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Re: [nafex] Food dehydrater

Particularly at the beginning it is important to have pretty good air flow.
I described in POMONA  the one my husband made from a wooden fruit box.  the
bottom has gaps, and we laid a board on top that leaves half inch gaps along
each edge.  As for our cheap little plastic dryer, if the moisture levels
are pretty high, I prop it partway open.  Donna
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> The fan is as important as the heat.
> The evaporated moisture must be removed from the box as rapidly as
possible for
> efficient drying.
> That is why you need a larger heat source because the heat is being
removed too.
> It is not like an incubator where all you have to do is keep it warm.
> Sam
> Bruce & Joyce wrote:
> > Hair dryers are serious energy users. I took the heating element out of
> > incubator (smaller than 2x2x4, but I haven't measured it. It holds about
> > chicken eggs) and replaced it with a 40 watt light bulb. It still stays
off more
> > than it is on. Keeps the box at 99 deg. f. with no problem. I would try
a 60
> > watt bulb and some sort of diffuser to spread the heat, but no fan. At
least to
> > start.
> >
> > Joyce
> >
> > >Do you reckon a 500W hair drier would be too hot? They are cheap
(almost free
> > at
> > >yardsales 8-) )and have the fan and heating element integrated.
> >
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