North Carolina Literary Festival Schedule

Schedule of Events subject ot change without notice.

GMH= George Moses Horton Conference.
Signings to be indicated at a later date.
All events free unless indicated.
All events are free and open to the public
unless noted by an asterisk.

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Friday, April 3

   1:30-2:00    George Moses Horton Conference Welcoming Remarks (GMH)
William L. Andrews and Marjorie Hudson--Wilson Library Assembly Room

   2:00-2:25    "The Significance of George Moses Horton" (GMH)
William Carroll--Wilson Library Assembly Room

   2:30-3:15    Keynote Address: "Production, Reception, Scholarship: The Study of African-American Poetry in the Twenty-first Century" (GMH)
Jerry W. Ward--Wilson Library Assembly Room

   3:00    Exhibitor set-up on Polk Place

   3:30-5:00    Panel on the Poetry of Margaret Walker (GMH)
SallyAnn Ferguson, Maryemma Grahm, Joyce Pettis and Joanne V. Gabbin--Wilson Library Assembly Room

   5:00    Readers Reception Welcome and Reading
Clyde Edgerton--Morehead Planetarium Banquet Hall
$15 fee per person

   8:00 pm    Margaret Walker--Hanes Art Center Auditorium, Room 121 (GMH)

Saturday, April 4

   8:30-10:00    George Moses Horton Conference Panel on the Poetry of Yusef Komunyakaa (GMH)
Angela Salas, Keith D. Leonard and Trudier Harris--Wilson Library Assembly Room

   9:00    Michael Chitwood and THE INDEPENDENT poetry contest winners--Greenlaw 304

Wilma Dykeman and Carrie Allan McCray--Saunders 212

UNC-CH Creative Writing Students--Greenlaw 302

Andrew Scott and Susan R. Masters--Hanes 209

Neil Caudle, Lou Lipsitz and James Seay--Murphey 108

"Wisteria or The New Old South Again" by John Justice and Joe Newberry--Gerrard Hall

Sonya Hanes Stone Black Cultural Center Panel; Dr. Selwyn Carrington, Dr. Sandy Darity and Dr. Gerald Horne--Murphey 112

   10:00    Daphne Athas and Nancy Peacock--Greenlaw 101

Gloria Houston--Hanes 209

Yusef Komunyakaa--Hamilton 100 (GMH)

Jack Butler--Saunders 212

Max Steele--Wilson Library Assembly Room

Betty Smith--Murphey 111

NC Central University Creative Writing Students--Greenlaw 302

Susan Steinfirst Lecture: Mary Pope Osborne--Manning 209

   11:00    John Grisham--South Building
(Rain location--Memorial Hall)

   12:00    45 North Carolina Authors for Lunch--Alumni Center
$25 fee per person

   1:00    UNC-Ashville Creative Writing Students--Greenlaw 302

Ellen Douglas--Hanes 210

Rita Dove--Memorial Hall (GMH)

Carrie Brown, Sarah Dessen, and Susan Kelly--Murphey 112

Angelettes: Susan Ketchin, Lois Douglass, and Brenda Linton--Wilson Library Assembly Room

Lawrence Naumoff--Saunders 112

Palmyra LoMonaco and Donna Jakob--Hanes 209

Edward Ball and John Bentley Mays--Greenlaw 101

   2:00    Louis D. Rubin, Jr.--Hamilton 100

Jacqueline Ogburn--Hanes 209

Carolina African American Writers Collective Members: L. Teresa Church, Lenard D. Moore, and Oktavi--Murphey 108

Allan Gurganus--Memorial Hall

MariJo Moore and Lawrence Dunmore--Saunders 112

St. Andrew's Presbyterian College Creative Writing Students--Greenlaw 302

UNC-CH Department of Dramatic Art Performance--Playmakers Theater

   2:30    George Moses Horton Conference Panel on the Poetry of Rita Dove (GMH)
Joanne V. Gabbin, Malin Walther, Elizabeth Beaulieu, and William Richardson Nash--Wilson Assembly Room

   3:00    Rubin Writers Panel: Jane Vance, Jill McCorkle, Anne Jones, Lucinda Mackethan, Anne Bradford Warner and Lee Smith--Hamilton 100

Mystery Writers Panel: Joan Hess, Margaret Maron, and John A. Miller. Molly Weston, Moderator--Saunders 212

Thomas Meyer, Janet Lembke, and Jonathan Williams--Hanes 210

Anne Vilen--Bingham 103

William McCranor Henderson--Gerard Hall

Patsy Baker O'Leary--Hanes 209

   4:00    Rubin Writers: Annie Dillard, Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey, Katie Letcher Lyle, Margaret Gibson, Sylvia Wilkinson and Elizabeth Seydel Morgan--Hamilton 100

