PAPERS, 1931-1967

Processed by: DJH
Date Completed: July 1973

The papers of C.D. Jackson were deposited in the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library in February 1972. On December 15, 1971, Mrs. C.D. Jackson executed an instrument of gift for these papers.

Linear feet: 36
Approximate number of pages: 77,000
Approximate number of items: 30,000
The donor reserves to herself all literary property rights in all writings of the late C.D. Jackson in all papers donated to the United States under terms of this instrument or which may be included in other collections of papers deposited in the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library.

By agreement with the donor the following classes of documents will be withheld from research use:

  1. Papers relating to the family and private business affairs of the late C.D. Jackson.
  2. Papers relating to the family and private business affairs of other persons who had correspondence with him.
  3. Papers relating to investigations of individuals or to appointments and personnel matters.
  4. Papers containing statements made by or to the late C.D. Jackson in confidence unless in the judgment of the Director of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library the reason for the confidentiality no longer exists.
  5. All other papers, which contain information or statements that might be used to injure, embarrass or damage any living person.
  6. Papers the opening of which might be prejudicial to the conduct of current foreign relations.

Special Restriction:

Permission of Time Incorporated is required to cite or quote materials originated by any individual in his capacity as an official of Time Incorporated.


The papers of Charles Douglas Jackson cover the period from 1931 to 1967 but the bulk falls into the years from 1940-1964. The papers were sent to the Eisenhower Library arranged in two series: an army file and a general file. This original order has been retained by the Library.

Almost a fourth of this collection concerns C.D. Jackson's psychological warfare activities during World War II when Jackson, representing the Office of War Information (OWI), served as Deputy Chief, Psychological Warfare Branch (PWB), Allied Forces Headquarters (AFHQ) in 1943, and Deputy Chief, Psychological Warfare Division (PWD), Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF), 1944-45. At AFHQ in Algiers, he directed OWI propaganda leaflet and newswriting activities, and in London with PWD, SHAEF, he participated in Allied efforts to arouse the conquered people of Europe against the Germans. During the late stages of the war Jackson directed the Allied Information Service which distributed information about the Allies' war efforts to France and other liberated areas.

This portion of the collection consists of official correspondence, memoranda, cables, reports, and propaganda leaflets which reflect the shaping of Allied psychological warfare policies, as well as some personal correspondence, newsclippings, and miscellaneous materials. Important subjects include propaganda methods, Allied liberation of France and relations with the French, information control in Allied- occupied Germany, OWI functions, civil affairs, displaced persons, and the surrender of Italy. Prominent "psychwar" personnel with whom C.D. Jackson corresponded include Richard Crossman, Brigadier General Robert McClure, Edward Barrett, and Fred Auberjonois.

The remainder of these papers fall into an alphabetically arranged General File or Time Inc. File which spans Jackson's career with Time Inc. from 1931 to his death in 1964. Following is a partial list of his positions and functions during this period: Vice President, Time Incorporated, 1940; President of Council for Democracy, 1940; Special Assistant to the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey, 1942-43; President of the Free Europe Committee (this directed Radio Free Europe) 1951-52; Speechwriter for Dwight D. Eisenhower during his campaign for the Presidency in 1952; Special Assistant to the President for International Affairs, 1953-54; U.S. Delegate to the Ninth General Assembly of the United Nations, 1954; speechwriter and consultant to President Eisenhower during the Lebanon Crisis of 1958; and unofficial consultant to the President on other occasions.

In his long career with Time Incorporated Jackson served as one of Henry Luce's vice presidents; supervised overseas activities of Time Inc. during the late 1940s; became publisher of Fortune and, later, Life; gave numerous speeches; and conducted other public relations functions. Some of these activities are reflected in his correspondence with Henry Luce and John K. Jessup, as well as in his extensive speech file.

Jackson was an ardent believer in the virtues of American democracy and free enterprise and a staunch opponent of communism and fascism. As President of the Council for Democracy in 1940, he participated in an organization whose objectives were to alert American people to the threats of nazism and fascism and to prepare them for involvement in World War II. Included in these papers are meeting minutes, memoranda, and correspondence concerning this organization.

After World War II Jackson became strongly sympathetic to the plight of Eastern European countries under communist domination and was an active participant in Radio Free Europe from the time of its founding in 1949 until his death in 1964. Folders of official Radio Free Europe papers as well as correspondence with individuals in the organization comprise a small but significant part of this collection.

As Special Assistant to the President for International Affairs, Jackson was concerned with furnishing ideas to the President, the Secretary of State, and other policy makers on scoring propaganda points against the Soviet bloc. In carrying out this role, Jackson took the lead in preparing President Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace speech which the President gave at the United Nations on December 8, 1953. Jackson also helped prepare other foreign policy speeches, participated in National Security Council and Operations Coordinating Board meetings, and attended the Bermuda Conference in December 1953 and the Berlin Four Power Conference, January 25 to February 18, 1954.

Although he resigned from the White House staff in 1954, Jackson continued to correspond and occasionally consult with President Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles, and others in the Administration and, in 1958, returned to the White House to serve as a consultant and speechwriter for the President during the Lebanon crisis. In his correspondence, Jackson continually pushed a plan for massive United States economic assistance to underdeveloped countries.

In addition to his political, diplomatic, and publishing activities, Jackson participated in numerous business, cultural, and social undertakings. For example, as a member of the Board of Trustees for the U.S. Council of the International Chamber of Commerce he was an energetic participant in this organization's efforts to promote business support for the European Recovery program during the late 1940s and early 1950s. As a member of the board of the Metropolitan Opera Association he helped plan for a new building site, and was involved in planning for the construction of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Jackson was also on the boards of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the United Negro College Fund, and the Carnegie Corporation.

Jackson's papers reflect all of the above-listed activities of Jackson as well as many others. Types of material include official and personal correspondence, reports, memoranda, transcripts of conversations, speeches, and some printed matter. An important segment is entitled "Log" and is arranged by years (1953 to 1964). This log originated as a brief daily record dictated by Jackson during his first year at the White House. After he left the government this log became more of a file for especially important correspondence, memos, and transcripts of conversations. It may be said that this log contains a record of the highlights of the years concerned.

A large number of photographs were removed from this collection and turned over to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Audio- Visual Collection.

Description of Series

Container Nos. Series 1-22 Army File, 1943-45. 22 Containers. Arranged alphabetically by name or subject and consists of correspondence, memoranda, cables, reports, directives, leaflets, surveys, and printed matter. Boxes 15-22 contain reduced photographic copies of documents. Includes a half-suitbox of oversize material.

23-96 General File or Time Inc. File, 1931-1967. 74 boxes. Arranged alphabetically by name or subject. Contains correspondence memoranda, reports, transcripts of conversations, speeches, newsclippings, and printed matter. Includes one suitbox containing a scrapbook.

