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Re: [nafex] rooting blueberries

You can probably have some luck using new growth and dipping or dusting the ends
in a rooting hormone. Place these in a mixture of 3/4 peatmoss 1/4 sand. Keep
protected from direct sun and evenly moist. To grow these in  Zone 11 you will
probably have to give them an artificial winter. Depending on the variety,
minimum temps and duration of chill time will need further research. Good
luck........Victoria Caron

PRishel826@aol.com wrote:

> Good morning all, I'm wondering if anyone can give me advice on rooting
> blueberries?  I thought I'd read somewhere that it's difficult to do, but I'd
> like to try.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Thanks a bunch, Patricia
> Rishel  Los Angeles  USDA Zone 11
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