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[nafex] Wild Trees

For Bill Russell:

    I have had that same problem with wild walnut trees for quite a few
years, and, I am sorry to say, have found the only remedy to be the
garden fork.  They have a long, powerful taproot which develops very
quickly, and the squirrels often plant the nuts 6-8 inches deep.  You
have to get most of that root out.  I also have significant numbers of
wild oaks, another project of the squirrels, and wild mulberries, which
are dropped by birds.  These can also be pretty tough once established,
so I try to get them early by pulling them up.  I suppose you could use
roundup on these things, but they are often in the most awkward places,
near bushes and plants, and I am not certain that one shot with roundup
would be effective anyway.
    The other part of this equation is squirrel control.  I have a
remedy for that, but it may not be for everyone.  Squirrels check in to
my yard, but they don't check out.  I am seeing fewer walnut and oak
trees, and much lower losses of peaches and pears.

Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

Win a Guy and up to $20,000 in repairs to boot!