Biographical Note

1902, March 16  Born, New York City

1924            A.B., Princeton University

1924-31         President, C.D. Jackson & Co. [marble and stone 
                     import business]

1931            Appointed Assistant to President of Time Inc.

1940            President of Council for Democracy

1942-43         Special Assistant to U.S. Ambassador to Turkey 

1943-44         Deputy Chief, P.W.B., AFHQ

1944-45         Deputy Chief, PWD, SHAEF

1945            Managing Director, Time-Life International

1949            Publisher, Fortune Magazine

1951-52         President, Free Europe Committee

1952            Speechwriter for Dwight D. Eisenhower

1953-54         Special Assistant to President for 
                     International Affairs

1954            U.S. Delegate to Ninth General Assembly, United 

1958            Speechwriter and consultant to President 

1960            Became publisher of Life Magazine

1964, Sept. 18  Died, New York City

Container List

Box No.     Contents

    1              ARMY FILE
          Aachen--Paris [Proposed Aachen newspaper]
          Adams, Mat--Paris [Info. on propaganda & newsprint 
            supply for N.W. Europe]
          Algiers--London (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) [PWB; Sardinia; 
            Italy; France]
          Allied Publications Board--Algiers [for Italy, 
            Sicily, and Sardinia]
          American Embassy--Paris
          Art of War [Sun Tzu on Art of War]
          "A" Day--Paris [coordination of announcement re 
            cessation of organized resistance in Germany]

    2     Atrocities--Paris (1)(2)(3)
          Auberjonois, Fred [OWI Publications, etc.]
          Baden, Colonel  Paris
          Barrett, Edw.  London
          Basic PWB- AFHQ (1)(2)(3) [operations & techniques]
          Blakeney, C.C.  London
          Brussels-Paris [PWD activities in liberated 
          Cables-Directive AGWAR- PWB AFHQ
          Cables-Operation AGWAR- PWB AFHQ
          Cables- Outgoing- AGWAR- PWB AFHQ (1)(2)

Box No.     Contents
    3     Caen  Paris
          Cairo-Algiers [operations of Cairo office of OWI] 
          Chambers, Alan  Paris [control of German info]
          Cherbourg  Paris
          Cheronnet, Mr.  Paris
          Chevalier, Mr.  Paris
          Cinema, Paris [distribution and showing of films in 
            liberated countries] (1)(2)
          Civil Affairs  Paris
          Civil Affairs  London
          Communications  Paris
          Conant, Luther  Paris
          Correspondents  Paris
          Crossman, R.H.S.  Algiers [PWB propaganda techniques]
          Crossman  London [PWD propaganda toward Germany]
          Crossman, R.H.S.  Paris [Germany under Allied 
          Davenport Piece
          De Beer, Gavin  Paris
          De Beer, Gavin  London
          Deputies- London (1)(2)
          Dilliard, Irving  Paris

    4     Directories- Personnel  Paris & London (1)(2)
          Displaced Persons  Paris
          Dodds-Parker, Douglas  Algiers
          Dragoon  London     
          Drummond-Wolff, Lt. Col.  Paris
          Duff-Cooper  Paris
          Eisenhower, General  Paris
          Executive Office  Paris
          Fabius  London
          FFI  Paris [French Forces of the Interior]
          First Army  Paris
          Food Rationing and Black Market  Paris
          French  London
          French Relations  Paris (1)(2)
          Fried, Major  Paris
          Galitzine, Yurka N.  Paris
          Guignebert, Jean  Paris
          Halpern, Ensign  London
          Halpern, Ensign  Paris
          Hamblet, Phil  Algiers
          Hamblet, Phil  London
          Hart, Schaffner & Marx  Paris
          [Herbert, Mervyn]
          Holland  London
          Hollander, Richard [includes report on Psywar 
    5     Hope, Lt. Col. Henry  London
          Huijsman, Major  Paris
          Huot, Louis  Paris
          Intelligence (1)(2)  Paris
          Inter-Office  London
          Inter-Office Memos  Paris
          Istanbul  Algiers
          Kaufman, Frank
          Kehm, Colonel--- London
          Kehm, Colonel  Paris
          Krimsky, John  Paris
          Leaflets, SHAEF
          Leaflets - SHAEF Paper  Paris
          Leaflets  Algiers (1)(2)(3)
    6     Leaflets  Algiers (4)(5)(6)
          Leaflets  Paris (1)(2)(3)(4)
          Leaflets  - Garey Report-Western European Theater 
          Leafelt Shell- Algiers
          Lee, Brig. S.S.  Paris
          Le Mans  Paris

    7     Le Petre, J.  Paris
          Linen, James Algiers [OWI activities; Psywar plans 
            for Balkans]
          Lockhart, Bruce  London
          London  Algiers
          London Situation  Algiers
          Luxembourg  Paris
          Lyon, Fred  Algiers
          Mayer, Gerald  Paris
          McClure, General  London
          McClure, General  Paris (1)(2) [psywar; French 
            relations; (cont.)     occup. of Germany, etc.]
          McClure, Robt. A.- Party File
          Middle-East  Algiers
          Mitchell-Innes, Col.  London
          Morgan, Lt. Gen. F.  Paris
          Neville, Brig. A. G.  Paris
          New York Times CDJ Piece [re psywar]
          New York- Trip from Paris  Paris [French relations; 
            hist. of PWB; OWI activities]
          Newspapers-  Paris
          Newsprint  Paris
          Norway  Paris
          Norwegians  London
          Overlord  London

    8     OWI- Paris  Paris
          OWI- Paris Minutes  Paris
          OWI- USA London
          OWI- USA  Paris
          OWI- London  Paris
          OWI- Misc [termination of OWI; proposed postwar 
            international info. programs]
          Paley, William  Paris [info. on control in occupied 
          Paris City  Paris [PWD participation in Paris 
          Parker, Robert  Algiers
          Personnel  Paris
          Proclamation  London [re D-Day]
          Photo  Paris [PWD Photo section activities]
          Policies  Paris

    9     Powell, Colonel  Paris
          Press  Paris
          Psych. Warfare
          Publications and Display  Paris (1)(2)
          PWB- AFHQ  Paris
          PWB-PWD Story  Paris
          PWD Reports  Paris
          PWD Reports- CDJ  Paris
          PWD Rear  Paris [inc. propaganda re attempted 
            assassination of Hitler; plans for info control in 

   10     PWE Plan  Algiers
          Pye Receivers  Paris
          Radio and Public Address  Paris (1)(2)
          Rennes  Paris [Displaced Persons; A.I.S.]
          Routh, Dennis  Paris
          Salembier, Mr.  Paris [inc. essay on prop. during 
          Scheftel, Stuart  Paris
          Sherwood, Robt.  Algiers
          Sherwood, Robert- London
          Schneider, Douglas  Paris
          Scott-Bailey, Col.  [empty]
          SHAEF Mission  Paris [report on PWD & AIS operations 
            in Paris]
          Smith, Hamilton K.  London
          Smith, Gen. Walter Bedell
          Special Operations Committee  London
          Stars and Stripes
          Stone, Thomas  London
          Strasbourg  Paris [re American withdrawal and German 
          Survey  Paris  [French public opinion]

   11     Section GLE Information [package removed from folder 
            Salembier, Mr.]
   12     Talisman  London [plans for occup. of Germany, 
            Austria & liberated countries]
          Taylor, Davidson  Paris
          Telecon  Paris
          Tripartite Committee  London
          Twelfth Army Group [ Polish propaganda]
          Twenty-One Army Group  London
          UNRRA  Paris
          U.S. Group Control Council  Paris [control of info. 
            in occupied Germany]
          Vanier, General  Paris
          Needed From War Files  Alphabetical Order as in file 
            (1)(2)(3) [inc. corres. re Russian D.Ps.]
          Le Peuple Russe et La Guerre Par Jean Champenois 
            [book manuscript]

   13     Subseries - Personal War Files - 1944-45
          Jackson, C.D.- Personal Addresses and Cards
          Jackson, C.D.- Personal Photogrpahs
          Chase Bank
          Jackson, C.D.-Personal Identification cards, etc.
          Jackson, C.D.-Personal Bills
               "     "    Government
               "               "    Miscellaneous
               "     "    Correspondence Time, Inc.

