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Mike Honeywell's beautiful brick pit.
"The pit is my own design, though I stole ideas from everywhere, including Wilber. It is all new materials, both fireboxes are fully lined with fire brick. The doors were made by a welding shop here in St. Louis. The left side is mainly for burning wood to coals, but has rack pins so it can function as an open pit, or even a grill. the closed pit side can hold up to three racks, though I mostly get by with one. Once it gets fully warmed up, it stays hot almost forever. I have owned an NBBD, a Brinkman Smoke King, a custom built Klose, and an el cheapo Brinkman water smoker. I'm here to say, meat cooked over wood burnt to coals in a brick pit is worth every bit of the effort it takes to do it right."

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