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[nafex] Apple pest

Dear all--

Please do not take offense at my ignorance. I have looked at the photos on
the IPM pest sites and cannot figure out what the strange dimple with the
black dot or scar in the center of it on the side of some of my apples
(galas) is. It seems like it might be related to a fly or aphid, but is not
in an aphid-infected area. It only affects about a half dozen trees out of
several hundred. It doesn't seem to penetrate the fruit but only disfigure
it.. I have been thinning out all the little fruits with this problem off
the trees and am wondering if it isomehtng that I need to keep collected and
off the ground. I don't use any sprays or chemicals.

Anyone have an idea what this is?

Katy Meigs
Jolon at Last Farm
Central California
Sunset Zone 7/USDA Zone 9

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