   14     Jackson, C.D.-Personal Correspondence (1)(2)
          Psych. Warfare Interview w. C.D.J.
                    Miscellaneous Subseries
          [Les Atrocities Commises Par Les Polonais contre Les 
            Allemands de Pologne] [German propaganda written in 
            French] [Manual for the control of German 
            information services]
          [Final report of the publications & display section 
            of the 6805 Allied Information Service Group]
          [Psychological warfare in the Mediterranean Theater]

   15     [Air Objective folder, Manchuria areas (maps, 
            information on bombing targets)]
          [Air Objective folder, Tokuyama Area, Japan]
          [Cauup de Juifs, Flossberg, 1945]
          [News accounts of V-E Day]
          [Distribution of "Overt" publications in Germany]
          [The German News Agency and the News]
          [Surveys of public opinion held in Sicily Nov. 1943-
            Jan. 1944]
          [La Bete est Morte] (Allied Propaganda)
          [P.W.B. combat propaganda pamphlets]

   16     London Addresses [address cards]
          Africa-  Paris
          Addresses-  Paris
                    Photostats Subseries
          Allied Control Commission
          Allied Publications Board
          15th, 8th, 7th Army Group
          Auberjonois, Fred
          Austrian Propaganda

   17     Avalanche- Baytown
          Azores- Portugal
          Bari Mission
          Barrett, Ed.
          Bigot, Pysche Husky
          Bing, Major
          Blankenhorn, Major
          Bogomolov, Alexander
          Brazilian Military Mission
          British War Office
          Bureau of Budget
          Cameron, Norman
          Civil Affairs
          Commissaire a L'Information
          Corsican Leaflets
          Cosgrove, George W.
          De Chassey, Colonel
          Dodds-Parker, Lt. Col. D.
          Eisenhower, General
          Film Sicilian- Italian

   18     Food Situation in Italy
          Foord, Lt. Col.
          Frantz, Jules
          French Comite of Nat'l Liberation
          French Propaganda
          Fyvel  Tosco
          Galsworthy, Major
          German Leaflet
          Gilmore, Otto
          Hagelin Machines
          Hazeltine, Colonel
          Head, Major
          Holmes, Brig. Gen.
          Herz, Captain
          Howard, Hubert
          Inter-Office Administration
               "     "   Basic News
             "     "   "D" Section
               "     "   Film
               "     "   Hamilton
               "     "   Monitoring

   19     Inter-Office Photo Shop
                "     "    Print Shop
               "     "    Publication
               "     "    Radio
               "     "    Radio Technical
          Italian Armistice
          Italian Declaration of War
          Italian King Speech
          Italian Radio
          Italian Restoration of Territory
          Italian Situation [inc. OWI plan for Bulgaria]
          Kennedy, Ed.
          Lehrman, Hal
          Martelli, George
          Mathiev, G.A.

   20     McChrystal, Col.
          McClure, R.A.
          Middle East Broadcasting Coordinating Board
          Military Government Section
          Mobile Units
          Morgenthau, Henry
          Ian Munro
          Newspaper Censorship
          O.W.I.  New York
          Pales Press Company, Ltd.
          Paley, William
          Panella, Virgilio
          Prisoner Interrogation
          P.W.B. Mentions
          P.W.B. Results
          Radio Bari
          Radio Palermo
          Radio Tunis
          Readers Digest

   21     Sicily
          Soresi, Carl
          Soong, Norman
          Stars and Strips
          Taylor, George F.
          Terraccini, Enrico
          Thornhill, Colonel
          Torris, Monsieur
          Two Generals [DeGaulle & Giraud]
          Tyler, Wm.
          United Nations Radio
          Waldberg, Patrick
          Walmsley, A.
          Whitaker, John
          Williamson, David

   22     War Criminals
          Sample Copies


   23     AA- AL Misc. [inc. speech by Pres. Truman]
          AMF- AZ- Misc.
          Abu Simbel- Amer. Comm. to Preserve & Misc. [Egyptian 
          Action [American Council to Improve Our 
            Neighborhoods, Inc.]
          Adamic, Louis [material on Adamic's book- Two-Way 
            Passage, Pub. 1941 as proposal for U.S. aid to 
            provisional govt. opposing Hitler]
          Adams, Mat [includes report on proposed Voice of 
            America Station in Liberia]
          Adams, Sherman  Book & Life Neg.
          Adams, Governor Sherman [includes corres. re 
            politics, diplomatic matters, McCarthy, postal 
            rates, disarmament, etc.]
          Adenauer, Konrad [corresp. re Time reporting and 
            alleged attitude of "pulling away from America"]
          Adler, Larry
          Advertising Council Inc. [re World Trade Campaign, 
          Agar, Herbert [fight for freer trade; loan for 
            British, 1946]

   24     Airplane
          Alexander, Roy [inc. memoranda from CDJ to Alexander 
            re such foreign policy matters as Geneva, Quemoy 
            and Matsu, etc.]
          Allyn, A. Merrill
          America (n) Misc. [American aid to France & other 
            internationalist organizations]
          A.N.T.A. [American National Theatre and Academy; 
            internat'l exchange program]
          Anderson, Dillon
          Andrews, Paul Shipman [inc. proposal for world 
          Anthony, Edw.
          Arab Affairs
          Ardrey, Robert
          Asia Foundation
          Atlantic Council [re promotion of unity of Atlantic 
          Atomic Fund
          Atomic Industrial Forum
          Atoms for Peace- Evolution (1) [development of DDE's 
            speech at U.N. General Assembly Dec. 8, 1953]
   25     Atoms for Peace- Evolution (2)(3)
          Auberjonois, Fernand [includes evaluation of 
            DeGaulle; Voice of America]
          Ba-Misc. [inc. Time Inc. material on Dixon-Yates]
          Bb- Be- Misc.
          Bf- Bl- Misc.
          Bm-Bo-Misc. [inc. corres. from Chester Bowles]
          Bs-Bz-Misc. [inc. Nat'l Committee for Free Europe, 
            Inc. memorandum of refugee program]
          Baker, Edgar [inc. CDJ's observations on Cold War and 
            U.S. Govt. cold war planning]
          Baldwin, Joseph Clark
          Baldwin, Wm. H. [American Museum of Immigration]
          Barnard, J.L.
          Barnard, T. L. [magazines, books for UNESCO]
   26     Barnett, Frank - Richardson Foundation [addresses on 
            cold war strategy]
          Barrett, Edward W. [Asst. Sec. of State for Public 
            Affairs, 1950-52; inc. material on Korea]
          Barringer, John Paul
          Beau, Gen. & Mrs. Lucas V.
          Beaver (Foreign Econ. Policy) (1)(2)(3)(4) [inc. 
            Jackson's (cont.)     proposals for new U.S. For. 
            Econ. Policy; draft of proposed Presidential 
          Benetti, Mr. Jean
          Beekman, Frederick W. [corres re American Students 
            and Artists Center; radio address on War in Europe, 
          Bell, Dan

   27     Belmont, August Mrs.
          Benet, Stephen Vincent [inc. Benet's views on labor's 
            lack of good publicity during 1940s]
          Benton, William [re U.S. propaganda operations]
          Bergman, Alfred
          Berkshire Evening Eagle
          Berle, Adolf A. Jr. & Mrs. [Guatamalan Affairs, 1963]
          Berlin--Basics & working Papers [meetings of Foreign 
            ministers, Jan - Feb. 1954]
          Berlin--Restricted Sessions Transcripts
          Berlin--Austrian Negotiations
          Berlin--Directories & Misc. (1)(2)
          Berlin--Dulles Post-conference report to nation
          Berlin--Plenary session transcripts (1)
   28     Berlin--Plenary Session Transcripts (2)(3)(4)(5)
          Bernhard, H.R.H. Prince (1)(2) [inc. Bernhard report 
            on European-American relations; Coleman Committee 
            report on American attitudes toward Europe; corres 
            with John Coleman; background of Bilderberg 
          Bernstein, David
          Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel & Mrs. [inc. ltr. by CDJ re 
            NCFE Psychwar activities]
          Biddle, Eric H.

