Brandt
          visit as symbol to Europe & Germany; meeting with national commander,
          American Legion; DDE meeting with Mayor Nicholson of Denver re Denver
          problems; minutes of legislative leaders meeting re airports, housing,
          distressed areas, labor, agriculture, and vetoes of spending measures;
          call by SEATO Secretary-General Sarasin; legislative leadership meeting
          notes re education & federal aid, military retired pay; DDE meeting with
          Arthur Goeppinger re agriculture matters; DDE conference with Stanley
          Hope, Charles Sligh, and Stephen Dunn re National Association of
          Manufacturers support for Administration economic programs; memo re
          American Farm Bureau support for Administration; legislative leaders
          meeting re FY 1960 budget, economic report; memo of conference, DDE,
          Killian, Kistiakowsky, re Geneva meetings on surprise attack, atomic
          testing, Soviet missile capability; memo, Arthur Flemming to DDE re
          State of Union message; meeting with Senator Malone re power policy,
          appointment to Federal Power Commission]

          Toner Notes--January 1959  [school integration; employment; Euratom;
          reactor development; defense contracts; farm income; National Advisory
          Council, housing; personal income; machine tool reserves; Defense family

          Goodpaster Briefings--January 1959

          Telephone Calls--Jan. 1959  [to Judge Robert Story re civil rights; to
          Attorney General Rogers re Warren & Supreme Court decision; to Dulles re
          Mexican visit; Dulles to DDE re Macmillan trip to Russia; to Dulles re
          treaty with Iran; Cuba & Earl Smith, and Berlin]

          Schedules - Jan. 1959

  39      Schedules - February 1959

          Toner Notes February 1959  [missile schedule; unemployment; Virginia
          desegregation; military construction bill; Defense working capital;
          aviation fuel; military emergency medical care; radiation research;
          Indian jurisdiction; air safety]

          DDE Dictation February 1959  [letter from B. Baruch re Defense set-up;
          DDE to LBJ re President Lopez Mateos; DDE letter to Ralph McGill on race
          relations; to Herter re Diablo Dam project; to Daniel Garney re Dulles &
          Strate Dept.; to Strauss re budget problem & public; draft letters to
          Macmillan & to President Lopez Mateos; to Harold Boechenstein re capital
          expenditures; to Robert Biggs re govt. activities; to Robert Woodruff re
          proposed bill (civil rights?); to William Robinson re Rockefeller & N.Y.

          Telephone Calls-February 1959  [to Dulles re health; little of substance
          in folder other than names of individuals called]

          Briefings - February 1959

          Staff Notes February 1959 (1) (2)  [memo of conference, DDE, Killian re
          nuclear test suspension talks at Geneva, inspections, etc.; DDE
          conference with Allen Dulles re columnist's writing on Soviets & Berlin;
          Symington on missiles; DDE conference with Killian re Geneva test
          negotiations; memo re cotton problems; DDE meeting--James Conant, Robert
          Merriam re Commission on Goals; memo re mandatory oil import controls;
          memo re meeting with Senate & House Republicans & Interstate & Foreign
          Commerce Committees re airport legislation; nomination of Strauss;
          legislative proposal; classmates stag dinner; State Dept. leaks; space
          program; fact paper on oil imports; memo re waiver of nonimmigrant visas
          in Mexico, Cuba, Bahamas; agenda for Congressional leaders meeting; DDE
          meeting with Governor Foster Furillo re teacher-student ratios; DDE
          meeting, Dillon, Henderson re screening of immigrants to U.S.; memo re
          housing & airport bills; memo re Roumanian Jews; Jewish War Veterans
          concern over problems faced by Roumanian Jews; Legislative leaders
          meeting re housing, water resources projects, extensive discussion of
          civil rights; DDE meeting--VFW re defense matters]

          Staff Notes March 1-15, 1959 (1) (2)  [DDE meeting with Governor
          Hatfield re water resources policy, Navy Dry Dock at Portland; memo of
          conference, DDE-Killian re atomic testing & detection, Geneva talks; DDE
          meeting--Milton Eisenhower, Secretary Anderson, Flemming, Hauge, Percy,
          Merriam, re National Goals; pre-press notes re international matters,
          mutual security, space research; questions re Berlin & Soviet Union;
          information on service strengths; DDE meeting with Congressman
          Auchincloss re Administration program, Joseph Martin & Congressional
          leadership, Republican party; Herter & plan for Khrushchev & Camp David;
          memo of conversation, Hagerty with Leslie Glass of British Information
          Services, re public statements by Macmillan during visit to Washington;
          proposal re Inter-American development banking institution; cost of
          legislation; letter re East Germany, Mikoyan & USA; memo re rediscount
          rate; memo on farm problem; diary entries re address to Buffalo Junior
          Chamber of Commerce, visit with West Virginia Senators Randolph & Byrd
          re coal industry; legislative leaders meeting notes re self-employed tax
          bill, distressed areas, TVA, telecommunications study; DDE meeting,
          members of National Association of Real Estate Boards; meeting, DDE with
          Senators Dirksen & Saltonstall re Irish-American societies, Irish vote,
          Irish ambassador; report on Diablo Dam]

          Telephone Calls March 1959  [DDE to Nixon re Foreign Ministers
          Conference in Buenos Aires; Dulles re health, trade with allies, King
          Hussein, Development Fund; President Lemus visit; to Meade Alcorn re
          Joseph Martin; Mrs. Ogden Reid re stories of political ambitions of son;
          Herter to DDE re Macmillan invitation to U.S.]

