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RE: [nafex] Grinder Details

A 14:23 00.06.22 -0400, Tom wrote:
>I bet it looks like this:
>At least mine looks something like this.

Tom, I see this is a wine press with a center screw. You will not be able
to use pressing bags with such a press - unless you make a hole in the
bottom of the bag (but I wouldn't recommend it). Normally, apple presses
are framed differently with an exterior frame for the screw. If you give a
look at the Happy Valley Ranch www site I mentioned earlier, you should
easily see the difference (www.happyvalleyranch.com/cat.html). I have never
used a wine press for apples and I don't know how it goes for this type of
job. Maybe someone else on the list has tried it?
Claude, Quebec.

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