   29     Bilderberg- 1964 [unofficial meetings of leading 
            citizens in govt. and industry in U.S., Europe, & 
            Canada for discussions of international problems]
          Bilderberg- 1962-63
               "        1958-9-60-61 (1)(2)
               "        1957
               "        Group

   30     Bishop, Amb. Max [U.S. Ambassador to Thialand]
          Bogdan, Norbert [discussion of China in 1946; defense 
            plan for South America, 1940]
          Bohemian Grove
          Bolander, Tage [re Time-Life InterNat'l activities]
          Books Dept.
          Boston Symp. Orch. 1964
          Boston Symphony 1962-63
          Boston Symphony 1959-60-61
          Boston Symphony 1957-8
          Boston Symphony 1953-4-1955-56
          Boston Symphony 1952-54
          Boston Symphony 1951
          Brant, Joseph E.
          Breck, Henry
          Brookings Institution-Admin.-Changeover [study of 
            presidential transition]
          Browder, Edw.
          Brown, Earl

   31     Brown, John Mason
          Brown, Irving [Congress of Journalists in Exile, 
            Berlin, 1952]
          Brown, Lt. Col. Robert
          Brownell, Herbert
          Bruckberger, R.L.  1961-62-63-64 [inc. observations 
            on DeGaulle, Kennedy, French politics]
          Bruckberger, R.L.  1958-9-60
          Bruckberger, Rev. R.L.  1955-6-7
          Bruckberger to '54
          Bruner, Jerome
          Bryson, Lyman
          Bufalini, Alberto
          Burnett, Leo [re advertising; Republican image]
          Burt, Hardy
          Byrd, Richard [re Council for Democracy]

   32     Cm-Co-Misc.
          Cp-CZ-Misc. [inc. discussion of Israel]
          Canfield, Cass Jr.
          Carnegie Corporation
          Carroll, Pete [Trieste, OCB, NSC, Psychological 
            aspects of foreign policy]
          Carter, Edw. E.
          Catholic Church
          Centre de Relations Internationales
          Century Club
          Chace, William
          Chadsey, Carl [re Anti-Communist Russian emigree 
          Chavchavadze, David
          Chiang Kai-Shek-Mme Chiang [re Chiang's book Soviet 
            Russian in China]
          China-America Council
          Churchill, Winston
          Citizen's Committee for the Public Schools
          Citizens for Victory [successor to Committee to 
            Defend America by Aiding the Allies; concerns 
            homefront activities during WWII]
   33     Citizens Union
          Civil Defense [re status of civil defense 
            preparations at Time Inc.]
          Cleveland Forum [Forum on World Affairs sponsored by 
            Time Inc. for Jan 1947]
          Coatesville Conf.
          Cohrssen, Hans [re internat'l information]
          Coleman Committee -see also Bernhard, H.R.H. Prince 
            [Committee for a Nat'l Trade Policy]
          Colonial Club
          Colony Manufacturing Co.
          Columbia Broadcasting Co.
          Committee for a Free Asia
          Committee for a Jewish Army
          Communications Committee [Time Inc. material]
          Comte, Gilbert
          Cone, Fairfax
          Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion
          Comm. on Foreign Trade ed. [re contributions; 
          Campaign for Org. for Trade Cooperation; problems of 
          Coleman Committee]
          Corbett, Leonora [re organization to est. bi-nat'l 
            state in Israel]
          Council for Democracy Files
          Council for Democracy-  "America's Free Schools"
               "     "     "     Angell, E. '45
               "     "     "     Board of Directors meeting 

   34     Council For Democracy-     Broadcasts
               "     "     "     Bryson, Lyman
               "     "     "     Clippings
               "     "     "     "Defense on Main Street"
               "     "     "     Executive Committee '45 [40-42]
               "     "     "     "A Fighting Faith"
               "     "     "     Financing Defense
               "     "     "     Friedrich
               "     "     "     Fund raising

   35          "     "     "     Future Plans
               "     "     "     Pamphlets-Misc. (1)(2)
               "     "     "     Speeches
               "     "     "     Misc.

   36     Council For Democracy- Scrapbook
   37     Council For Democracy- Voorhis Act
               "     "     "      - Watt, Robert
          Council on Foreign Relations
          Council For Int'l Progress in Management, Inc. 
          Cross & Co.-See Webb & Knapp
          Crossman, R.H.S. [corres. re British-U.S. relations; 
           British politics; cold war, etc. late '40s and early 
          Cruikshank, Robin [corres re British politics in late 
          General Robert Cutler
          Da- Misc.  [Inc. corres bet. Jackson and John 
           Davenport re U.S. foreign policy and economic 
          De-Dn-Misc [inc. memorandum by Arthur Dean on U.N. 
           Law of the Sea Conf. 1958]
          Daily Worker [attacks on CDJ]
          David, Jean Paul [French anti-Communist posters]
          d, de, del, -A-L de la

   38     d, de, del, de la- M-Z
          De Benouville, Gen. Pierre
          De Fels, Marthe [re creation of French edition of 
          De Gualle, Chas. [U.S. relations with De Gaulle inc. 
           WWII background]
          DeJanikus, Dimitri
          Dennon, Leon
          De Saxce, Francois
          Cte. & Ctesse Robert De Vogue
          Dept. of Commerce- Committee on Latin America
          Dept. of State  Se also:  For. Service League
          De Pury, Edward [Inc. corres. re politics & diplomacy 
           in 1949]
          der Spiegel
          Dickinson College
          Dillon, C. Douglas [inc. letter on European sixes and 
          Dimick, John [re preservation of Egyptian monuments 
           threatened by Aswan Dam]
          Disarmament [inc. reports & outlines of disarmament 
          Divina, Vallav & Family
          Dixon, George F.
          Dodd-Parker, Douglas [member of British Parliament]
          Dodge, Jos. M [Dixon-Yates, foreign economic policy]
   39     Dohrn, Klaus (1)(2)(3)(4) [reports by Time-Life 
           International reporter on European politics, 
           especially Germany]
          Dolan, Patrick [re Nigerian politics]
          Doorly, John W.
          Doris Duke Foundation - 1953-4-5-6-7
          Dougherty, Wm. [inc. observations of former Foreign
          Services officer on life in Russia]
          Douglas-Hamilton, Natalie
          Drogheda, Earl of (Garrett Moore)
          Duchacek, Ivo

