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Re: [nafex] Weed fabric

The Fluffster has written

> One other thing I have considered is planting some type of clover.   I
> wonder if regular weeds would find themselves out hustled by the clover.
>  I have seen large clumps of it, and it is very attractive and not very
> tall so it seems like it might make a good living mulch.  Any thoughts on
> the use of clover, and recommended varieties by anyone.

     My response----------

     One adverse aspect of using any type of legume for an orchard ground
cover is its attraction of near all species of stink bugs.  And this
population can become rapidly high and destructive to fruit crops.  Adult
stinkbugs are also very difficult to control because of their very hard outer
shell or body.
     Just an observation.

     I hope everyone is having a great fruit year--------here we had near a
total wipeout due to a severe freeze during bloom.

Ed, So. Ind.

Win a Guy and up to $20,000 in repairs to boot!