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Re: [nafex] Jaffa Orange

Dear Dr. Natelson:

Thanks for your reply.

Can I ask, are you using "Citrus of the World" for your reference?
Do you have any suggestions for other outdated varietal specie of citrus 
for reference?
W. Swingles volumes of copy is almost impossible to obtain. Any other you 
could recommend?
To get a hands on walk through with Mani to see that wonderful process of 
cleaning virus infected stock or the collection may certainly be worth a 
drive from NH to Texas.
I certainly will contact Mani very soon!

Again, Thanks very much.

Best wishes,

"Dr. Ethan Natelson" wrote:
> Dear John,
>      The Bergamot (C bergamia) is used to produce Bergamot oil which is an
> important in the production of eau de cologne.  I don't think the fruit is
> very edible, sort of a small sour orange. I don't know the other.  I believe
> they have microcitrus in their collection, but Mani would know.  He is also
> an expert on micrografting, which is the technique they use to make a
> desirable but infected citrus plant virus free.  They keep passing the
> smallest tip of a rapidly growing infected plant as a graft to a new
> rootstock and can usually "outrun" the virus.  Several of our group have had
> tours of their facility and it is worth the long drive.
>                                 Regards, Ethan
> At 08:48 PM 7/7/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >Hi Dr. Natelson:
> >
> >Thanks very much for the E-mail addy and access to the Texas budwood
> collection.
> >This is a boon for any serious citrus grower/enthusiast.
> >Very, very much appreciated. Wonderful to get a lead like that!
> >And a buck a stick is very reasonable. Heck, nobody works for nothing.
> >Would you or have you ever heard of Citrus Melangelo? or Bergamia? (Form of
> Italian-
> >Aurantium)
> >Or might you know of, off handedly if Weslaco has any of the Microcitrus Genus?
> >Last question.....Promise. Do they sell seed as well or have variegated
> varieties.
> >Sorry I cheated! (2 questions) : ]
> >
> >Thanks a million.
> >
> >Best wishes,
> >John
> >
> >"Dr. Ethan Natelson" wrote:
> >>
> >> Dear Citrus enthusiasts,
> >>
> >>      Probably more important than whether the Jaffa Orange originated in
> >> Palestine or Israel (the orchard may have changed its name too, if it is
> >> still there) is the fact that this and other named cultivars may be obtained
> >> in the form of virus free bud wood supplied by the Texas A&M Citrus Center
> >> in Weslaco, Texas, for a small fee (perhap a dollar a stick or perhaps sold
> >> by the bud?).  Mani Skaria, who is Professor of Plant Pathology there
> >> (e-mail, m-skaria@tamu.edu) has been involved in this project for some time
> >> and is always very helpful as are the rest of his group.  There probably are
> >> some restrictions as to what states they can ship budwood to.  The citrus
> >> germplasm collection at the Citrus Center is vast and there are probably
> >> very few cultivars that they do not have.
> >>
> >>                                       Regards, Ethan
> >>
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