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  North Carolina Pulled Pork Barbecue Joints

Backcountry Bar-B-Q
Linwood-Southmont Road
Linwood, NC

"Another of the BEST in Lexington. Now owned and operated by the man that started Cook's. Take the Linwood exit from I-85. Go south for 1 mile. Joint is on the right across from the the (Lexington) furniture plant. Another worth a two hour drive just to eat there." L.G. (7-5-97)

This is perhaps the ugliest barbecue joint on the face of the earth. Drove right by it the first time because it looked like an abandoned building! But ... do stop. The Lexington-style wood-cooked barbecue made at Backcountry since the early 1980's is excellent. The shoulders, cooked in one of four pits, are hand-pulled and chopped. Course or fine are both available. A very nice dip and a great slaw finish off your sandwhich. Beauty, in this case, is in the mouth -- rather than the eyes -- of the beholder. (8-2-97)

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