   40     Dulles, Allen [corres. re psyc. warfare; liberation; 
           Hungarian Revolt & aftermath & Pro-Deo]
          Dulles, John Foster [Berlin Conf.-1954; Hungarian 
           credentials; Africa; Middle East; World Economic 
           Policy; question of passports to China; Korea]
          "Dunkirk" & Related Projects 1947 (1)(2) [re private 
           aid to Europe from U.S. cities]
          Dupuy, Jean
          E-Misc. [corres. re Korean War; British policy toward 
           India in WWII]
          Edman, George
   41     Eisenhower, Pres. Dwight D.--Speeches & Messages 
          Eisenhower, Dwight D.-Corres thru 1956 [Hungary; 
           Middle East; World Econ. Policy; Germany; 1952 
           Campaign] (1)(2)
          Eisenhower, Pres. Corresp. 1957-8-1959 [Hungarian 
           credentials; psy. warfare; DeGaulle Khrushchev visit 
           to U.S.] (1)(2)(3)
          Eisenhower, Pres. Corresp. 1960-61 [mutual security; 
           Khrushchev; misc. personal corres.] (1)(2)
   42     Eisenhower, Pres. Corresp. 1960,61-62-63 [corres. re 
           People-to-People; personal corres.]
          Eisenhower, Pres. D.D. -Corresp. 1964 to end. [re 
           1964 campaign; CDJ's illness]
          Elser, Max
          Emmet, Christopher
          English Speaking Union
          Epstein, Julius
          Ewing, Rev. J. Franklin (Fordham)
          Fa-Fra-Misc. [inc. reports on Cuba, Guatemala, 
           Eastern Europe]
          Fabian, Dr. Bella [member exec. comm. of Hungarian 
           Nat'l Council]
          Fairlee, Joe (Gerard)
          Far East-America Council [inc. memorandum discussing 
           aspects of European Recovery Act and Truman 
          Fehr, Joe
          Fellowship of U.S. British Comrades
          First Aid for Hungary
          Fistere, John [Fortune reporter; corres re Arab 
           refugees from Palestine]
   43     Foreign Service Educational Foundation [inc. 
           Foundation prepared memoranda on U.S. policy toward 
           Latin America, 1946-49]
          Foreign Service League
          Fox, Matthew
          France and EDC
          Free Cuba Committee
          Free Europe Comm. 1964
           "          "  Committee 1963
          FEC Budget, etc [1963]
          Free Europe 1962
          Free Europe 1961 (1)

   44     Free Europe 1961 (2)
          Free Europe 1960
          Free Europe Comm. 1959
          Free Europe Committee 1958
          Free Europe Committee 1957
          Free Europe Committee thru 1956- Corresp.-Basic (1) 
           [inc. report on Hungarian Revolt, 1956]

   45     Free Europe Committee Correspondence thru 1956 Basic 
          Free Europe Committee - See Also Nat'l Com. For A 
           Free Europe - Radio Free Europe
          Munich Thumbnails- Free Europe Comm 1951
          Free Europe University in Exile- Scholarship Gift
          Freedom Academy - see Orlando Group Also Nat'l 
           Academy of Foreign Affairs
          Freedom House [organization to promote domestic 
           support of war effort during WWII]
          French Hospital
          French Institute
          French, Paul Conly
          Friedrich, Carl J. [corres. re Palestine, occupation 
           of Germany]
          Friends of Democracy [information re extremist 
          Fry, Dr. Charles
          Ga- Gi Misc.

   46     Gaede, Hannah
          Gault, Brig. Sir James F.
          Gj-Gz-Misc. [inc. Council for Democracy material]
          Geffroy, Robert
          Goldberg, Arthur J.
          Goodfriend, Arthur [Time-Life activities; books on 
           Russia and China]
          Goodfriend, Arthur '42-'43 [re development of combat 
           moral program thru graphic portfolio method of 
          Goodpaster, Andrew [re Corregidor-Bataan Memorial]
          Gowan, William
          Graebner, Walter [Time-Life activities; article on 
           Prince Bernhard; British politics]

   47     Great Island Conference [re establishment of private 
           organization to work for peace]
          Great White Fleet (Project Hope) 1964 [Project Hope 
           involved conducting medical education programs 
           abroad thru use of hospital ship S.S. Hope, part of 
           People-to-People Program]
          Great White Fleet 1962-3 (Incl. Project Hope)
          Great White Fleet (Project Hope) [1959-61]
          Grew, Joseph C.
          Griffith, W.E. [Corres. re RFE]
          Gruenther, Gen. Alfred M. [inc. CDJ letter re 
           cancellation of DDE's trip to Japan, 1960]
          He-Hoo-Misc. [inc. corres bet. Townsend Hoopes and 
           CDJ re US-USSR military strategy]
   48     Ha-Misc [inc. impressions of dinner for Averell 
           Harriman, March, 1946]
          Hackett, Helen [re Internat'l arts program]
          Hadley, Arthur [re proposed tactical propaganda 
           company for army & army groups]
          Hagerty, Jas. C
          Hale & Dorr
          Halpern, Nathan
          Halsey, E.P. [advice on investments in stock during 
          Hamblet, Philip
          Harrison, Wallace K.
          Hauge, Gabriel [re porposed Canadian tax on U.S. 
           magazines; foreign trade policy; political warfare]          
          Hausenstein, Renee- Marie [inc. manuscript "The 
           Character of Adenauer"]
          Have, Malcom D. [corres re race problem and Southern 
          Heinz, H.J.
          U.S.S. Helena
          Hendel, Charles W.
          Herling, John

   49     Herter, Chris (Sr.-Jr.) [re projection of U.S. image; 
           Soviet propaganda re U.S. in Korea]
          Hertzberg, Sidney [re proposed Time inc. U.N. bureau]
          Hill, Ambassador Robt. [criticism of Time reporting 
           of events in San Salvador]
          Hobbing, Enno
          Hoffman, Paul [material on foreign aid, trade, and 
           memorandum on subversion and McCarthy]
          Hollander, Richard [corresp. re U.S. politics, 1940s; 
           Hollander's critique of U.S. occup. of Germany]
          Holmes, Ann C.
          Holmes, Amb. Julius
          Holtzmann, Fanny E.
          Hoover, Herbert, Jr. [corres re CDJ's proposed World 
           Economic Policy]
          Hornbeck, Stanley [inc. manuscript of article 
           "Learning the Hard Way in the Far East"]
          Horodecki, Z.
          Hughes, Emmet J. [corres. discussing politics and 
           general foreign policy]
          Hughes, John C. [corres. re Free Europe Comm.]

   49     Humphrey, George M. [CDJ urging Humphrey to support 
           World (cont.)     Econ. Policy]
          Hungarian Olympic Team
          Hungarian Play- See "Shadow of Heroes"
          Huot, Louis [inc. OSS booklet, "Partisan Supply 
           Operation" re Yugoslavia]
          Hyla Process
          Hynes, Joseph
          Ilma, Viola
          Imer, Oscar
          Independent Aid-Oct. 1951  see Doris Duke
          Independent Aid-- Peter Sager Material

   50     Independent Aid 1951
          Independent Aid 1950
          Institute for Democratic Leadership-Plans [re Council 
           for Democracy]
          Institute of Pacific Relations [re Alfred Kohlberg's 
           charges of being pro-communist]
          Institute of Pacific Relations-Report
          Int.'l Exec. Svce Corps- Corresp. -Misc. [Private 
           organization for providing aid, instruction in 
           managerial techniques to developing countries]
          Int'l Exec. Svce Corps- Organization (1)
   51     Int'l Exec. Svce Corps- Organization (2)(3)
          Int'l Exec. Svce Corps- Candidates, Assistance, etc
          International Federation of the Periodical Press
          International Hudson Corp
          Int'l Rescue Committee
          International sports [re U.S. political competition 
           with Soviet Union]
          Italian Businessmen
          Italian Project
          J- Misc. [inc. CDJ's critique of selection of 
           personnel for U.S. delegations to U.N.]
          Jackson, Charles W.
   52     Jackson Committee [re internat'l information 
           activities and cold war strategy]
          Jackson, Wm.H. [corres re Hungary; OCB; cold war]
          Jacob, Betty (Mrs. Philip)
          Jalet, Marius (Jack)
          Japan International Christian University
          Jessup, John K. (Originals In Time Inc. Archives) 
           [suggestions for editorials re Cuba; communism; 
           foreign aid politics; US-USSR relations; UN and 
          John Paul Jones [re film "John Paul Jones" inc. 
           corres from Admiral Chester Nimitz con. script.]
          Jones, George
          Ka-Ki-Misc. [inc. corres from J.M. Kaplan re 
           Communism; corres re Anglo-Iranian dispute, '51; 
           Sen. J.F. Kennedy speech re Poland, 1957; Charles 
           Kersten on communism]
          Kl-Kz-Misc. [corres. re Berlin; Bruno Kreisky]

