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Re: Ph meters

Hi Ginda, I gave you the wrong info, sorry.  I got the Ph meter from Harris 
Seeds...here's their info (sorry, no website).  Harris Seeds-Garden Trends, 
Inc.  60 Saginaw Drive, P.O. Box 22960  Rochester, NY  14692-2960  (800) 
514-4441.  The item # is 5314, and I paid $21.50 + shipping.  The thing is a 
Ph meter and fertility analyzer as well.  I don't know that I really trust 
the NPK reading part of it, but I do trust the Ph readings, because (for 
example) it will show my blueberries at (usually) about 4.0-4.5, and when I 
see a little chlorosis, it'll read higher...then lower again about a week 
after I acidify the soil.  Hope this helps, Pat