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[nafex] Apple Tree Move Preparations

Hell All,

Based on advice from members of the list I have taken these steps to
prepare for a move of a dwarf apple tree in September;

 * pruned about 25% of the foliage
 * root pruned 18" out around the trunk
 * removed all fruit
 * water future rootball daily

The pupose being to encourage new root development within the
future rootball, that will be dug and transplanted in September.

I have two questions;

    A) Should I repeat the root pruning 
       in the same slit on some regular
       basis, to insure the energy is going
       into new roots within the future rootball

    B) Should I use water soluble Rhizopon
       at the recommended rate for transplant
       rootballs, now or when the transplant
       actually occurs?

Rhizopon claims that their water soluble tablets will encourage new
root development, when plants are watered in with it.  

Thanks for any help/suggestions you can offer.


Thomas Olenio
Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a

Win a Handyman and up to $20,000 in repairs to boot!