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[nafex] Fwd: Picture from Microsoft Picture It!

Trying this to see if it works.

To view the picture, double-click the icon. If asked what program to open it 
with, select your Internet browser.

To learn more about Microsoft Picture It!, please check out our Web site at 

This 'Medium' picture is best for screen viewing. If you want to print a 
higher-quality print, please ask the sender to send pictures using the 
'Large' setting.

If your picture looks blotchy, the color setting for your monitor may be too 
low. Your monitor and display adapters determine the number of colors that 
can appear on your screen. Many monitors are set lower than they need to be. 
For best results, you may want to increase the number of colors your monitor 

1. Click the Start button, and then point to Settings.
2. Click Control Panel.
3. Double-click the Display icon.
4. Click the Settings tab.
5. In the Color Palette list, click High Color, 65536 Colors or True Color.

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Scanned Picture 1.jpg