 Box#      Contents
  40      DDE Dictation March 1959  [to Arthur Burns re national unemployment
          insurance system; to Malcolm Moos re television talk on Berlin &
          security; to Oveta Hobby re economy; to Lady Ramsay re Biography of
          Admiral Ramsay]

          Briefings March 1959

          Toner Notes March 1959  [Alaska Omnibus Act; budget; economy; Civil
          Rights Commission conference]

          Staff Notes March 15-31 1959  [memo on funds for medical research; memo
          of conference--DDE, Herter, Acting Secretary Scribner re U.S.
          representation at conference in Buenos Aires; DDE conference with George
          V. Allen re TV talk, selection of paintings for Moscow Exhibit, People
         -to-People program, Moscow Exhibit, reorganization of USIA; memo re
          legislative prospects for mutual security program; DDE memo of
          conference--Paarlberg, Areeda, Goodpaster re tariff quota under Geneva
          Wool Reservation; DDE meeting re Goals Committee; memo of conference-
         -DDE & Amadou Ahijo, Prime Minister of Cameroun]

        DDE Schedules-March 1959 (1) (2)

          Schedules April 1959 (1) (2)

          Toner Notes April 1959  [appointment of U.S. Army private as cadet to
          Philippine Military Academy; business inventories; economic statistics;

          Telephone Calls April 1959  [to Dulles re health, Herter, Berlin &
          Summit negotiations, armament race; DDE comments on proposed messages to
          Khrushchev & Macmillan, Berlin]

          DDE Dictation April 1959  [re West Point Atlas of America's Wars; to
          Dulles re resignation; to Strauss re imports of heavy electrical

          Staff Notes, April 1959  (1) (2) (3)  [memo of meeting--Ed McCabe,
          Senator Smathers, re Panamanian insurrection; memo of meeting--DDE,
          Robert Anderson, Fred Seaton, Dillon, Hoegh, Morgan, Paarlberg re oil
          imports; memo of meeting--DDE & General Maas re employment of physically
          handicapped; memos re National Institutes of health; letter, Flemming to
          Representative John Fogarty re medical research; press conference re
          resignation of Dulles; memo re discussion, Merriam & Anderson on gas
          tax; memo of conference--DDE, General North, et al re Battle Monuments
          Commission; memo re meeting--DDE conversation with Congressman Bill
          Cramer & W. Kapel President of Florida Presbyterian College; memo of
          conference--DDE & Director General UNESCO; waste treatment construction
          proposals; railroad retirement & unemployment insurance; congressional
          leaders meeting re Strauss & Rothman nominations, farm labor
          regulations; memo of discussion, DDE, Stans, Siciliano on Federal
          Employee Health Insurance Program; memo of conference, DDE, McCone,
          Killian, et al re high energy accelerator; memo re high energy
          accelerator physics; paper on physics]

  41      Briefing April 1959

          Toner Notes May 1959  [missile-delivered mail; Joint Committee on Atomic
          Energy hearings; deep space probes]

          Briefings May 1959

          Telephone Calls May 1959  [brief entries]

          Diary May 1959  [mentions of various appointments, Dulles funeral,
          Strauss appointment, presentation of scholastic achievement awards,
          railway retirement bill, death of deputy secretary Quarles,
          Congressional fund-raising dinner, Winston Churchill visit]

          DDE Dictation May 1959  [dictated notes re appointment of George
          Marshall as Secretary of State; letter to Arthur Krock re column; to
          Col. E.L. Hering re economy, struggle with Kremlin; to Milton Eisenhower
          re talks on economy, foreign affairs, "farewell talk," etc.; to Acting
          Secretary of State re study of laws, executive orders, etc., restricting
          trade with USSR; to William Rogers re preemption; to Mrs. Quarles re
          Husband's death; to J. Edgar Hoover commending him on brilliant record]

          Staff Notes May 1959 (1) (2) (3)  [meeting--DDE, Herschel Newsom, J.
          Parker re National Grange & two-part wheat plan plus additional memos by
          Newsom; DDE meeting--Dr. Arthur Burns, Frank Pace, General Persons,
          Robert Merriam on Goals Commission; memo of conference--DDE, Gates,
          Finucane re location of new Defense buildings; DDE meeting with Senator
          Gordon Allott of Colorado re Cabinet Committee on Water Resources;
          letter, Clarence Randall to DDE re Leo Hoegh report on imports of
          electrical equipment; memo from Malcolm Moos re major presidential
          speeches & commitments, 1959-61; Saulnier memo re Central Mortgage Bank;
          memo of conference, DDE & Dillon re British & Geneva, ambassador to
          Ceylon; Development Loan Fund & foreign development; William Rogers to
          DDE re pre-emption--state & federal governments; memo of conference-
         -DDE, Killian & scientists re weapons technology, arms control, test
          suspension, Soviet development; memo of conference--DDE, McElroy, Gates
          re pay for retired personnel; Flemming memo re strategy for
          Administration to follow in health, education & welfare; legislative
          leaders meeting--discussion re federal-state legislation, federal
          impacted schools, minimum wage, railroad retirement, housing,
          agriculture, Joint Federal-State Action Committee, printed remarks of
          Clarence Cannon re budget]

          DDE Schedules May 1959 (1) (2)

          Schedules June 1959 (1) (2)

  42      Staff Notes June 1-15 1959 (1) (2)  [meeting--DDE, Congressman Cederberg
          of Michigan & Dr. Arnold T. Olsen, Pres., Evangelican Free Church; DDE
          meeting with Dean Story of Board of Foreign Scholarships, Senator
          Fulbright, Robert Thayer re educational & cultural exchanges; DDE
          extemporaneous remarks to guides for Moscow Exhibit; DDE meeting with
          Dr. Clark Kerr re Commission on National Goals; bubble chamber
          photographs; Jackson Committee investigation of national security
          coordination; memos--Arthur Flemming re '61 budget, water pollution,
          federal aid; memcon re continental aid defense & Canada; legislative
          leadership meeting minutes re Strauss nomination, farm legislation, debt
          management, veterans programs, Supreme Court decisions; memo of meeting,
          Benson & DDE re Sugar Act, two-price wheat plan, Sukarno; Randall memo
          re P.L. 480, Sugar Act; memo on reorganization of State Dept; letter
          from Luis Munoz-Marin of Puerto Rico; analyses of action on Defense
          appropriation bill; memo re oath requirement of National Defense
          Education Act; draft statement on wheat]

