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Re: [nafex] Food dehydrater

The heater would not be too large but the fan would not move enough air I don't think.
You would have to try it to find out. The main thing would be your controls. How would
you control the temp? In a regular fruit dryer the fan is running all the time and the
heater cycles to keep the temp at a constant 120 or so.
I don't think the fan in a hair dryer could take the 24 hour a day run time. It is
built for a short duty cycle. But if they are free try to work out a design.

jhecksel@voyager.net wrote:

> Sam Franc wrote:
> > Continuing: You can make a good drier pretty easily if you are handy.
> > The parts are all easy to obtain.
> > Heating element
> > Fan
> Do you reckon a 500W hair drier would be too hot?  They are cheap (almost free at
> yardsales 8-) )and have the fan and heating element integrated.
> >
> > Thermostat
> > A little wire.
> > A switch
> > Build a box. Metal preferrably but wood works fine too.
> > Make some shelves out of window screen.
> > I made one once that way out of plywood and it worked just fine
> > I made it 4 feet tall and about 2 feet square to take advantage of plywood size.
> >
> > Heater and fan in the bottom and exhaust out the top.
> > I bought commercial aluminum window screen framing with the preformed corner
> > joints and used fiberglas screening. Went together slick.
> > Sam
> Great idea Sam.  I just need to find a place to put it in the off-season, someplace
> my boy won't find it and use it to store Pokemon cards.
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