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[nafex] Citrus References

Hi Dr. Natelson:

Thanks very much!
And possibly may contact John.
Will add these titles to my want/wish list...
Best wishes,
"Dr. Ethan Natelson" wrote:

> Dear John,
>      I don't have a copy of The Citrus Industry which is the general
> reference text that people use.  Citrus Varieties of the World is a good
> small reference and even the paperback Citrus, How to Select, Grow and Enjoy
> by Richard Ray is excellent and covers all of the prominent citrus including
> Jaffa with nice photos.  My daughter is an internet used book exchange
> expert and has gotten me a number of excellent horitcultural books - some
> more than a 100 years old - at much less cost than you might think.
> Actually, I saw The Citrus Industry advertised there and was tempted but I
> am really a dabbler in citrus.  One of our local citrus gurus is John
> Panzarella (jpanzarella@computron.net) who has all of the prominent texts
> and a large variety collection.  He has written for the California Rare
> Fruits journal and the Southern Fruit Fellowship Newsletter and could answer
> hobbiest questions in the citrus area far better than I can.
>                                       Regards, Ethan

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