          Staff Notes June 16-30 1959  (1) (2)  [memo of conference--DDE, Killian
          re disarmament policy review, missile program; analysis of Congressional
          actions affecting budget totals; analysis of Federal Health Benefits Act
          of 1959; HEW appropriations; public works appropriations bill; DDE
          meeting--LBJ, Richard Russell, William Fulbright re use of NSC,
          Congressional investigation & Jackson Resolution; space budget; DDE
          meeting with Congressman Frances Bolton & Mrs. Zelma George re People
         -to-People; Congressman Howard Robison meeting with DDE; DDE meeting with
          Winston Burdine, National Commander, AmVets; DDE meeting with Executive
          Committee of Governors Conference re their trip to Russia--some
          discussion of Berlin & Khrushchev; Elmer Bennett memo re Governor Luis
          Munoz of Puerto Rico; DDE meeting with Congressman Paul Schenck & Robert
          Good family; memo re Pinin Farina, Italian Auto Designer, meeting with 

          Telephone Calls June 1959  [to Douglas Dillon re Development Loan Fund;
          to Herter re Canadian trip arrangements; to Walton Jones re steel & oil
          industries; to Robert Anderson re Treasury bonds; to George Humphrey re
          steel & labor; to Dillon re message from Macmillan and heads of
          government meeting; to Loy Henderson re Geneva]

          DDE Dictation June 1959  [list of Presidents & Vetos; to Charles McAdams
          re press comment on "New Eisenhower;" letter, DDE to LBJ, re resolution
          on NSC; to Henry Wriston re Foreign Service; to Lord Ismay re reunion of
          WWII associates; to Robert Mullen re Japan & Asian development; to Dr.
          Nathan Pusey re oath requirement in National Defense Education Act; to
          General Gruenther re National Goals Committee]

          Toner Notes June 1959  [Berry Amendment--Buy American; Vanguard III;
          economy; Eisenhower film]

          Briefings June 1959

          DDE Schedules July 1959 (1) (2)

          Toner Notes July 1959  [PL 480 for United Arab Republic; Puerto Rico;
          Reserve Fleet sales; aid to disabled; budget hearing; US-Canada atomic
          energy; sea disposal of radioactive waste; agriculture; civil defense;
          credit unions; international finance; SEATO school; Philippine exchange;
          lead & zinc; public housing; Moscow exhibition; steel strike; US balance
          of payments; Stanford accelerator; land locators]

  43      Telephone Calls July 1959  [to Attorney General Rogers re TVA; to Dillon
          re Chinese admission to UN; Bill Robinson re steel corporations; to
          Mitchell re aluminum & steel; DDE to Robert Murphy re Charles Bohlen; to
          Herter re Khrushchev interview with governors re trip to US; Rockefeller
          re NY state civil defense; to General Swing re relief bills for

          Staff Notes July 1959 (1) (2) (3) (4)  [DDE meeting--governors trip to
          Russia; memo re State Dept. reorganization; DDE meeting with John S.
          Cooper, H. Baker, B. Carroll Reece re TVA financing; DDE conversation
          with General Jacques de Dismude re Belgium & NATO; DDE meeting with TVA
          Board of Directors; DDE to Melvin Laird re HEW appropriations; DDE &
          Twining re National Security paper & "new look;" information re TVA;
          legislative leaders meeting minutes re TVA financing, labor legislation;
          memo of meeting, DDE & Frank Jameson re Navy League; memo re steel
          strike; memo re meeting--DDE, Killian re NORAD, ABMA, space program,
          NASA, telecommunications, Federal Council for Science & Technology;
          analyses of legislation re interest rates, housing bills, minimum wage;
          memorandum summarizing travel & official entertainment expenses of
          President; space programs; memo re missiles; memo of conference re mass
          transportation survey of Washington Metropolitan area; memo re
          Congressmen Utt & Wilson of California meeting with DDE re tuna
          fisheries of US; analyses of legislation re public works, veterans,
          housing, defense; DDE meeting with Senator Hugh Scott re housing bill,
          opposition to proposal to send subcommittee into Red China; Javits
          meeting with DDE re civil rights & housing; memo of conversation, DDE &
          Ahmed Bargach, Governor of Casablanca]

          Briefings July 1959

          DDE Dictation July 1959 (1) (2)  [to Rockefeller re NY civil defense;
          William Rogers & holograph of Gettysburg Address; Benson on wheat
          legislation; to Cliff Roberts re jet refueling; to Robert Woodruff re
          TVA bill; DDE to Charles Bohlen re relationship; to George Meany re
          support of policy on Berlin; C.D. Jackson on meeting on Cold War; to
          Alton Jones re government & debt; Spyros Skouras to DDE re communist
          competition in commercial & industrial field; to Ward Canady re State
          Dept. & Hungary; David Lawrence on public opinion & Cold War; to S.
          Adams re Strauss; to T.J. Davis re retired pay; Standard Oil Co. re oil
          imports; to Allen Dulles re Democratic Govt; to General De Guingand re

          Briefings August 1959

          Staff Notes Aug. 1959 (1) (2)  [memo re Seneca Indian lands & Allegheny
          Reservoir; DDE meeting with Congressmen re TVA; legislative leaders
          meeting minutes re labor legislation, highway financing, interest rates,
          housing, HEW appropriations, civil rights]

