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Re: [nafex] Food dehydrater

Sam, You may well be right, but I know how much heat a light bulb puts off, and
any heat source will start a chiminy effect in an enclosed space. I suspect the
light bulb would be sufficient on it's own. I have used an oven with only a
pilot light for my drying rack, and I have left out the water pan and kept the
door open to the incubater and dried herbs. Both are viable methods. I have
never had any luck drying fruit, though, and the fan may be the difference.

Interesting points. Thanks,

>The fan is as important as the heat.
>The evaporated moisture must be removed from the box as rapidly as possible for
>efficient drying.
>That is why you need a larger heat source because the heat is being removed
>It is not like an incubator where all you have to do is keep it warm.

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