Private Exhibits
These exhibits draw on materials found in the presidential libraries as public demonstrations provided by the authors. Please read our Disclaimer.
Enjoy them and send comments to the authors as indicated.
Hoover Library
Nixon Papers Project
Roosevelt Library
Ford Library
Truman Library
Carter Library
-- Camp David - Framework for Peace
Eisenhower Library
Reagan Library
Kennedy Library
Bush Papers Project
Johnson Library
Clinton Internet Archives
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The National Archives and Records Administration and UNC provide the materials on PRESIDENT, the Presidential Libraries IDEA Network, as a public service. These materials in no way substitute for the original materials archived in the libraries of the National Archives system of presidential libraries. Instead the partners in PRESIDENT provide these materials as a supplement to the NARA collections.

PRESIDENT recommends to researchers that before they use materials obtained from PRESIDENT in their research they should check those materials against the originals archived at the libraries.

In addition, the partners in PRESIDENT make the exhibition space on PRESIDENT available as a public service to highlight the value of these materials through educational exhibits. Through inclusion in this area, however, PRESIDENT and its partners do not necessarily endorse these exhibits as representative of the historical record or of the materials in the National Archives. Instead, each author is fully responsible for the statements made by these exhibits.

PRESIDENTPrivate Exhibits