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Re: [nafex] jaffa orange

-- I am not entirely certain of this, but you may find that "Jaffa" is just
a trade name for oranges from Israel, like "Sunkist" from California. I
have an idea that the name is derived from a form of "Heifa", the main
Israeli port.

David Noel
2000 Jul 7

>Jaffa is a European variety, though I expect it would do just as well in
>Florida.  I did not know it was ever grown there, and I grew up there, but
>never heard of it till I lived in England.  Jaffa is quite a famous type in
>Europe, I think it is considered the quintessential sweet orange, just as
>the Navel is here.  It's grown mostly in Israel I believe.
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>> I was born and raised in Baker County, Florida.  In a box of old family
>> photographs (c. 1920) there is a picture of a young girl standing next to
>> what is identified as a Jaffa Orange.  I do not have any information on
>> variety.  Can someone help me on this orange?
>> Ward Barnes
>> Coastal Zone 7
>> Wake, Virginia

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