Lighthouses of the United States: Montana

The U.S. state of Montana includes the northern Rocky Mountains and the high plains to the east; the only navigable water is in the form of lakes.

Note: To be listed here, a lighthouse must actually serve as an aid to navigation. This means it must be located on a navigable lake or river and must be lit as a navigational aid at least during the local boating season.

* Valier (Lighthouse Restaurant)
Date unknown. Active; focal plane unknown; continuous white light displayed from 4 pm to closing. Approx. 50 ft (15 m) square wood tower with lantern. Lighthouse painted white. A photo is at right, and Google has a street view and a satellite view. The restaurant is on the northwest shore of Frances Lake, a lake about 3.5 mi (5.5 km) long. The navigational value of the light is slight. Located on MT 44 west of Valier in Pondera County in northwest Montana. Site open, tower closed. Owner/site manager: The Lighthouse .

Notable faux lighthouses:

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Valier Light, Valier
Facebook cover photo for The Lighthouse