James Applewhite--Manning 209

Elizabeth Spencer--Memorial Hall

Sam Fulwood III--Saunders 112

Rick Boyer--Bingham 103

"Good Ol' Girls" by Paul Ferguson. Music by Matraca Berg and Marshall Chapman--Swain Performance Venue, Studio 7

Ann Simpson signing--Student Recreation Center

   4:15-5:00    George Moses Horton Conference Keynote Address: "Integral Music" (GMH)
Aldon Nelson--Wilson Library Assembly Room

Sunday, April 5

   12:00    Doris Betts--Hamilton 100

Carolina African American Writers Collective Members: Victor Blue, Janice Hodges, Lana Williams, and Darrel Stover--Murphey 108

ECU Creative Writing Students--Greenlaw 302

Panel: Deep Within and Far Away. Lillian Furst, Jun Wang, Daphne Athas, and David Freeman. James Peacock, Moderator--Murphey 112

Mary Pope Osborne--Hanes 209

MFA at UNC-Greensoro Students--Greenlaw 304

   1:00    Panel on the South: Tony Horwitz, Hal Crowther, John Bentley Mays, Peter Applebome and John Egerton. John Shelton Reed, Moderator.--Hamilton 100

Readers from the NC Reading Association--Hanes 209

Duke University Creative Writing Students--Greenlaw 302

Robert Morgan and Michael McFee--Greenlaw 101

Alice Adams--Saunders 112

Carol Fantelli and Judy Ernst--Hanes 108

Tara Powell and Brooke Calton--Murphey 112

Self Knowledge Symposium essay contest winners--Hanes 210

   2:00    UNC-Wilmington Creative Writing Students--Greenlaw 302

Derek Walcott: Address--Hamilton 100

Marianne Gingher and Marly Youmans--Greenlaw 101

Laurence G. Avery--Hanes 210

Paul Jones--Manning 209

Janice Radway--Bingham 103

William H. Hooks--Hanes 209

   3:00    Ariel Dorfman--Hamilton 100

Randall Kenan and Tim McLaurin--Murphey 111

Lorraine Johnson-Coleman--Bingham 103

Mystery Writers Panel: William Hoffman and Steven Womack. Molly Weston, Moderator--Saunders 212

Alan Shapiro--Greenlaw 101

UNC-Charlotte Creative Writing Students--Greenlaw 302

Clay Carmichael and Susie Wilde--Hanes 209

   4:00    Julie Tetel--Greenlaw 101

Cherry L. F. Johnson and Ruth Moose--Hanes 210

George Elliott Clarke and Jeffery Beam--Hanes 210

Elizabeth Cox and Melissa Malouf--Murphey 108

"Good 'Ol Girls" by Paul Ferguson. Music by Matraca Berg and Marshall Chapman--Swain Performance Venue, Studio 7

Elon College Creative Writing Students--Greenlaw 302

Norton Anthology of Southern American Literature: William L. Andrews and Trudier Harris--Wilson Library Assembly Room

Throughout the Festival people will be able to connect to this site for the latest information

Author Signing Times and Locations

Whenever signings occur where the author is reading or on a panel, the signings will begin as soon as the author has finished their session. Otherwise, the signings will begin on the hour, giving the author fifteen minutes to get to the Student Recreation Center. All signing sessions will last approximately half an hour. (SRC: Student Recreation Center).

Saturday, April 4, 1998 10:00
  • Michael Chitwood--SRC
  • Wilma Dykeman--SRC
  • Carrie Allen McCray--SRC
  • Andrew Scott--Children's Signing Tent
  • Susan Masters--Children's Signing Tent
  • Clyde Edgerton--SRC
  • Susan Ketchin--SRC
  • Jim Seay--SRC
  • Lou Lipsitz--SRC

Saturday, April 4, 1998 10:45
  • Yusef Komunyakaa--Hamilton 100
  • Max Steele--Wilson Library Assembly Rm.

Saturday, April 4, 1998 2:00
  • Daphne Athas--SRC
  • Nancy Peacock--SRC
  • Jack Butler--SRC
  • Betty Smith--SRC
  • Carrie Brown--SRC
  • Sarah Dessen--SRC
  • Susan Kelly--SRC
  • Lawrence Naumoff--SRC
  • Ellen Douglas--Hanes 210
    Gloria Houston--Children's Signing Tent
  • Palmyra LoMonaco--Children's Signing Tent
  • Donna Jakob--Children's Signing Tent
  • Edward Ball--Greenlaw 101
  • Rita Dove--Memorial Hall

Saturday, April 4, 1998 3:00
  • Allan Gurganus--Memorial Hall
  • MariJo Moore--SRC
  • Lenard D. Moore--SRC
  • Jacqueline Ogburn--Children's Signing Tent

Saturday, April 4, 1998 4:00
  • Joan Hess--SRC
  • Margaret Maron--SRC
  • John A. Miller--SRC
  • Thomas Meyer--SRC
  • Janet Lembke--SRC
  • Jonathan Williams--SRC
  • William McCranor Henderson--Gerrard
  • AnneVilen--SRC
  • Ann Simpson--SRC
  • Reynolds Price--Memorial Hall
  • Patsy Baker O'Leary--Children's Signing Tent

