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Scott McDaniel 's vertical cooker on wheels.
"Here's a picture of my new mobile pit. The trailer's 16' long, with wood storage at the rear and storage for items such as tents, coolers, tables, etc. in the center area. The pit is wood fired. The firebox is on the bottom of the pit; the meat is above it, but there is a "water pan" buffer between the two. The cooker is 6' 2" long and 4' deep. It stands just at 6' tall, and I'm guessing it weighs somewhere around 1000 lbs (without the trailer). There are three cooking surfaces - the bottom one is 6' x 4', the second one is 2.5' x 4', and the top one is 2' x 4' for a total of 42 square feet of cooking surface. I can fit 3 whole hogs (approximately 100 lbs dressed weight) in this thing. For a 10 - 12 hour cook session, it consumes approximately 4 good wheelbarrow loads of wood."

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