   53     Kaufman, Frank
          Kersten, Charles
          Kirkpatrick, Lyman
          Korowicz, Marek [Polish defector, 1953]
          Kyes, Roger [discussion of int'l business agency as 
           force of stabilization]
          La-Misc. [re Radio Free Europe report on jamming of 
           BBC broadcasts; Arthur Larson's "A Republican Looks 
           at His Party."]
          Lf-Lz Misc. [corres re Middle East]
          Labin, Suzanne
          Latin America
          Laubach, Dr. Frank C.
          Lazareff, Pierre
          Lazo, Mario
          Lenox Library [1956-64]
               "     "    1950 [to 1956]
               "     "    1949

   54     Lenox Library  Mostly 1947-48; some 1957
          Lerner, Daniel [inc. CDJ discussion of psychwar 
           during WWII]
          Leslie, S.C. [corres re trade with British and other 
           economic matters]
          Levine, Isaac Don
          Lewis, Charles S. [Founder of RIAS]
          Life-"Package" [letter re Life advertising]
          Lincoln Center- 1964
          Lincoln Center- 1963-Misc.
          Linc. Center 1963-Corresp.
          Lincoln Center 1961-1962-Corresp.
          Lincoln Center 1961-1962 Misc.
          Linc. Ctr.- 1960 Misc.
          Lincoln Center 1960 Corresp.
               "     "      1959
               "     "      1958

   55     Lincoln Center 1957
          Lincoln Center- Day-Zimmerman Report 1956 (1)(2) [re 
           feasibility of creating performing arts center in 
           New York City]
          Lincon Sq. Comm. Council 1964 - Corres. etc
          Lincon Sq. Community Council 1962-1963  Corresp. etc
          Lincon Sq. Community Council 1960-61  Corresp. etc.
          Lincoln Sq. Com. Council Board of Dir. Basic & Misc.

   56     L.S.C.C.-Bd. of Directors Meetings Minutes
          Lindsley, Fanshawe (1960)
          Lodge, Henry Cabot, Jr. [re U.N. and Hungary]
          Lodigensky, Alexis A. [re Russian political committee 
           in N.Y.]
          Log- 1953- (Begin 1952 item) (1)(2)
          Log- 1954 [inc. corresp. with Henry Luce and other re 
           foreign affairs]
          Log- 1955 [corres.-H. Luce, N. Rockefeller, George 
          Log- 1956 [corres with H. Luce, DDE, William Jackson]

   57     Log- 1957 [inc. Senate Subcommittee on For. Relations 
           hearings; corr. with H. Luce, Clarence Randall, 
          Log- 1958 [corres with DDE, J.F. Dulles, and others]
          Log- 1959 [corres with DDE, Allen Dulles, J.F. 
           Dulles, Sherman Adams]
          Log- 1960 [inc. corres with DDE & Walt Rostow]
          Log- 1961 [corres. with Walt Rostow]
          Log- 1962-63-1964
          Lowen, Walter A.
          Lowry, Dr. Chas.
          Luce, Clare
          Luce, H.R. 1943-1948 [inc. corres. on DeGaulle & 
           WWII; memoranda on China, USSR, politics, foreign 
          Luce, H.R. 1949-50 [inc. memoranda on domestic-
           foreign policy]
          Luce, H.R. '51-52
          Luce, H.R.-Clare-1953-54 [inc. discussion of 
           IndoChina; memorandum on trade liberalization]
   58     Luce, H.R. 1955 (1)(2)
          Luce, H.R. & Clare 1956 (1)(2)
          Luce, H.R. 1957
          Luce, Henry R. 1958
               "     "      1959-1960
               "     "      1961-62
               "     "      1963-64
   59     Ma-(Misc.)
          Mc (Misc.)
          Me-Mz-Misc. [inc. politics, 1952; 1964]
          Macapagal, Pres. Diosdado
          MacArthur, Gen. Douglas [re publishing of memoirs]
          MacMillan, Harold
          Malagodi, Giovanni
          Manhattan School of Music
          Marshall, Edison
          Martin, David [memorandum on Alger Hiss]
          Masson, Jean
          Mathewson, Richard
          Mayer, Gerald
          Mayer, Herbert

   60     McArdle, Kenneth
          McChrystal, Arthur J. [corres re Austria during occupation]
          McCloy, John J.
          McClure, Robert A. Brig. Gen. [U.S. Milit. Mission to 
           Iran;           Korean War propaganda leaflets; 
           psychological warfare; information control in 
           occupied Germany]
          McKinney, Robert [re atomic energy]
          Merlin [draft of DDE speech at 10th anniv. of signing 
           of U.N. Charter]
          Metropolitan Opera Association-New House Committee-
           Audience Surveys
          Metropolitan Opera- 1964 (see also Lincon ctr)
               "          "     1962-63
               "          "     1960-61 desegregation prob
          Met. Opera-Misc. -1957-58-59
          Met. Opera-New Hse.-Music Center-1955-1956
          Met. Opera-Misc. 1954-1955-56
          Met. New House-Rockefeller

   61     Metropolitan Opera Association-New House Committee-
           Background 1949
          Metropolitan Opera- Columbus Circle Funds
          Met. New Hse-Lincoln Ctr. 1957 see "Lincoln Center"
          Metropolitan Opera Association-New House Committee-
           Corres. 1950
          Met. Opera-Misc. 1953
          Metropolitan Opera-Misc. 1952
               "          "      1951
               "          "      1949-50
               "          "      -Architects and Architecture
               "          "      Association-Misc.
               "          "      Development Committee
          Confidential Reports & Studies Concerning the Opera 
           House Problem
          Metropolitan Opera Association-New House Committee-

   62     Metropolitan Opera Association- Joint Committee (New 
           House & Rehabilitation) Corres. 1950
          Metropolitan Opera Association- New House Committee 
           Corres. 1949
          Met. J.S. White Reports- 1952 (Alterations to Present 
          Metropolitan Opera Association- Joint Committee (New 
           House & Rehabilitation)--Reports
          Metropolitan Opera Association- Rehabilitation 
          Metropolitan Opera Association- New House Committee 
          Metropolitan Opera Association- New House Committee 
          Metropolitan Opera- Sites- Columbus Circle-
          Metropolitan Opera Association- New House Committee- 
           Sites-Central Park South
          Metropolitan Opera--Sites-
          Metropolitan Opera-Sites- Columbus Circle-Moses
          Metropolitan Opera- Columbus Circle Site-Elliman

   63     Metropolitan Opera- Columbus Circle Site
               "          "   - Site- Columbus Circle-Anta
               "          "   -Sites- Columbus Circle-Elliman
          Metropolitan Opera-Sites-Columbus Circle-Misc.
               "          "   New House Committee- Sites- 
                               Washington Square
          Mexican Trip- '40
          Meyer, Cord, Jr.
          Middle East Crisis- Pres. Speech to U.N. 8/13/58 
           Drafts (1)(2)
          Middle East Crisis- Working Papers, Results, etc. 

