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Re: [nafex] plum seedlings

To Lucky:
That should also work on the apple seedlings I plan to set out and give
a half a chance against the deer. Keeping them branching higher is
almost a full time job! Will let you know how it works if I can get the
PS: Lucky sent info on the tubes later.

To Claude:
The Shiro and the Mont Royal grew several miles from my trees, but still in
Zone 3. Both sites are frost pockets, though I sometimes luck out being close
to a river.
The Toka died last year, a combination of fireblight, nursery pruning. amd wind
did it in.

To Lon Rombough:
I love these in depth answers! I have just the tree to try the grafting on. I
had to move a plum that I received from a friend. She said it suckered freely
and was always giving them away. This plum is a purple prune type but has not
had a chance to fruit for me. My German Shepherd's cable run stretched a bit
this winter and he got tangled in it quite a few times. I lost four well placed
limbs and only managed to save one which had blooms, and which I later elected
to prune off when we moved the tree in an attempt to save it. It has already
begun producing new shoots in response to canine intervention. This tree has
accepted grafts, one of which is now my leader, so I think the new shoots this
year should be nice to work on in a year or two. Any idea what the sucker tree
could be this far north? It's been in the area for years.


Claude Jolicoeur wrote:

> Victoria,
> Does the Shiro grow at your place in zone 3? This would surprise me very
> much as I have tried it and it didn't survive in my zone 4. The Mt-Royal
> would probably handle your climate as it grows very well in Murray Bay,
> which is borderline between zones 3 and 4. Mt-Royal is self fertile and
> reproduces freely from seed. The offsprings are very similar to the
> original tree, with sometimes slightly smaller fruits. In Murray Bay, for
> example, there are old summer properties (50 to 80 years old) with large
> gardens. Plums have always been planted and now, the original old trees
> have died and have been naturally replaced by their seedlings...
> Claude Jolicoeur, Quebec.
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