Poli 174 Media & American Politics

This course is part of a joint project between CNN and UNC Chapel Hill's PRESIDENT project, which brings the National Archives Presidential Libraries onto the Internet. The course focuses on developing research resources about the presidency and international conflict. It includes an electronic publishing project and uses the worldwide web and other electronic resources. For the class we will probably use some of the materials organized by Prof. Paul Jones in Journalism for his electronic publishing class. Students will work with Prof. Terry Sullivan who is Director of PRESIDENT and an expert on presidential leadership.


This course is not currently listed in CAROLINE nor is it in the course schedule for summer school.

The summer school would like to know first that there is a sufficient number of undergraduates or graduates who would sign up for the course if offered (the magic number is 10). If you have an interest, please contact Terry Sullivan at sullivan@sunsite.unc.edu. Be sure to leave your phone number.