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  Dave's Top Ten Alternative Meats to Barbecue
10 Armadillo - A Texas favorite. Start it out shell side up and turn over during the last few hours. Reduce the cooking time proportionately if killed by a BMW on Route 66.
9 Opossum - The wild ones are more flavorful than those that have dined in suburban garbage cans. A little on the greasy side for some folks.
8 Racoon - Doggone good eating. Just be sure they aren't rabid.
7 Moose - This Maine favorite is great for a really big crowd!
6 The Abusive Husband from "Fried Green Tomatoes" - A favorite of some Smokies in the Deep South.
5 Squirrel - It takes a mess of these to make a meal. Save the tails for handlebar decorations on a bicycle.
4 Rattlesnake - Most prefer the Diamondbacks, but those Timbers are mighty good also. Be careful not to swallow those little rib bones that stick between your teeth.
3 Alligator - Tastes a lot like a chicken that grew up in a swamp!
2 Horse - A French favorite, this one can pack quite a kick with the right finishing sauce.

... and the Number One alternative meat for barbecuing ...

1 Goat - Some flat-out good eating! Cook them just like you would a whole hog.

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