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Short Sugar's Drive In
1328 S. Scales Street,
Reidsville, NC 26992
(910) 342-7487

  Seems that the representatives from North and South Carolina got into a congressional spat a few years back about which state made the best barbecue. To settle the dispute, the best joints in each state were invited to send samples to Washington for evaluation by an impartial jury of peers. And, you guessed it, Short Sugar's won hands down. If you like the name, you would have loved the western North Carolina pulled pork barbecue these folks started making in 1949.

Short Sugar's is the quentessential barbecue joint.

But, this old gal ain't quite what she use to be. In recent years this classical joint has made two unfortunate changes. First, they now make their barbecue with hams, rather than shoulders. Second, they now start them off in electric pits and finish them over hardwood coals in their old brick pits. What a shame!
Oh, the barbecue is still tasty. And, the ambience is still special. It has that certain look and feel what every established joint should strive to acheive. (Yes, they still provide curb service.) The finishing sauce, darker and sweeter than most, is fabulous. And the smell! To just stand in the parking lot and sniff the smoke-filled air that wafts down around you from the pits is worth a visit to Reidsville. But, it's just not the real Short Sugar's anymore.

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