Technical Requirements

The Project Links course material is a collection of web pages, Java applets, and other Internet resources designed to help students learn how to use mathematics in many areas of science and engineering. While your computer may be able to view the Project Links material perfectly well as-is, you will have the best experiences with our material if you meet the technical requirements outlined in this page.

Module Modes

Some of the latest Project Links development has focused on providing different "views" of our course material. What this means to you, the user, is that our material can be viewed in different modes, depending on the capabilities of your web browser and operating system. Currently, we have two modes: "Compatability mode" and "XHTML mode". This page outlines the technical requirements for these two modes.

General Requirements

Browser Requirements

Compatability Mode XHTML Mode
One of the following: plus all of the following plugins: One of the following: plus all of the following plugins:

Other Software Requirements


For the time being, it is very important that your browser has Javascript enabled. If Javascript is turned off, you may not see anything at all when you attempt to load a Project Links web page.

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