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The Butt Ugly Cooker

It works a whole lot better than it looks!.
Dan's vertical smoker is named Butt Ugly because, well, it is! But it sure cooks pretty. Basically it's a rusty old wood stove sitting on the ground. A stainless steel food storage unit that Dan bought dirt cheap at some auction sits over the stove on the cement blocks. The stove exhausts into a hole in the bottom of the cooking chamber where the meat is placed on the racks. A pair of vents was added to the top and a nice old board was rounded up to lean on the door and hold it shut.
Dan adds:
"Butt Ugly began life keeping plates of food warm in the officers club at Langley AFB. It is insulated and measures 5'x5'x2' and is a compromise between a smoke cooker and cold smoker. The wood stove is on a metal slide so it can be pushed under the cooker and the eyes on top removed for hot smoking or pulled out as shown for cold smoking. This cooker does an excellent job with brined turkeys and spiced beef or brisket. There is considerable thermal stratification so I can cook poultry on the top shelf and brisket on the middle or switch stuff around depending upon how it is cooking."

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