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Re: [nafex] Sawdust/juglone

In a message dated 5/22/00 9:27:31 PM, edforest55@hotmail.com writes:

<<I have used walnut sawdust as a mulch, I just figure it won't decay 
for a long time. Could be wrong, too early to tell. Any  sharing of 
practical experiences would be appreciated.>>

Walnut wood practically melts into the ground.  I would expect the sawdust to 
last longer but not necessarily loner than other forms of sawdust.  Black 
locust sawdust might be another matter.

The question in my mind is whether people have determined that there is 
juglone in the wood, leaves, sawdust, etc., of walnut or if it is just 
assumed.  I just don't know, but it isn't hard to hold sawdust for a year or 
to mulch something immune with it if you are pressed, sparing other mulches 
for more sensitive plants.

Dan H
Still in Zone 9

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