   64     Milliken, Max [corres. re World Economic Policy]
          Millis, Walter
          M.I.T. Misc.-Visit Com.
          Minary, John
          Moore, (Mrs. Leon)  Sonia
          Moral Rearmament
          Moreau, Mrs. Pierre
          Morgan, Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick
          Morlion- See Pro-Deo
          Morris, Newbold
          Moses, Robert  Commissioner
          Multilateral Force (MLF)
          Murphy, George
          N-(Misc.) [inc. Ferenc Nagy observations on Hungarian 
           uprising, India, and Bandung Conf; C.D. Jackson ltr. 
           to Gerald Noonan re Hungary, Quemoy, and 1960 camp.]
          Nabokov, Nicolas
          Nat'l Academy of Foreign Affairs
   65     N.A.T.O. 59-61
          N.A.T.O. to 1958
          NCFE (Nat'l Committee for a Free Europe) "Black Book"
          NCFE Operation Marshmallow
          NCFE Policy Handbook-RFE
          NCFE-RFE-German Problem
          National Planning Association
          New Leader
          Newsome, Noel

   66     Newton, Ray
          Nichols, William I.
          Vice President Nixon [inc. letter to Nixon re 
          O- Misc. [CDJ memo on Psy. warfare]
          O.I.C. [foreign information service of Dept. of 
          Oldano, Paolo
          "Operation Alert 1957" Literature for members of the 
           Executive Reserve
          Operation Democracy, Inc. [U.S.-European town-to-town 
           aid affiliations]
          Openheimer, J. Robt.
          Orlando Group [re National Academy of Foreign 
          Orlando Comm. (Lincoln-Petkov)
          "Otter" [re world economic policy]

   67     Pa-Misc. [inc. press release of Morehead Patterson 
           statement on U.N. Committee on Disarmament]
          Pe-Pi (Misc.)
          Pl-Pz (Misc.)
          Paepcke Project-Aspen
          Page, Arthur W. [RFE-NCFE activities]
          Paine, Natalie- 56 etc.  See Douglas-Hamilton, 
          Paley, William S.
          Panguian, H. [corres. re Greece and France in 1947]
          Parsons College [material re Council for Democracy]
          Payne, F'k.B [corres. re politics, OEEC]
          Payne, Frederick '40
          Pearson, Drew [inc. comments re John F. Dulles]
          Pennink, Karel B. [corres. re Indonesia]
          Permanent Exhibitions for International Trade
          Persons, Jerry [corres. re world economic policy]
          Pickett, Clarence E.
          Pictures- Misc.
          Pictures for Publicity

   68     Jackson, C.D.  Pictures
          Pictures (Early) CDJ
          Pictures- Free Europe
          Pictures- South American Trip April, 1939
          Pine, Diana
          Polish Medical Projects see also Richardson          
          Poll- Russia
          Poor, Alfred
          Port, Tyler [discussions of army psych. warfare 
          Possony, Stefan
          Powell, R.W. [corres. re King Farouk and Egypt]
          Pres's Comm on Information Activities Abroad:  See 
           Sprague Committee
          Princeton, U. Misc. [1960-64 alumni material]
               " -Advisory Council Misc.
          Princeton Eco. Conf. 5/54 Memo to Sec. State
          Princeton Conf.-Follow Up
          Princeton Eco. Conf. 5/54- Draft papers
          Princeton Eco. Conf. 5/54  Misc. correspondence etc
          Princeton Eco. Conf. 5/54 Transcript
   69     Princeton Meeting, May 10-11, 1952
          Princeton Meeting, Digest Only, May, 1952
          Princeton University Misc. [1936-1957]
          Pro Deo- 1964 [American Council for International 
           Promotion of Democracy under God, Inc.]
          Pro Deo- 1963 (1)(2)(3)
   70     Pro Deo- 1962 (1)(2)(3)
               "     1961 (1)(2)
               "     1960

   71          "     1959
               "     1958
          Pro Deo-     1957 (1)(2)
          Pro Deo to 12/56 (1)(2)
          "Pro Deo" International University of Social Studies 
           Morlion (Bourne File) to 12/56
          Pro Deo 1952
          Project Hope See Great White Fleet
          Pulis, Esther
          Putnam, Carleton [Putnam's views on Negroes]
   72     Quellennec, J. [corres re politics in late 1940s; 
           Fall of France, 1940]
          Quantico Meetings (1)(2)(3)(4) [Panel Report, "A 
           Concept of U.S. Psychological Strategy"]
   73     Quantico Meetings (5)(6)(7)(8)

   74     Quantico Meetings (9)
          Ra-Ri Misc. [inc. material on Radio in American 
           Sector (RIAS) and East German Riots, June 1953]
          Rj-Rz Misc.
          Rabb, Stuart
          Radio Free Cuba
          Radio Free Europe
          Radiodiffusion Francaise [inc radio program re Marshall Plan]
          Radio Luxembourg
          Randall, Clarence [corres. re World Economic Policy]
          Reading, Dowager Marchioness of 
          Refugees [Arab; Russian; U.N. Office of High 
           Commissioner for Refugees]

   75     Reinkemeyer, Hans-Albert [corres. with German Embassy 
           official in Moscow]
          Rennie, Jack [corres. re U.S.-Britih trade, 1949]
          Rerrich, Bela [defected Hungarian olympic athlete]
          Rieber, Capt. Torkild [inc. observations on occupied 
           Germany, 1945]
          Rittersporn, B.A. Jr.
          Rivers, Tom (Int'l. Rec. Assn)
          Rockefeller, Nelson A.
          Rodgers, Richard C., M.D.
          Rommel, Field Marshal
          Roosevelt, Archie
          Roosevelt, Theodore-Centennial
          Rosenbaum, Samuel
          Rosenberg, James [corres. re Israli-Arabs; China; 
           Council for Democracy]
          Rosenwald, Lessing
          Ross, George Taylor
          Rostow, Walt W. to '56 [inc. Rostow's statements re 
           Cold War]
          Rostow, Walt W. 57-64 (1)(2) [inc. Rostow's addresses 
           on development of markets in underdeveloped nations; 
           CDJ's ideas on Cuba, USSR, Berlin, and Quemoy; 
           Rostow's speech on guerilla warfare; corres. and 
           speech drafts on Middle East Crisis, 1958, and Cold 
           War policy in general]
   76     Rueff, Jacques [French economist]
          Rusk, Dean
          Sa-Sc. Misc.
          Se-Sh Misc.
          Si-So Misc.
          Sp-Sz Misc. [inc. Time, Inc. analysis of Kennedy's 
           foreign policy; corres. with Edmund Stevens re 
          Sandburg, Carl
          San Francisco Chronicle [some corres. re 1952 
           campaign; postwar loan to Britain; Council for 
           Democracy; and World War II]

   77     Sanger, Margaret
          Santa Clara Youth Village [financial support for 
           defected Hungarian athletes]
          Sargeant, Howland [radio broadcasts to USSR]
          Sarrasac--Soulage, Robert
          Scheftel, Stuart '43
          Scherman, David E.
          Schneider, Douglas
          School of Advanced Int'l studies- See Foreign Service 
           Educational Foundation
          Scott-Bailey, Col. V.E.
          Scudder, Townsend
          Seaman, Richard
          Settel, Arthur
          "Shadow of Heroes"  Hungarian Play
          Schwarz, Dr. Fred (Anti-Communist rally, Hollywood 
          Schwarz-"Basic Sets" (Dups. in Time Inc. Files)
          Shulman, Marshall D.
          Sloan, George A.

