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Re: [nafex] Nocturnal Diggers?

Guess what Tom, I may be wrong, but it sounds like you have a skunk. I had one
eating dry cat food at my door, within ten feet of my tied, 120lb., nasty
German Shepherd, so I guess they don't mind dogs or are smart enough to figure
out how far they can reach..................vic

Thomas Olenio wrote:

> Hello All,
> I do have a question for you, but doubt whether it has to do with ribes
> directly.
> I put in ribes this spring, filling the holes with 50% rotted silage, and
> mulched them in with 3" of clean straw, and then capped that with some
> cedar mulch (some only got cedar mulch).
> With all the rain this season they have done very well.
> The problem is that some animal is now pawing through the mulch 2 1/2
> months later, pulling it away from the plants during the night.  As the
> plants are starting to sucker, I do not want the suckers destroyed.  The
> pawing looks like very delicate work, and not something as clumsy as a
> dog's digging.
> I am in a sub division, but close enough to fields, wooded areas, and a
> river to hit them with a good stones toss.  So this could be varmit
> trouble, or could it be a cat?
> Any ideas on animals that like to paw through mulch?  What would they be
> looking for?  It does not disturb the soil, just moves the mulch away from
> the plant.
> Moth balls are not an effective detterent.
> I have noted that those only mulched with cedar are not pawed, but those
> with a straw mulch covered with cedar are.  I have alos noted it is
> primarily the black currants which get pawed.
> Since I have a dog, this varmit/pest is not bothered by the scent of a dog
> in the area, and gets through our casual fencing that keeps the dog in
> the yard.
> Any ideas?
> Small planting of;
>     Crandall - black currant
>     Red Lake - red currant
>     Pixwell - gooseberry
>     Un-named Red Currant
>     Un-named Jostaberry
> Regards, (and thanks in advance)
> Tom
> --
> Thomas Olenio
> Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a
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