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Re: [nafex] Two questions

I can supply you with ample Kandil Sinap scionwood this winter if you want
to go that route.  (At no charge, of course.)  My tree is from the old
Grootendorst Southmeadow antique apple operation which I think is out of
business.  It produces the classic, beautiful Kandil Sinap apple.  Have some
pictures of them if I could ever get my son's scanner working to get them on
the net.  It's a pretty healthy and disease free tree.  Likes to grow up
rather than out.
Wish I had a good, comprehensive, well-illustrated apple book too.  Rgds,
Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA


> Does anyone know where I can buy Kandil Sinap - the apple with Turkish
> origins with the unusual shape?
> Is there a comprehensive book on apple cultivars (pear too, for that
> matter) that would give summary information on the biology, history,
> growing practices and other characteristics for each?  Manhart's "Apples
> for the 21st Century" is a good start but he only features about 50
> prominent cultivars.  Other books give some cultivar info but none is as
> comprehensive as I'd like.
> Thanks so much,
> John Mosko
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