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  Dave's Top Ten Uses for a Gas Grill
10 Storage bin for barbecue utensiles.
9 Chest cavity in a junk metal sculpture of a Greek god.
8 Fancy rack for potted plants.
7 Space heater in your garage.
6 Loss leader at a yard sale.
5 Source of wheels for a Soap Box Derby racer.
4 Lightweight anchor on a pontoon boat.
3 Nesting box in a henhouse.
2 Eternal flame for a deceased pet.

... and the Number One use for a gas grill ...

1 Tax-deductable donation to your favorite charity.

The Top Ten Collection

"Making barbecue with a gas grill is like performing brain surgery with a machete.
It's possible, but the outcome ain't always real pretty!"
Smokey Pitts, BBQ philosopher