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Re: [nafex] Pesticides

Tom Olenio wrote:

> This is a general question regarding pesticides.  Which
> pesticides are most beneficial to keep on hand?
> I realize the "optimum" will change from fruit, to berry, to
> nut, but what should we always have on hand as basis to work
> from.
> Again, I am "generally" speaking, and not being crop
> specific.

     My response--------------

     If indeed you are a serious grower (never mind whether you are a
hobbyist or otherwise), I'd suggest the following materials.

     1. Insecticides
         a.  Imidan (phosmet) for all tree fruits.  Does not work on
leafhoppers, mites, or stinkbugs.
         b.  Thiodan which works on leafhoppers and stinkbugs.
         c.  For mites, I'd recommend Pyramite for a summer clean up.
         d.  Dormant oil for help on mites and scale applied at "first
green" or green tip.

     2.  Fungicides
          a.  For early season control of Scab, Cedar Rust and Mildew.
              Polyram or any of the other EDBC class (Dithene 45M, Mancozeb,
Manzate, etc.)
              combined with either Nova or Rubigan.
          b.  For mid-summer control of the "summer rots" a combo of
               Captan or Ziram with Topsin M is my choice.

     Lastly, the above suggests are "general" as you've requested.  Before
going out and making these purchases, I'd firstly determine just what pests
you are dealing with-----as they vary from locale to locale.

     Hope this helps.

Ed, So. Indiana (Heaven, etc.) in yet another day of paradise!!!

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