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[nafex] Cherry Picking


    We have a large Montmorency tree and two Meteors, which are
essentially the same thing, but ripen just a bit earlier.  Have made
cherry wine from them for a number of years, and uncounted quart bags of
frozen, pitted cherries.  This year and last we started making dried
cherries, which is very time-consuming and labor intensive, but produces
a uniquely delicious result.
    When the cherries turn dark red and soften a little, we pick them
regardless of what the birds do.  I cannot explain why the birds are not
after yours, but I would just chalk it up to good fortune and start
picking.  We are quite a bit ahead of you in ripening, since we started
picking this year on about June 10, and all were down by June 25.  When
we pick, the cherry separates from the stem, rather than the stem from
the twig.  When they are ripe, they pull right off the stem.
     I have generally used about 35 pounds of whole (unpitted) cherries
in my primary fermenter to make a 5-gallon carboy of wine.  That means
the wine is nearly pure cherry juice, except for the water required to
dissolve sugar.  I dose the fresh fruit with 1/8 tsp. sodium
metabisulfite and wait 48 hours before pitching yeast.  If you use 10
lbs. sugar in 5 gallons, you will end up at about 15-17% alcohol, with
Pasteur Champagne yeast.  The wine I have produced has been quite
popular, with a very fruity taste and beautiful color.  I don't know why
more people don't make cherry wine.

Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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