   78     Smith, Blackwell [inc. material re Point IV]
          Smith, Francis [corres. re army life-1941]
          Smith, G. E. Kidder
          Smith, Paul C.  see-San Francisco Chronicle
          Smith, Robert L.
          Smith, Gen. Walter B.
          Speeches, Misc. Corresp. comments 1961-64
          Speeches, Comments, Misc. 1961
               "          "       "       1960
               "          "       "       1959
               "          "       "   1955-56
               "          "       "   1954
               "          "     Corresp. 1953
          Speeches- Declined- 1963-64
               "          "     1962
               "          "     1961
               "          "     1959-60
               "          "     1955-56

   79       Speeches- Declined- 1954-55
               "          "     1953
               "          "     1952
            Speech Text- 1964
               "     "   1963
               "     "   1962 (1)(2)
               "     "   1961 (1)(2)

   80       Speech Texts- 1960
               "     "     1959 (1)(2)(3)
               "     "     1958

   81     Speech Texts- 1957 (1)(2)
               "     "    1956 (1)(2)
               "     "    1955 (1)(2) [inc. disc. with O.R. 
           Strackbein on tariff policy]

   82     Speech Texts 1954
          Speeches- Texts 1953 (1)(2) [atoms for Peace; psy. 
          Speeches- Texts 1952 (1)(2) [1952 campaign; RFE; psy. 
          Speeches- Texts 1951 [Radio Free Europe]

   83     Speeches-Texts 1950 [re Korea; Indochina; ECA]
          Speeches- '50-52
          Speeches- Texts 1949
          Speeches- Texts 1948
          Speeches Texts 1947 [Marshall Plan; Time-Life 
           International; world trade]

   84     Speeches- Texts 1946
          Speech Tests- to 1945 [international affairs; America 
           first literature]
          Speeches-Texts- 1948, 1949-50 (Duplicates)
          Speeches- Background Material (1)(2) [European Common 
           Market; France, Germany, etc]
   85     Speeches-Background Material (3)
          Spoffard, Charles
          Sports Illustrated- Hungarian Olympic Team Defectors
          Sprague, Mansfield- Sprague Committee [President's 
           Committee on International Information Activities, 
          Stalin's Death- Speech Text & Comments- Full 
          State of Union- Jan. 1954
          State of Union- Jan. 1953 (Evolution) (1)(2) [inc. 
           corres. with W. W. Rostow re Death of Stalin and 
           Pres. speech]
   86     Steinhardt, Laurence A & Family [corres. re 
           Czechoslovakia; James Byrnes]
          Stillman, Chas. L. [re Dominican Republic, Cuba, 
          Stokes, Anson [inc. corres. re Truman and Acheson]
          Strauss, Adm. Lewis L. [re Atoms for Peace]
          Swing, Raymond G.
          Symington, C.J. [re mobilization of public support 
           for Marshall Plan]
          Szilard, Leo
          Ta-Te Misc.
          Th-Tz Misc.
          Taylor, Gen. Maxwell D.
          Taylor, Wm. E.
          Teppama, S. th.J. [corres. re Marshall Plan]
          Thornley, George [corres. re big business]
          Thompson, Ed. [discussion of tractors for Cuba]
          Tibetans- U.S. Advisory Committee for; also the 
           office of
          Tolstoy Foundation
          Trager, Frank
          Toothache [speech of DDE before 15th Gen. Assembly, 
           U.N. 1960; inc. material on peaceful uses of atomic 
           energy; food for peace; tech. assistance for Africa]
          Truman, Harry S.
          Turkey- OWI [concerns CDJ's appointment as Deputy 
           director of OWI operations in Mediterranean theater]
          Turkey-State Department [re problem of supply and 
           transportation for Turkey during WWII]
          Tyler, Royall [re funds for WWII refugees]

   87     Tyler, William R.
          U- Misc.
          U.N. Misc.  9th Gen. Assembly 1954 (1)(2) [inc. 
           Internat'l Atomic Energy Agency; colonialism; 
           propaganda; aggression]
          Underhill Garrett [re German pyschwarfare]
          Union Settlement [philanthropic organization working 
           in East Harlem]
          U.N. Czechoslovak Item 9th Gen. Assembly 1954
          United Negro College Fund- 1958, 1959-60-61-62-63 
           [inc. CDJ ltr to Jas. Hagerty re President and 
   88     United Negro College Fund- 1955-1956-7
               "     "     "          Basic, 1954
               "     "     "         "     1953
               "     "     "         "     1952 [mat. on 
                            Communist propaganda & Negroes]
               "     "     "         Basic -Misc. 1949-50-51
          United Service to China
          U.S.I.S. Surveys
          U.S. Council- Atlantic Trade
          U.S. Council- OEEC & "Specter of 1953"
          U.S. Council 1953
          United States Council- Future of ECA, 1951
          U.S. Council "Future of ECA 150"
          "     "     - Full Employment Committee
          U.S. Council- Information Advisory Committee
               "     "     Future of E.C.A. '49

   89     U.S. Council- Organization
          U.S. Council- Point IV
          U.S. Council- Misc. -1950-1952
          U.S. Council- Int'l Chamber of Commerce, 1947-1949 
          V-Misc. [inc. observations by Gen. James Van Fleet on 
           trip to Far East, 1956]
          Van Der Beugel, Ernst [corres. re Bilderberg Conf.]
          Van Vleck, Joseph
          Vickers, Merion
          Villamin, Vincente
          Viner, Frank
          Volman, Sacha [material on Cuba, Dominican Republic, 
   90     Volunteers for Freedom
          Volunteer Freedom Corps
          Voorhees, Tracy
          Wa-Whi-Misc. [inc. CDJ's comments on French and 
           American intellectuals]
          Wi-Wz Misc. [inc. press interview with Winston 
          Wadsworth, Jas. J. [CDJ's answers to questions on 
                     Wallach, Sidney
          Walker, Sam
          Wanger, Walter
          "War By Cease Fire" [documents on Communist truce 
           violations in Korea, Indochina, China]
          War College- Washington [CDJ's discussion of psych 
          Warburg, James P.
          Warden, George
          Washburn, Abbott [Freedom Bell in Berlin; U.S. Moscow 
           Exhibit; competition between USIS and News services; 
           information paper on U.S. economy]
   91     Watt, Robert J. [material pertaining to War Labor 
           Board, 1942]
          Watson, Adam
          Weaver, John O. ("Buck")
          Weiner & Cossage
          Western World
          Wheaties- Evolution See Atoms for Peace
          Whiteley, Major-General J.F.M.
          Wierdsma, Fred
          Wiekzbianski, Boleslaw
          Willauer, Whiting [memorandum on U.S. interest in 
           Caribbean by U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua]
          Wilson, Harold
          Wisner, Frank
          World Economic Policy (W.E.P.) to Dec. 1956 (Forward)
          World Economic Policy From 12/27/56 (1)(2) [mutual 
           security; development loan fund]
          World Trade Campaign

   92     CDJ Trip  1962 World Trip
          Reports Mailed (1)(2)(3)
          Responses to World Trip Reports- 1963 [A-E]

   93     Responses to World Trip Reports- 1963 [F-K]
               "     "     "     "        "    [L-P]
               "     "     "     "        "    [Q-YZ]
          C.D. Jackson-Quemoy-Taiwan Transcript
   94     C.D. Jackson Paris Transcripts
          C.D. Jackson Germany Transcripts
               "     "   London Transcripts
               "     "   "Wind-Up" Transcript
          "Scar Tissue" Transcript- DeGaulle, Adenauer, 

   95     XYZ Misc.
          Youth Festival- Financial
          Youth Festival- Vienna (1)(2)
          Daily Calendar- 1955-1956
          Daily Calendar- 1957-1958

   96          "     "       1959-1960
               "     "       1961-1962
               "     "       1963-1964
          Log- All Trips and Speeches 1937-1964

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