          DDE Schedules August 1959

          DDE Dictation August 1959  [to Cola Parker re visit of Khrushchev; memo
          re NSC minutes; note re resources surveys in underdeveloped countries;
          to George Humphrey re steel strike; to Benson re foreign trade]

          Toner Notes August 1959 (1) (2)  [re civil defense, industrial
          readiness; atomic energy tanker construction; Weather Bureau; housing
          loans; Brazil's economy; atom plant labor strike; radio frequencies;
          youth fitness; duck hunting; Joint Committee on Atomic Energy hearings;
          government private business; GI loans; strikes; NATO; International
          finance; confirmation hearings]

          Telephone Calls August 1959  [miscellaneous matters; LBJ to DDE re TVA
          bill; DDE to LBJ re political discussion & names of possible
          presidential candidates--Rayburn, Lausche, Holland, Stennis, some
          mention of legislation; D. Dillon re trip to Europe; to Murphy re
          Khrushchev's visit]

          Staff Notes September 1959 (1) (2)  [meeting, DDE with steel industry
          representatives; re steel strike; DDE meeting with labor leaders re
          steel strike; memo re budget; memoranda of conference re Khrushchev's
          visit and issues discussed; mentions of Sunfed & aid to underdeveloped
          countries; Laos; memo re satellite & space vehicle operations; memo of
          meeting--DDE, Stans, Staats, et al re FY 61 budget & problems; DDE plan
          to submit constitutional amendments to states; DDE meeting; Congressman
          Phil Landrum of Georgia & Congressman Bob Griffin of Michigan re labor
          bill; memo of conference--DDE, McCone re AEC commissioner; Saulnier memo
          re economy; suggestions for foreign policy speech for DDE to give to
          nation; memo of conference re Khrushchev's visit and issues discussed]

          Briefings-September 1959
        Schedules-September 1959 (1) (2)

          DDE Dictation September 1959  [to C.D. Jackson re Jackson's suggestions
          for talk, Khrushchev; memo to Meuller re Sino-Soviet Bloc economic
          offensive; to Dr. I.S. Ravdin re federal expenditures for welfare,
          medicine, etc.]

          Toner Notes September, 1959  [Civil Defense; shipbuilding; Khrushchev;
          international finance; National Agricultural Advisory Commission;
          Stanford Accelerator]

 Box#      Contents
  45      Telephone Calls-September 1959  [to Herter re Mexico, Panama; Benson to
          DDE re trip with Khrushchev; to Cardinal Spellman re Khrushchev visit]

          Telephone Calls-October 1959  [almost entirely lists of individuals

          DDE Dictation [October 1959]  [to Hughes re book; to Robert Jones re
          golf; to Joseph Dodge re coordination of foreign economic programs; DDE
          memo to Herter re Joyce Hall project for erection of houses representing
          foreign countries]

          Briefings October 1959

          Schedules-October 1959

          Staff Notes October 1959 (1) (2)  [Ralph Flanders memo re summit
          meeting; memo of conference--DDE, Glennan, et al; re transfer of ABMA to
          NASA; memo of conference--DDE, Flemming re OASI-health insurance; memo
          re space activities, NASA & ABMA; memo of conference--DDE re People-to
          -People some discussion of Khrushchev; DDE meeting re Commission on
          National Goals; Merriam meeting with DDE & Robert Anderson re Federal
          -State Action Committee; memo for record re a department of
          transportation; agenda for White House meeting on Panama; remainder of
          folder classified as of December 1975]

          Toner Notes October 1959  [economy; scientific & military manpower; X
          -15; public assistance & steel strike; international finance; wages &
          prices; Mercury program; OCB notes on Soviet criticism of life in US;
          water commerce; hurricane damage; compact cars]

          DDE Schedules November 1959

          DDE Dictation November 1959  [dictated notes on background of DDE's
          candidacy for Presidency beginning in 1943--includes drafts & copy of
          letter to Leonard Finder 1/22/48; letter to Mrs. Fairchild re Panama;
          draft letter to James Mitchell re Taft-Hartley Act; to Douglas Black re
          Crusade in Europe; to George Humphrey re goals committee; to Charles
          Percy re Committee on Program & Progress]

          Staff Notes-Nov. 1959 (1) (2) (3)  [memo of meeting--DDE, Nixon, Herter,
          Murphy & bipartisan leaders re DDE's eleven-nation trip; conference, DDE
          & Norwegian Ambassador re exhibition of Norwegian tapestries; paraphrase
          of President's remarks at Cabinet meeting re budget & programs; DDE
          meeting re narcotic traffic in Southern California; memo re Commission
          on Goals; paper re government's nickel plan, Nicaro Cuba; Merriam
          discussion with President re First Secretary proposal; 1961 budget
          recommendations; letter, Glennan to DDE re space program; Benson meeting
          with DDE on agricultural legislation; memo re steel strike; memo of
          conference, DDE with Advisory Committee on Govt. Organization re
          proposed Dept. of Transportation, First Secretary; DDE meeting with
          Reserve Officers Association; DDE meeting with Dr. Hudson Strode re
          Strode's biography of Jefferson Davis]

  46      Toner Notes November 1959  [international finances; oil imports; army
          safety; defense surplus; army strategy seminar; enlisted mens education;
          Caribou planes; agriculture; Atlas missile; ICA director's trip to Asia
          & Africa; cranberries; GSA buildings; housing; atmospheric study;
          emergency planning; meat imports; nickel & cobalt]

          Telephone Calls-November 1959  [DDE to Neil McElroy re JCS & defense
          matters; to McElroy re space program; meeting with David McDonald &
          James Mitchell re labor-management problems; to Herter re leaks in State 

