Version Key

Project Links Module Version Number Assignment

The IMS Metadata Specification requires that a version number be assigned to each learning resource. The version number must be between 0 and 1000.

Feel free to investigate and use any module, but unless it has at least a green indicator proceed with caution. 
The red, orange, and gray modules will likely have broken or old links, and may have malfunctioning applets. Content might be sparse.

Here is how you can interpret Project Links version numbers:



Symbol used on Index List


Module is currently just a concept and is not publicly accessible.


Module is in prototype format that you can view. Module is not in the Project Links standard format nor has it been thoroughly evaluated.


Module is partially developed and not yet evaluated.


Module is completed in the Project Links standard format and is ready for internal alpha and beta testing.


Module has passed the internal alpha and beta testing and is ready to begin external evaluation for content, usability, and the appropriate use of educational technology.


Module is released for public use. It is in the Project Links standard format, has been evaluated for content, usability, educational technology.  It has been revised to reflect changes recommended via the evaluation process.


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