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Allen & Son Pit Cooked Bar-B-Bue
6203 Millhouse at Airport Road
Chapel Hill, NC
(919) 942-7576

This a classical joint, folks, serving the real thing! Run by Mr. Allen's son for over thirty years, it serves hand-chopped barbecue made from shoulders in the classical way over hardwood coals. The vinegar and pepper finishing sauce is unique -- a little eastern, a little western, and a little butter! And, the hush puppies are outstanding.

Allen and Son
The Allen & Son barbecue haven located north of Chapel Hill.

The simple restaurant has cinder block walls and features an interesting assortment of hunting and fishing trophies, including deer, fox, mallards, and largemouth bass. The tables are covered with oil cloth and the chairs are wooden. A picture of Mr. Allen hangs on the wall. Perfect!

The two pits, on either side of a coal hearth, are well seasoned. The woodpile is sizeable for two pits. If you want to have a pig picking, these folks will do a whole hog for you in their pits and deliver it on a portable pit.

Do not confuse this joint with the Allen & Son between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro that cooks with gas. There's a world of difference. And, don't let that Chapel Hill address worry you any, folks. This place is located on NC 86 a mile or so north of I-40, well outside the influences of that town.

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