          Briefings November 1959

          Toner Notes December 1959  [propaganda terminology; People-to-People;
          international finance; Christmas mail; duck hunting; Air Force
          construction; ship construction; nuclear weapons testing; President's
          trip & press reaction; air pollution; Glen Canyon Dam; Soviet press
          coverage of NATO Ministerial meeting; US-Canada; steel; Savannah; VA
          management; missile launches]

          Telephone calls December 1959  [to Anderson re US membership in OEEC]

          Staff Notes-Dec. 1959  [unidentified source comments on steel strikes &
          inflation; remainder of folder classified as of December 1975]

          Briefings December 1959

          DDE Dictation December 1959  [DDE to Herter re trip & promises to
          nations--specifically mentions Pakistan]

          Schedules December 1959 (1) (2)

          Schedules-January 1960

          DDE Dictation January 1960  [to Benson re book on agriculture; to C.D. 
          Jackson re President's Committee on Information Activities Abroad; to 
          Henry Luce re DDE talk; memorandum re possible Vice Presidential & 
          Cabinet selections for 1960]

          Toner Notes January 1960  [agriculture; consumer price index; Satellite 
          Shotput II; atomic plant in Puerto Rico; small business; steel 
          settlement; outline for message on mutual security]

  47      Telephone Calls January 1960  [to Secretary Gates re military officers
          sounding off; trip to South America; Nixon conversation with Mitchell on
          steel strike]

          Staff Notes-January 1960 (1) (2)  [memo of conversation--DDE, Keith
          Glennan, Roemer McPhee re NASA contracts & procurement--mention of
          executive privilege; DDE, Rockefeller, Anderson, et al re tax on local
          telephone service; DDE meeting with Civil Defense Committee of state
          governors; DDE meeting--Senators Cooper and Javits re school
          construction, civil rights, depressed areas; letter, Percy to DDE, re
          Republican Committee on Program & Progress; DDE meeting with Bill
          Fribley, National Commander DAV; legislative leadership meeting minutes
          --discuss civil rights, education, agriculture message and programs; memo
          of conference, DDE-Reuben Robertson re Champion Paper & Fibre Co. &
          plant in Brazil]

          Briefings January 1960

          DDE Dictation February 1960  [memo to Herter re Panama; to Ralph McGill
          re book on Civil War; McGill speech; DDE on cooperation of rich & poor
          nations; to James Mitchell re labor; to Arthur Tedder re WWII reunion;
          to W. Alton Jones re Goals Committee]

          Staff Notes February 1960 (1) (2)

          Toner Notes February 1960  [missile launchings; personal income;
          housing; weather; international finance; liberty ships; Jackson
          subcommittee re Allen Dulles testimony on USSR]

          Briefings--February 1960

          Schedules-February 1960 (1) (2)

          Telephone Calls February 1960  [DDE to Herter re speech & Latin American
          matters; to Benson re politics]

  48      Schedules March 1960 (1) (2)

          DDE Dictation March 1960  [to John F. Kennedy re nuclear test
          moratorium; to John Reagan McCrary re Nixon campaign & prospective V.P.
          candidates, including Jerry Ford; to George Champion re DDE trip to
          Asia; to Nelson Rockefeller re New York civil defense; to Sarah Ferguson
          re employment of over-45-year-old workers; William Paley re turndown of

          Briefings-March 1960

          Telephone Calls March 1960  [to Herter re UN resolution on S. Africa &
          US race problem; to Herter re John McCone & foreign policy; to Macmillan
          re Russians & Macmillan's visit; to Francis Case re Geneva test control
          talks; to Herter re letter to Macmillan, DeGaulle dinner, visits to
          foreign countries; to Nixon re Nixon for President; to Secretary Brucker
          re clemency for condemned individual]

          Staff Notes-March 1960 (1) (2) (3)  [DDE meeting with Martin McKneally,
          National Commander, American Legion; statement by Flemming on medical
          care for aged; paper re Gridiron Dinner; DDE & Symington; DDE meeting
          with Mark Hatfield; paper re compulsory hospital insurance law; memo,
          Dillon to DDE, re hospital & medical training in Canal Zone; paper on
          history of rank insignia; 1960 Budget surplus; letter from Paul Hoffman
          re his round-the-world trip & Khrushchev; excerpts from remarks of Henry
          Cabot Lodge re multilateral way]

          Toner Notes March 1960  [international finance; Navy homeports;
          conservation; ocean shipping; overseas housing for dependents; NASA test
          launches; test ban; economy; agriculture; atomic energy matters;
          atmospheric sampling]

          Briefings April 1960

  49      Toner Notes April 1960  [economy; radiation report; Olivetti company &
          antitrust; housing; nuclear plant for Puerto Rico; Samoa constitution;
          flood relief for Brazil; international finance]

          Telephone Calls April 1960  [to Ambassador Whitney re gift for Princess
          Margaret; to State Dept. re statements on Berlin; Syngman Rhee's
          resignation; to Nixon re DDE trip to Lisbon; Gruenther for Vice
          President; to Herter re Summit Conference; to Herter re Under Secretary
          for Hemispheric Affairs; Herter to DDE re Summit; to Robert Anderson re
          tax on shale oil; to Halleck re insurance for aged; to Herter re Canada;
          J. Willard Marriott re Hot Shoppes for Dulles Airport]

          DDE Dictation April 1960  [to Nixon re Republican party; to Karl Mundt
          re DDE role in Campaign; to Hagerty re pay increases; civil rights bill;
          to Fulbright re mutual security; Edgar Eisenhower re Berlin & Russia;
          letter to eighth grade student re US & Russia; letter to eighth grade
          student re US & Russia; to Mrs. Carl Congre re farm problem; DDE to high
          school student re spiritual values & world situation]

          Schedules [April 1960]