Saturday, April 4, 1998 4:45
  • Louis Rubin--Hamilton 100
  • Rubin Writers--Hamilton100
  • James Applewhite--Memorial Hall
  • Elizabeth Spencer--MemorialHall
  • Sam Fulwood III--Memorial Hall
  • Rick Boyer--Bingham 103

Sunday, April 5, 1998 12:45
  • Doris Betts--Hamilton 100
  • Mary Pope Osborne--Children's Signing Tent

Sunday, April 5, 1998 2:00
  • John Shelton Reed--Hamilton 100
  • Tony Horwitz--Hamilton 100
  • John Bentley Mays--Hamilton 100
  • John Egerton--Hamilton 100
  • Hal Crowther--Hamilton 100
  • Peter Applebome--Hamilton 100
  • Robert Morgan--SRC
  • Michael McFee--SRC
  • Carol Fantelli--SRC
  • Judy Ernst--SRC
  • Alice Adams--Saunders 112

Sunday, April 5, 1998 3:00
  • Derek Walcott--Hamilton 100
  • Marianne Gingher--SRC
  • Marly Youmans--SRC
  • Laurence G. Avery--SRC
  • Janice Radway--SRC
  • William H. Hooks--Children's Signing Tent

Sunday, April 5, 1998 4:00
  • Ariel Dorfman--Hamilton 100
  • Randall Kenan--SRC
  • Tim McLaurin--SRC
  • Alan Shapiro --SRC
  • Steven Womack--SRC
  • William Hoffman--SRC
  • Lorraine Johnson-Coleman--SRC
  • Clay Carmichael--Children's Signing Tent
  • Susie Wilde--Children's Signing Tent

Sunday, April 5, 1998 4:45
  • William L. Andrews--Wilson Library Assembly Rm.
  • Trudier Harris--Wilson Library Assembly Rm.
  • George Elliott Clarke--SRC
  • Jeffery Beam--SRC
  • Elizabeth Cox--SRC
  • Melissa Malouf--SRC
  • Cherry L. F. Johnson--SRC
  • Ruth Moose--SRC
  • Julie Tetel--SRC

Statewide Events

*Mrs. Klein, a story of the complicated relationship between a famous child psychologist and her daughter, will be playing at PlayMakers Theater on the UNC-CH campus from March 11-April 5. For ticket information call 919/962-PLAY or write to: PlayMakers Box Office, CB# 3235 Graham Memorial, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3535.

*The Second Sunday Readings features some of North Carolina's best writers of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. Readings are held the second Sunday of every month during the academic year, in the assemply room of Wilson Library at UNC-Chapel Hill. The begin at 2:30 and are free to the public. Schedule for fall and spring:
  • Sunday, April 12, 1998: Gerald Barrax (poet, NC State University, emeritus) and Heather Ross Miller (fiction-writer, Albermarle native, now at Washington & Lee University)
Michael McFee serves as organizer and moderator for this year's Second Sunday readings. For more information, please contact him at (919) 962-3461

*Ackland Art Museum exhibits: "Seeking the Spiritual: The Paintings of Marsden Hartley" and "Regarding Women" be will be on display until March 29. "Regarding Women" will include the 18th and 19th century editions of women writers' work from Wilson Library's Rare Book Collection as well as related works of art of that period from the Ackland collection. "Regarding Women" will be on display until March 28.

*The William R. Perkins Library at Duke University is sponsoring the program, William Styron In Conversation with James West, on March 27, 1998. James West is William Styron's biographer. The program will take place at 4:00 pm in the Perkins Library Rare Book Room.

*The Bull's Head Bookshop on the UNC-CH campus is hosting the following events:
  • March 19, 2:30 pm--Science fiction author Raymond Feist will read and sign from his new novel Shards of a Broken Crown.
  • March 25, 4:00 pm--Leon Fink, Zachary Taylor Smith Professor of history at UNC-CH, discuss his new book Progressive Intellectuals and The Dilemmas of Democratic Commitment.
  • March 31, 3:30 pm--Susan Navarette, associate professor of English at UNC-CH, wil discuss her new book The Shape of Fear: Horror and the Fin de Siecle Culture of Decadence.
*The College of the Humanities and Social Sciences at NC State University is presenting a symposium entitled Farewell to the 20th Century. The symposium will be held April 3-4, 1998. The keynote address wil be given by novelist Lee Smith. A registration fee of $75.00 is required and covers all food and events. The deadline for registration is March 27. For more information, call 919-515-2468.

Given the abundance of talent in North Carolina, we are using this page to inform interested people of literary events taking place here and throughout the state. If you are interested in posting something here, please contact the webmaster at Please be sure to provide sufficient leadtime, as the site will be updated once a month.