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Re: [nafex] Balck Walnut

Hello Bill:

I have a water softener which works with salt tablets. 40 lb bag for less than $5.- (Wal mart).
After I cut the Walnut or poison sumac or bittersweet, maple, oak or problem growth,
I know I still have major feeder roots underneath so I place over where the seedlings
(were growing) roughly 6 or 7 salt tablets and let the rain do the rest of the work.
The salt does the job and within a year the soil has recovered and grass grows once again
fully covering over the bare spot. Very rarely have I ever had to reapply the tablets.
I believe this is eco friendly because salt is present in soil in small quantities.
That's how I've tried to deal with it ecologically trying to steer clear of cides.

Disclaimer: But then again I am not an expert as history has shown....

Best wishes,


Bill Russell wrote:

Every fall the squirrels bring in balck walnuts from all over and plant them around my property. These can grow into trees and poison my fruit plantings. So every couple of years, before these seedlings get much higher than a couple of feet, I get out my heavy pruners and cut them off at ground level. Problem is, they do not die but regrow to be cut off again. Does anyone have a suggestion for how to keep these from regrowing? Bill

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