          Staff Notes-April 1960 (1) (2)  [memo for record re Nicaro nickel plant
          in Cuba; DDE visit with King of Nepal; DDE meeting with Herschel
          Newsome; memo re declaration of intention by Vice President to serve
          only one term; memo of conference--DDE, Glennan, Goodpaster re
          satellites, NASA relations with AEC; meeting, New Jersey Congressman
          Frelinghuysen and Senator Case with DDE; DDE meeting with Mueller,
          Bragdon, Merriam and others re interstate highway program; memo of
          conference--DDE, Herbert Feis re World War II political and military
          strategy; memo re Messerchmitt ME 262]

          Toner Notes May 1960  [economy; legislation re public debt obligations;
          USIA coverage of Summit Conference; peacetime GI Bill; housing; US-USSR
          cooperation on atomic energy; civil rights--voting; OECD; international
          finance; undergraduate research; picketing of United Arab Republic ship
          Cleopatra; college housing; NASA communications satellite]

          Schedules-May 1960 (1) (2)

          DDE Dictation May 1960  [to William R. Hearst, Jr. re Hearst papers
          coverage of U-2; to Dr. Edward Litchfield re economy, corporations,
          etc.; to Mrs. John Rockefeller, Jr. re death of husband; to LBJ re
          support in international incident (U-2?); to Oveta Hobby re starting
          move in Texas to name Bob Anderson as a favorite son; Earl Warren to DDE
          re conference of federal administrative agencies having judiciary
          functions; to Rockefeller re speeches & political philosophy]

          Briefings May 1960

 Box#      Contents
  50      Staff Notes May 1960 (1) (2) (3)  [memos re food additives report; re
          press conference notes re U-2 & miscellaneous matters; DDE meeting with
          D.C. King, nutritionists from Columbia University, re international
          congress on nutrition; DDE meeting with Republican senators re summit
          meeting and world affairs; legislative leadership meeting re mutual
          security, agricultural legislation, judgeships, postal rates,
          presidential office space, labor legislation, school construction, area
          development, medical care for aged; DDE meeting with Sam Rayburn re
          mutual security, summit conference, minimum wage, Nixon & Soviets;
          comments on Robert Anderson; DDE meeting with Senator Francis Case of S.
          Dakota re taking of prohibited pictures in Russia; DDE meeting with
          representatives of agencies re federal activities in aid of depressed
          labor surplus areas; DDE meeting--Senator Scott, Senator Cooper, &
          Governor Underwood of West Virginia re depressed areas legislation; DDE
          meeting with Congressman Charles Gubser of California re Stanford
          Accelerator; memos re US-India wheat agreement; DDE meeting with
          Secretary Anderson, Flemming, et al re medical insurance for aged]

          Telephone calls May 1960  [DDE to Dillon re Nasser & Israeli ships in
          Suez Canal; to Secretary of Labor re conference between unions &
          industry; remainder of folder only lists of brief entries]

          Briefings June 1960

          DDE Dictation June 1960  [to Brigadier General Frederic Boyle re
          Retirement Bill; to Nixon re speech in North Dakota; letter, Miss
          Germaine Albertini, describing liberation of Paris; to Henry Wriston re
          search for security--DDE comments on Wriston lecture]

          Toner Notes-June 1960  [AEC bilateral agreements; Court to review VA
          decisions on veterans benefits; agricultural outlook; income; expansion
          of exports; US-Thailand; International finance; satellite; weather
          research; National Agriculture Advisory Commission; employment; civil
          rights; state education programs; VA hospitals; peaceful atomic uses;
          rediscount rates]

          Schedules June 1960 (1) (2)

          Telephone Calls June 1960  [Rockefeller to DDE re candidacy; to General
          MacArthur re conveying the General's greetings to the Japanese Emperor-
         -other comments on Japan & on Chiang Kai-Shek]

          Staff Notes June [1960] (1) (2)  [DDE conference with General
          Westmoreland re West Point; memo re bills approved by DDE; Secretary
          Anderson, Dirksen, and others meeting with DDE re antitrust
          divestitures; memo re Bomarc program; analysis of congressional bills;
          samples of public opinion mail re cancellation of DDE trip to Japan; DDE
          meeting with Governor John Davis of North Dakota, John Underhill, Robert
          Merriam re Senate campaign in North Dakota; memo of conference, DDE &
          Ambassador Muller of Chile re US aid to Chile; DDE meeting with
          Secretary Mitchell re pending labor legislation, includes picketing
          bills; minimum wage; DDE meeting with Congressman Arthur Younger of
          California; re invitation to address Commonwealth Club]

  51      Briefings July 1960

          Toner Notes July 1960  [AEC Plowshare Program; Project Mercury; launch; 
          data on world's languages; international finance; personal income; 
          military enlistment figure; National Oceanographic Data center; 
          Stockpile feathers disposal; Nicaro nickel plant; Abaca-cultivation in 
          Guatemala; Veterans pension review]

          DDE Dictation, July 1960  [DDE to Mamie Moore commenting on younger
          generation; to Prescott Bush re support; to Herter re organizing African
          resistance to communist penetration; to Senator Mansfield re shooting
          down of RB 47; to LBJ re briefings as V.P. candidate; DDE comment on
          editorial in N.Y. Times July 8 re Cuba & Latin America; DDE to Juscelina
          Kubitschek of Brazil re cooperation in Latin America; to Henry Luce re
          defense expenditures]

          Telephone Calls July 1960  [Robert Anderson re speech draft; Senator
          Cooper re Nixon-Rockefeller agreement & nuclear testing; Mrs. Hobby to
          Nixon, passed along by Rose Woods, regarding DDE campaign speech]

          Staff Notes July 1960  [memo of conference, DDE & Spanish Ambassador
          Jose M. De Areizza re Spanish support of US, relationships with Latin
          American countries; President's Science Advisory Committee paper on
          government support of scientific research; notes on economic news;
          meeting--DDE, Dillon, Rubottom, Mann, Secretary Anderson, Kendall, et al
          re Cuban sugar; Benson meeting with DDE re Food For Peace in U.N.,
          public statements re Administration farm proposals, wheat legislation,
          Dakota election; DDE meeting with Dirksen, Bridges, Saltonstall, Kuchel,
          Morton, Carlson re politics, DDE & Berlin in WWII]

          Schedules July 1960

          Staff Notes August 1960 (1) (2) (3)  [DDE meeting with Senator Mundt-
          -presentation of gifts; House amendment on agriculture; OASI retirement
          bill; memo, McPhee to William Rogers, re emergency action documents in
          President's files; memo re proposed tax relief for distribution of stock
          in DuPont, General Motors case; comments by Republican congressmen re
          political trends in districts; DDE meeting with Dr. T. Keith Glennan re
          dedication of Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA, satellite development;
          notes on pre-press briefing--status of items in President's message of
          Aug. 8, 1960; DDE message of President Nkrumah of Ghana re Volta River
          Project; memo of conversation, DDE, Nepalese Ambassador; DDE meeting
          with Senate Republican leadership re Vice President at legislative
          meetings, Republican success in South, general campaign & political
          matters, & defense appropriations]

  52      Briefings August 1960

          Schedules August 1960 (1) (2)

          DDE Dictation August 1960  [to Joseph Campbell re declining request for
          evaluation of confidential foreign aid advice by Comptroller General; to
          John Cabot re Brasilia; to Charles Halleck re appreciation; DDE to
          Acting Secretary of State re Nasser desire to visit U.S.; to Felix
          Wormser re gold; memo re closed circuit TV dinner; to Benson re report
          on Europe and Middle East & on farm program; to Colonel Percy Thompson
          re Nixon & NAACP; memo re government action to guarantee private
          investments abroad; to Henry Luce re programs & Congress]

          Telephone Calls August 1960  [Herter to DDE re Latin American meeting,
          votes; phone calls re mutual security; Ben Fairless re political
          campaign; Herter to DDE re message from Macmillan; DDE to Pete Jones re

          Toner Notes August 1960  [military personnel; housing; wartime postal
          service; retail sales; discount rate; turbine contracts; Antarctic power
          plant; Federal Reserve action; pacifist demonstrations commemorating
          Hiroshima & Nagasaki; strikes; polio; vocational rehabilitation;
          adulterated food]

          Briefings-September 1960

          DDE Dictation September 1960  [memo to Acting Secretary of State re
          Federal Government defraying part of cost of protection during General
          Assembly at UN; memo to Herter re reports of subpar performances of
          ambassadors; memo re Republican party in Illinois; to C.D. Jackson re
          Khrushchev & UN]

          Schedules September 1960 (1) (2)

          Toner Notes September 1960  [exports; economy; peaceful uses of atomic
          energy; TV debates; Columbia River; International Atomic Energy Agency
          conference; Alaskan power development; defense strength; satellite;
          housing; clearance of statements re foreign policy; civil rights]

          Telephone Calls September 1960  [DDE to Nixon re campaign debates;
          Herter re Khrushchev; to James Byrnes re campaign; to Herter re meeting
          with National Jewish organizations re United Arab Republic, Nasser--also
          comment on DeGaulle; to Attorney General Rogers re schools & nonviolent

  53      Staff Notes September 1960  (1) (2) (3) (4)  [memo re debates between
          Nixon & Kennedy; briefing paper re Prime Minister of Togo Olympio
          discussion with DDE; Africa; biographical sketch, President Nkrumah of
          Ghana; memo of conference, DDE & major Jewish organizations re Nasser
          visit to U.S. and re Middle East; DDE meeting with Senator Hickenlooper
          of Iowa re Bogota Conference, South American problems, Panama; pre-press
          notes re Congo, Soviet planes refueling at Athens, NSA defectors
          Mitchell & Martin, Khrushchev visit to UN, Dominican sugar; DDE meeting
          with Herter re S.J. Res. 170--U.S. Citizen Commission on NATO; memo of
          conference, DDE & Chilean Ambassador Mueller re aid to Chile; memo of
          conference--DDE, Guatemalan Ambassador Carlos Aleuos re personal letter
          from President Ydigoras; memo re meeting--DDE & Crown Prince Harald of
          Norway; memcon re Panama; memo re Argentina]

          Briefings-October 1960

          Staff Notes-October 1960 (1) (2)  [balance of payments; Cuba; Dominican
          Republic; outer space; Denmark; Italy; Laos; Nigeria and Africa; United
          Nations; Khrushchev; Sukarno; King Hussein; DDE meeting--Harold Russell,
          National Commander, AmVets; Liberia; Harold Macmillan; neutral nations;
          NATO; missiles]

          DDE Dictation-October 1960  [P.L. 480 wheat for Cyprus; draft letter,
          DDE to Barry Leithead, re politics & N.Y. State; to Nixon re talks; to
          Herter re Castro & Guantanamo; to Leo McPherson re DDE comment on Karl
          Marx & U.S. middle class; Ralph McGill re column labelled, "Which Way
          Conservatism;" paper on Panama Canal Co.; to Edgar Eisenhower re
          education of public re trend toward paternalistic government]

  54      Telephone Calls October 1960  [Ambassador Douglas re support for Nixon &
          need to campaign in Harlem; Herter to DDE re King Hussein & Middle East;
          Sukarno, Macmillan, Khrushchev, New Zealand Prime Minister Walter Nash;
          Robert Anderson re UN & Khrushchev]

          Schedules October 1960 (1) (2)

          Toner Notes October 1960

          Diary November 1960  [to Attorney General Rogers re allegations of fraud
          in election; DDE 11/19/52 visit with Truman; DDE intentions of
          expressing political beliefs after leaving office; premature telegrams
          to Kennedy & Johnson; figures on birthday gifts & messages to DDE
          (1960); election summary; telegrams re New Orleans school integration;
          note re Nelson Rockefeller; memo re Poland's financial obligations; memo
          re recognition of junta in El Salvador; Diary entry re DDE conversation
          with Milton Eisenhower on Kennedy's victory, also mention of outflow of
          gold; William Rogers on Bobby Kennedy; Diary entry summarizing DDE's
          campaign activities; DDE & Nixon telephone conversation; DDE letter to
          Lord Ismay re war memoirs; notes on conversation between DDE & General
          Persons re Kennedy victory; Dan Gainy message commenting on religious
          bigotry & Kennedy promotion of it, also labor influence on Kennedy]

          Briefings November 1960

          Staff Notes November 1960  [DDE meeting with Richard Byrd & family (son
          of Senator Harry Byrd); memo of conference-DDE, Secretary Anderson,
          Secretary Gates and others re balance of payments, overseas dependents,
          military assistance to Belgium, Italy, and Netherlands; memo of
          conversation, DDE & Venezuelan Foreign Minister]

          Schedules November 1960

          DDE Dictation November 1960  [to Arthur Morris commenting on Morris'
          address re Communist danger, underdeveloped countries & economy; to
          George Murphy re 1960 election; to Mrs. O.W. Bryngelson re Electoral
          College & election; to Richard & Pat Nixon re election & personal plans;
          to Clark Gable re heart attack]

          Toner Notes November 1960  [Volta Project; sewage treatment facilities &
          Federal Water Pollution Act; X-15; consumer prices; ionosphere
          satellite; Latin America; Cuban refugees; unemployment]

          Telephone Calls November 1960  [to General Decker re assignment for
          General Goodpaster; Herter to DDE re trip to Europe with Kennedy;
          Russians, & Geneva; nuclear talks; to General Persons re balance of
          payments; telephone conversation--Kennedy & Nixon re appointment of
          Lodge & Dillon to foreign policy posts; Nixon to DDE re campaign]

          Schedule-December 1960

 Box#      Contents
  55      Briefings December 1960

          Staff Notes December  [1960]  [memo of conference--DDE, Stans, Staats,
          and others re Budget message; guide for Federal representatives on
          interstate water compact commission; memo of conference, DDE & Antoine
          Yameogo, Director of Treasury of Upper Volta, re Volta River Project &
          miscellaneous; memo re David Sarnoff & U-2 show; DDE meeting with
          Congressman John Byrnes re Republican party plans & programs;
          Congressman Bill Widnall (New Jersey) meeting with DDE; DDE meeting with
          Synagogue Council of America--discuss Zionist movement, Jewish
          community, & Suez crisis; John Eisenhower list of issues of
          Administration years for briefing; presentation of plaque embodying
          Coatesville Declaration to DDE; Congressman Bill Ayres (Ohio) meeting
          with DDE; memo of meeting, DDE & H. Roemer McPhee re Comptroller
          General's cut-off of funds for Office of Inspector General, mutual
          security, Dept of State; DDE meeting with Clovis Byers & W. Allen Wallis
          re Council for Economic Growth & Security, Inc.; DDE meeting, Secretary
          Anderson and others, re FY 61 Budget; Robert Anderson memo re 1961

          DDE Dictation December 1960  [to C.D. Jackson re DDE writing plans;
          letters of appreciation to members of White House Secret Service detail;
          to William Rogers re unconstitutionality of legislation prohibiting
          Inspector General of ICA to be paid unless President turns over all ICA
          reports made to him to congressional committee; to Livingston Merchant
          re choice of successor to Secretary State Dulles; to Herter asking
          questions re nations independent since 1945; report on State Dept.
          operation; to President-elect Kennedy re use of Government plane,
          retention of General Goodpaster; to Douglas Dillon opposing Dillon's
          acceptance of Treasury post under Kennedy; briefing papers re meeting
          with Kennedy; memo for Secretary of Treasury re illicit liquor 

          Telephone Calls December 1960  [Cliff Roberts to DDE re Douglas Dillon
          as Secretary of Treasury under Kennedy; Dillon to DDE re Kennedy &
          fiscal stability; remainder of folder merely lists of calls]

          Toner Notes December 1960  [strikes; income for aged; international
          finance; American flag tankers; economy; international payments; mine
          safety; Trinity power plant; sugar quotas; housing; Buy American

          Briefings January 1961

          Telephone Calls January 1961  [lists of callers]

          Staff Notes January 1961  [Phillip Ray proposal for taxing unrepatriated
          income of foreign US business operations; fact sheets--1962 Budget;
          memo, Frederic Morrow to Persons, re position with Doubleday & Co.;
          remainder of folder classified as of December 1975]

          DDE Dictation January 1961  [answers to questions submitted by Montclair
          High School history class re Government, Presidency, etc.; to Paul
          Hoffman re Marshall Plan, support of DDE for Presidency, work in UN; to
          Robert Anderson expressing gratitude for service; to Mrs. George C.
          Marshall--personal pleasantries; to Sam Rayburn--birthday & thanks for
          help; Ismay letter to DDE re Winston Churchill & WWII strategy; to
          Douglas Dillon re Dillon's acceptance of Treasury post; letters to Queen
          Elizabeth--personal thanks; to S. Adams-personal pleasantries]

          Toner Notes January 1961  [information on compilation of Staff Notes;
          FAA transfer of power; Blue Scout missile launch; atomic reactor
          accident; Lockheed Electras; scientific research; civil defense;
          military standardization; Caribou aircraft; agriculture; First automated
          post office; Jt. American Republics Combat Training Exercise;
          international finance]

          Schedules January 1961

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